Sunday March 29 , 2015

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A Mighty Thwap

“Blogging is a career-killing waste of time!”

Never say never (again) – but – until I write a book, I am cut off this blog. Banned.

Be careful out there.

Just kidding.

Flail about, go wild, be crazy, have fun.


From the Peanut Gallery – *Update on Oil Prices

It’s funny, but I knew this would happen, that the Conservative Christians who cheated so hard in the last election that they won a majority, would eventually take advantage of their ‘mandate’, trump up something into an excuse, and unilaterally send Canadian soldiers into war against Muslims living in the Middle East. All on our dime.

They want to be part of a crusade, they want them out of their holy land, whatever, I knew that Harper would find a way to take his troops (because they’re his, not ours) to war against the Islamic Menace.

He’s not a good guy, he’s a bad guy, and he’s been telling me that, at least, for several years now through his rhetoric and his actions.

You don’t think Harper would use public resources to sideline you if you got in his way? Of course he would. We know he would, or we should know it, because that’s what he does. That’s what his party does, too. They’re not good guys, they’re bad guys. And gals.

So what I didn’t expect was that my taxes would also end up supporting panels of ‘experts’ sitting around on our national broadcaster pretending that this is anything other than “clearly/obviously” insane.

*Ah, and there it is. Oil prices were up today.



Hard At Work Or Hardly Working

Today a FB friend had a petition to sign about Employment Insurance. She’s a New Democrat and recent candidate for the last provincial election in Ontario.

I don’t sign online petitions. I blog. I figure that gives the bad guys in power enough of a heads up about where I stand politically, and if I get a call redirecting me to another polling booth on election day I’ll know it’s them.

But I’ve decided to get more involved with the anti-poverty group I accidentally gave enough money to that I ended up on its board of directors. And yes, if I’d known it meant attending workshops and rallies every other day, I would have given just under that amount.

So far I haven’t been to neither workshop nor rally because my paid work schedule is so random and I’m trying to write a book.

I know, I know, excuses, excuses. Also, I can’t be on my feet any more than I am now. My hips ache in the morning as it is.

But I did get a button to wear on my bag, the little catchall I bought at the Thrift Store. And next month the ragtag band plans to picket Stephen Harper’s office for a higher minimum wage, even though that’s really a provincial responsibility.

Hm, maybe I should get more involved. If anything to keep my eye on that criminal organization otherwise known as Rogers, which is pretending to be on offer as helping out people who live in poverty with cheap internet.

How about stopping extorting money from people who don’t, first?

Anyway, I shop at the Thrift Store not because I’m living in poverty – yet – but because I’m frugal and also slim. Women are terrible for buying clothes they plan to fit into one day, so slim women can really score at the Thrift Store when less slim women finally come to their senses.

Guilty myself, if you can believe it. I’ve bought too small clothes at the Thrift Store because I like the fabric and imagine I’ll re-purpose it. Then after a while I wash it again and return it to the Thrift Store. They always offer me a credit, which I always decline.

It’s my way of stopping the insanity, a financial penalty for buying stuff I don’t use. Also, my way of giving to charity, since the Thrift Store gets the money for the clothes twice.

And yes, I’ve repurchased the odd item thinking I’d make a pillow cover or leather purse that I inevitably return a second time. Right now, though, there’s a university girl working at the store who’s slimmer than me, so I pass on items to her. She’s super-stylish, though, so only if it’s a real score.

Anyway, the petition placed ‘hard-working’ before Canadians and I’ve decided I’m offended by the term. Our rights shouldn’t be made to appear conditional on hard work, and it’s one of the problems I have with the NDP that it’s such a labour oriented group of people.

There is no virtue in work, and certainly no virtue in work for pay, so it would be nice if New Democrats, at least, would stop pretending there is.

Because you know who has a small carbon footprint? People who panhandle in downtown Ottawa.

And what are our taxes being used for by the politicians who drive by them in the limousines we pay for with all our hard work?

Dropping bombs on people halfway across the world.


Unforeseen Consequences?

I dunno but it seems like it was only a matter of time before the post 9/11 protocol of locking the cockpit to keep out the terrorists would result in a locked cockpit keeping out a pilot?


The Enemy of His Friend Is His Friendly Enemy?

Bonus, we’re paying for the Conservative Party’s stupidly evil distraction from the upcoming trial of Mike Duffy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we more or less joined up with the famous Axis of Evil now to fight in this random and ongoing War on Terror?

Cripes, kind of makes you wonder what could possibly be revealed in court this April that we don’t already know about, eh?