Wednesday July 01 , 2015

Category: Sooey Says

Bye Again

Okay, going to try this again, not blogging. Oh my god it’s addictive, though, the instant gratification.

But I’m inspired by obsessive fans (not really, except for the obsessive part) to go back to the non-blogging board, stop being such a lazy stupid bitch, and write “My Book! My Book!” (etc and not its actual title, I promise) ffs. Enough already. It’s true. My writing about writing my book word count is a gazillion times higher than my actual writing my book word count.

So yeah. Here we go again. Take 100. Later, gators. You’re awesome!


Embiggenment For All

Facebook friend Morley Bolero suggests that instead of a monument to victims of communism we erect a monument to victims of residential schools.

I think that’s an awesome idea.


We’re All Victims of Communism Now

Totally want that memorial to victims of communism to be built now where nobody wants it, on the site previously dedicated to a federal justice building.

And I want it to be built there to serve as a reminder to Canadians of what can happen when you elect a bunch of bullying philistines to public office.

Yes, I know, plus they cheated. Whatever. Nobody cares.

I’m sure it’s the most politically incorrect thing to say ever, too, but the pay-per-plaque immortalizing of victims of communism sure seems like the perfect set up for a lot of historical revisionism (i.e. dodgy bullshit) to me.

But what do I know. I’m fifth generation Canadian, eh. All I know is peace, order, and good government.

Oh, and that Canada’s a country of laws.


Hahahahaha! Our Economy Is Shrinking!

Omigawd, immature much, Sooey?

Original title: Uh Oh… Honey? I Shrunk the Economy…

Now that I’ve given up any pretense of ever working in government again it was kind of ironic to have a French speaking customer yesterday at the store with whom I carried on a conversation as if it made all the sense in the world.

Also here’s how pathetic I am at boycotting now, I’m buying a linen sweater from the store because I want it. Don’t worry, I get a discount.

But I think a lot about my personal politics these days and what my actual views are as opposed to the knee jerk reactions some of us are used to having in these polarizing times. When it comes to pundits, I’ve always read the extremes (Barbara Amiel on the Right, no one coming to mind on the Left) and the moderate left (everybody anybody right of me thinks is the Left equivalent of Barbara Amiel), but these days I read more of the moderate right (everybody anybody left of me thinks is the Right equivalent of Barbara Amiel) because it’s actually a demographic I want to understand.

And I’m starting to, I’m starting to understand why they hold the positions that they do, particularly with regard to economic policy.

I’m getting inside their big pointy heads, is what I’m saying here.

And it’s fun. I enjoy the experience. And it all came about because I went looking for a positive in a situation I could have sworn was purely negative but oh well, I’ll give it a try, what’s the worst that can happen.

So it’s all good but a bit of fallout from it was that the other day I deleted a couple of comments on my blog because I’m not interested in debating my personal beliefs. I blog like some people journal. I’m interested in other people’s experiences but the internet is lousy with master debaters (har har).

Anyway, carry on. I’m off today, which is beyond awesome because Saturdays are the absolute worst in retail.

Oh yeah, anybody else find it (oxymoron alert) mildly hysterical that our nation’s economists are shocked by statistics that finally manage to reveal a contracting economy?

Geez Louise, eh?



I had an awesome dream last night that I was going to blog about this morning, but of course now I can’t remember what it was.

I’m reading “Lullabies for Little Criminals” well into the wee hours, though, so if you do that you can probably have my awesome dream, too.

I’m growing up, by the way, experiencing growth spurts, so blogging could get boggy with boogers.

Just kidding. I’ll ease into my maturity so you can’t be all, “Sooey got old, man. She used to be goofy. Now she thinks she’s so mature. I’m totally un-bookmarking her.”

I have this ideal of who I’m supposed to be, and it’s a much more active and involved citizen than I actually am, that I should do more because the more I do the more I’ve done, that I should make myself do things whether I feel like it or not, get involved, be part of the solution, join groups, get meaningful employment, visit family, friends, travel, have a job that does good.

(Okay. Whole work story deleted for book because I’m getting better at this whole book writing vs blogging thing as I mature.)

Anyway, I didn’t attend a random group social event, but I did my usual event that I do every week and that I make the time for because I know that it’s very important to actually physically go and do it (AA). And after I didn’t do the random group social event I realized that time management is an actual thing.

I know, I know, but better late than never.

Realizations being what they are it started raining realizations around here and I realized that I’m not commitment phobic, I just need to say “no” more often than “yes” and recognize that I like having a lot of downtime.

Prioritizing is an actual thing, too. Who knew?

I know, I know, every other adult on the planet.

All this to say that I’m looking to toss all my ideals of living a better life and making “good enough” my thing now.

Oh my goodness gracious. I think that’s the most freeing thing I’ve ever written here. Thanks, eh? You’re the best!

No wait, I mean, you’re good enough.