Friday March 06 , 2015

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Hm… Bill C-51, Eh…

Gee, Harper’s crazy-arsed fear-mongering about jihadi terrorism can’t be doing our economy any good.

You might even say it threatens our economy.

I mean, I don’t support Bill C-51, but I’d sure as hell support the irony of using it to put Harper behind bars.

Oh relax. Just for a few hours. Then we could tranquilize him and release him back into the wild.


Up Next – Canadian Shit Show

As I was leaving the grocery store with my usual $100 worth or so of provisions, I heard a man on one of society’s last surviving pay phones say, “Whaddaya want me to do?! Rob my kids piggy banks?!” Then there was a pause while he lit a cigarette, which was unbelievably shocking because he was INSIDE.

“Yeah, okay. But it still won’t cover it.”

So I tweeted a heads up to Ottawa area kids, but I doubt any are following me.

I’m a terrible snob when it comes to who should and who shouldn’t have children.

It always comes down to those who don’t should, and those who do shouldn’t.

I remember asking the nurse in the hospital when we were going home with our first how she could stand to let new mothers leave with our babies.

“Don’t you just want to keep them all and then give them away to better parents?”

She thought I was being hilarious.

It’s ridiculous, I realize now, the hope I was holding out for the Duffy trial. I mean, we already know what will happen because we already know what did and everybody except Mike Duffy is still hard at it, lying, cheating, and stealing.

I mean, work, hard at work. Hard working families.

Because how many times have we heard from politicians about what hard work politics is. Work, work, work. But they love it, they’re not complaining, just, you know, let’s vote ourselves another raise so we can work even harder, love it more.

Mike Duffy was appointed to the Senate for the purpose of traveling the country to fund raise for the Conservative Party, all expenses paid for by us, hard working families, don’t worry about it, Ol’ Senator Duff, the people will pay, we’re on them, what are they going to do – audit us?

He was promised a free ride, just submit all expenses and they’ll be paid. Don’t worry about it. Sure you can deduct your cottage. Deduct your wife if you want to. We don’t care.

What are they going to do – audit you?

Then the unthinkable happened and an auditor showed up.

No problem, they did what they always do, because it’s not like this is a one off, and they turned it all up to eleven.

Duffy doesn’t think he did anything wrong because his job was to pose as a Senator while he traveled the country to fund raise for the CPC, submitting all expense claims as he went, so that we hard working families could reimburse him with our hard earned tax dollars.

But he did do something wrong because that’s not the job of a Senator.

I mean, sure, there’s the lying, cheating and stealing that everybody else was doing, too, but they’ll all get away with it, won’t they.

Of course they will.

They may well even be re-elected and the next time an auditor shows up to check out the books he’ll be labeled a threat to the economy and disappeared into prison and we’ll never know any different.


One More for Dr. Dawg

Her Honour reigns down

“Sore Winners of Cyber Space”

Let freedom disdain


Today’s Haiku

Her feet sink deeper

She stretches her arms higher

Outside men fire guns


My Book! My Book! Don’t Forget About My Book!

I’m back at my book, but I’m doing it differently. It’s a process. With one learning curve after another.

It’s kind of crazy, but I guess I thought I could write a book in isolation, as if life would stand idly by, waiting, and not go on happening all around and through me, not caring.

Even now I have a picture of myself sitting at the table tomorrow morning inside a wavy bubble of words.