Wednesday December 17 , 2014

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Back To Reality

While a lone gunman in Australia was taking over the Canadian news cycle, a hostage taking that resulted in three deaths, including the lone gunman, a lone gunman in Philadelphia killed his ex-wife, her grandmother, mother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

He was a redhead, the American killer, so naturally a little dark humour ensued on the internet #Illridewithginger to mock #Illridewithyou, which is a bit of feel good Twitterness to show solidarity with Muslims in Australia, because, you know, the lone gunman there was Muslim and had a black flag (like ISIS!) and was known for proselytizing to all and sundry that Allah is the one true god (okay, but Catholicism is the one true faith!)  and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc.

Also, he had sexual assault charges on his apparently lengthy rap sheet. Oh, and he may have murdered his wife.


So yes, he was fairly well known by authorities as someone to keep an eye on lest he wander any further down that jihadi road.

One of the people killed in the police raid on the Lindt cafe where he was holed up was a lawyer. I don’t know if it’s been reported yet whether she was killed by the lone gunman or the hail of police bullets, but apparently the manager of the cafe was killed when he tried to disarm the gunman.

And now there’s been a mass killing of students in Pakistan by the Taliban. But there was a worse mass killing (because they were tortured first, but I suppose the students in Pakistan are just as dead, their parents just as bereaved) of students in Mexico a while back, wasn’t there, responsibility for which can be laid at the door of a government so corrupt it’s indistinguishable from the drug cartels that run the country.

And, of course, there’s still Sandy Hook and all the other mass shootings at American schools that have happened over the years and are no doubt happening even while I blog this, that are followed by a national rending of garments and gnashing of teeth because special interest groups with acronyms (like NRA or CIA) trump governments now, and citizens are at odds as to whether or not that’s a good or bad thing.

Of course, we just observed the 25th anniversary of a mass school shooting here, didn’t we. That lone gunman cited political motives that were mainstream Conservative (opposed to affirmative action, women in the army, believed feminism was destroying society) for his actions, but later it turned out that his father was Algerian.

And then there was the recent long gunman who shot and killed an unarmed soldier, going down in a hail of bullets in the hallowed halls of Parliament, who turned out to be mentally ill (although it seems rather high functioning to beg to be locked up before you do something crazy, doesn’t it) but with jihadi on top.

It’s all unfair, and everyone is just as wrongfully dead, and the murderous domestic partner, for women, anyway, is more likely than the murderous foreign jihadi, but you’d never guess it from watching our own publicly funded news network.

But that’s not what this entry is about because this entry is about a comment I made to another commenter wherein I realized that no good comes from arguing on the internet with people who believe they inhabit a different reality than the one I believe I inhabit because it just generates more noise and there’s already so much noise nobody can hear anybody.

I used to take it on faith that the “Them” side of the internet’s great “Them Vs Us” debate wasn’t just wanking off, but then I realized, of course, of course they’re just wanking off. Because I’m just wanking off, too, aren’t I!

Alas, I’m all wanked off.

Must be menopause.

Meanwhile, I wrote a whole bit about shoplifters for my book. It’s actually kind of interesting, speaking of “Them Vs Us”.

Not at all like an internet full of people yelling over top of each other. I hope. Oh man, how long have I been gone?





Whither the MSM?

Damn these low oil prices!

Oh wait. I don’t have to care about low oil prices. I already work retail.

Never mind.

But seriously, how is it that our punditocracy can still go on about Conservatives being good stewards of the economy when they’ve been in power in Alberta since forever and nationally for a decade and have yet to clue in that Alberta doesn’t have an economy so much as a boom/bust cycle that just goes ’round and ’round and ’round.

Also, I wonder what our country would be like if the news that came from our publicly funded broadcaster didn’t cater quite so blatantly to wealthy Canadians. I mean, I guess they pay more taxes than I do?

But I take up much less space.

Anyway, a local man was being plugged in the privately-owned (although publicly traded?) Ottawa Citizen recently, special because he’s a cop and he can feed himself, too, or some such amazing feat of human ingenuity, but the article was really a heads up that he plans to run as a Conservative candidate.

Suddenly, boom, like that, it was all just too much in my face, like a punch.

And I realized, it’s on.

And on and on and on.


Depraved Parasites – Sung to Big Yellow Taxi

Call me cynical, but it all seems a bit much, the government of the United States vowing ‘never again’ while the CIA squeals ‘but it wasn’t like THAT!” with regard to their torture of political prisoners being held in dungeons across the world.

I mean, if I’ve known this for years, how could the United States government not know? And since Bush Sr and Dick Cheney both worked for the CIA before they became Presidents, the government can hardly pretend the CIA is some kind of ‘rogue state’ as it’s doing now.

Everybody knows that once you work for the CIA you always work for the CIA.

Sick. Victims of 9/11 deserve a #notinournames – at least – to put a stop to that depraved parasite, Dick Cheney, from living off their memories and the avails of torture any longer than he already has.

But we’re not above any of this, are we, because we know that Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament, aided by Michaelle Jean, now rewarded with a gig at the United Nations, to provide cover for the sad fact that we piggyback on torture.

Not sure what that makes us.

Ugh, pretty fucking gross to think that 99% of Canadian newspaper editorial boards endorsed the Conservatives for re-election in 2011, eh? But they did.

What was the lie? Oh, of course, the economy! the economy! only Conservatives can save the economy!

And that’s another fact, another sad Canadian fact.


Because Fuck You

(Not you. Read to the end.)

A Facebook friend linked to the Daily Mirror and a photo (+ article) of Angelina Jolie staring down one of the Sony executives whose emails (referring to her as boring) were supposedly hacked by North Koreans in retaliation for a movie it made about killing one of its gods.

Alas, it’s true, Angelina Jolie is boring and so my eyes wandered over to the sidebar to an article about one Katie Hopkins calling out the ubiquitous Russell Brand as nothing but a penis in a tight pair of jeans.

Also, as welcome as thrush and equally fucking irritating.

Further down the sidebar there’s another article with this Katie Hopkins calling someone else a “chubber” and someone else again a “Barbie”.

She said it all meaner and funnier, though.

But then, scrolling down still further, I noticed an article headlined: Katie Hopkins DEFENDS CIA’s brutal anti-terror torture tactics: ”Get over it people” wherein she also says of waterboarding that “drowning’s a binary thing”.

So now I’m totally off Katie Hopkins, whoever she is.

Luckily, another Facebook friend posted a link to a CBC article about the results and recommendations of an inquest into the suicide (while prison officials who could have saved her life instead followed order from on high to stand by and watch while she died) of Ashley Smith, a teenager in federal custody whose original crime was throwing apples at an employee of Canada Post delivering mail to her mother’s house.

Those communal mailboxes can’t come soon enough, eh?

Alas, in its response to the report, Corrections Canada, which I think should be renamed, refuses even to acknowledge the term ‘solitary confinement’ (because it’s torture, isn’t it, Ashley Smith was tortured until she committed suicide, as witnessed by countless publicly funded employees at Corrections Canada) preferring the term ‘segregation’.

Terrible to be revealed as worse than Americans in believing our own public relations, isn’t it. But there it is. They’re actually acknowledging to the world that they’re guilty (by pretending that the CIA really is a ‘rogue state’ and not an official arm of the government, but good enough), the first step in atoning for sin, while we continue to flog that dead horse of Canada the Good.

But here was what I found most unsettling about this incident in which a teenaged girl was tortured to death while her publicly funded guardians watched and did nothing on orders from higher up publicly funded guardians:

Howard Sapers, Canada’s prison watchdog, said (of the recommendations) “I’m not convinced that these changes would guarantee a better outcome.”

In other words, we’ve been paying a prison watchdog all this time, too.

Who knew?

Anyway, off to write for a few hours before I go to work, where if the bullying gets too annoying one can always walk out the door and down the street to get a different part-time minimum wage job, and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc.

Meanwhile, if you can’t at least pretend to agree that torture is a sin, and that those who torture (order it, engage in it, stand for it) are guilty, I’m going to ask you politely to refrain from commenting on my blog.

Because fuck you.




Heard It Thru the Gripevine

Apparently, at his next gig, Stephen “Clearly Crazy” Harper will be covering “Do They Know It’s Christmastime At All” set to the lyric “Do They Know Oil Prices Are Falling At All”.

You heard it here first on Sooey Says.

Altogether now, “Gord fuck ye merry oilmen, let low prices you dismay” and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc.