Friday August 28 , 2015

Category: Sooey Says

Sales Facts

“My Book! My Book!” is morphing almost into a play there’s so much dialogue in it, but I thought during the election campaign, which has ceased being fun now that the Duffy trial is suspended until November, I’d toss out this little gem for any visiting politicos to ponder and pass along.

Fact: Prices are up on the fall collection – substantially.

Fact: Quality/variety of collection is down – not substantially, but noticeably.

Fact: Sales were down from August of last year – substantially. (New sales are way down – customers wait it out for sales.)

Fact: Shifts are being canceled based on a new wage costs vs sales profits formula.

Fact: All current middle-aged staff are getting fewer hours.

Fact: New young hires are coming.

Interestingly, the current staff getting fewer hours include two former full-time employees with exemplary sales records both past and present who actually buy and wear the clothes being sold.

I’ve been boycotting the clothes since the dress I bought at the end of last summer started pilling at the beginning of this.


Lipstick on a Sooey

I don’t know that anyone has commented on this so I thought I might. I couldn’t help but notice the other night on The National that Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta, who was briefly featured, wasn’t wearing any make-up – or didn’t appear to be wearing any make-up, anyway.

It was striking, how noticeable it was, too.

I wear lipstick (ugh, just typing “lipstick” is weird) to work, when I go out anywhere, but maybe I’ll stop. It would upset the store manager, but, oh wait, it would upset the store manager.

Okay. No more lipstick. I’ll show you, I’ll show you all.

Although you may have trouble seeing me if I’m not wearing lipstick.


Why Duffy’s Trial Matters

Gee, I’m not a REAL backroom girl or political pundit, but I’d say Duffy’s trial matters because his lawyer has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that we can’t trust the men who run our country to tell the truth even when they’re under oath.

And we can’t trust their boss (if Stephen Harper even is their boss) to tell the truth whether he’s standing in the House of Commons or in front of the country’s media.

And rather than tell the truth, the men who run our country have been willing to completely humiliate themselves in court and/or shred their reputations and credibility in public by continuing to lie to the media.

Over a Senator’s expense claims?

It’s always about the cover-up and this one has spiraled into a 5-star shit show.



Why Canada?

The top story on The National last night was “The Markets! The Markets!” – of course – because stocks were down and Stephen Harper didn’t suggest, as he did in 2008, that now is a great buying opportunity.

And it is, isn’t it, so that much he knows about economics, I guess.

Did we ever get the straight skinny on why he told Laureen to sell, though, when he was telling Canadians to buy?

It’s possible, I suppose, that he wanted to impoverish her so that she couldn’t run away, although she appears to be traveling quite willingly with him.

And campaigning. Cripes, she’s more visible than he is this go ’round.

Well maybe she needs him to win again and make her money back for her.

Anyway, it’s fun not giving a shit about the stock market. A depression? Bring it. Don’t care. Maybe it’ll kick start a new economy and we won’t live like idiots anymore.

Speaking of depression, could Syrians be any worse off do than they are now? I can’t imagine what a nightmare their lives are. And yet I read a piece in the Globe and Mail just the other day about what a problem migrants are for Europe, you know, because everybody’s a migrant now, not a refugee.

I’m just not clear on why we’re not doing anything to help them. Or anybody. As if Canada isn’t a part of the world anymore.


Implausible Deniability

Guess that’s what the PMO is going with today, implausible deniability.

But seriously, if you’re not a corrupted douche nozzle yourself, why would you support or vote for the Conservative Party?

Honestly, I don’t get it.

Oh wait, I forgot, tax cuts.

Never mind.