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The CBC, Among Other Casualties

This morning, I watched CBC news, and I have to say – what’s with all the creepy advertising? I mean, why is a taxpayer owned broadcaster being supported by ads for private healthcare insurance? That sort of thing belongs on Global, not CBC. Who is the target audience, even? Aren’t all the idiots who would be suckered into buying private healthcare insurance watching Global, anyway?
As a Canadian taxpayer, I have to say I resent our public broadcaster putting so little thought into who is advertising on our airwaves.
Oh – and those CHIP Reverse Mortgages that are recommended by banks? Well, I’m here to tell you that if that if they’re recommended by banks, dear CBC brass – then they shouldn’t be being advertised on a taxpayer owned network. They should be advertised on the network for stupid people – Global. I get it that the target audience for both private healthcare insurance and CHIP Reverse Mortgages are old people – but just because they’re old people doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Unless they’re watching Global News, of course. Then, by all means, advertise to them private healthcare insurance and CHIP Reverse Mortgages.
Finally, if it’s a food *product*? It’s not good for you. It’s good for McCains. CBC viewers know this already, and any commercial that features a kid saying, “kids don’t like fruit”, as a lead-in to the *food* product being advertised, should be stripped naked and covered in strawberries and sent to the nearest daycare for a lie detection test.
I mean, really. But CBC news watching this morning followed a brief bit of CBC news watching last night and then a political opinion show featuring Avi Lewis. Hint: I’m ideologically of like mind, but I’m not a wealthy Canadian insider, so, my advice is to LET THE GUEST TALK!!!! I know it’s hard when you’re on the side of what’s good and right, er, left and all that, but, to be born into a life without money worries is a wonderful thing. It just isn’t even remotely palatable to those of us who weren’t and who may have worked just as hard in life but do not stand even the remotest chance of getting a public affairs spot on our national broadcaster.
So swallow the humble pill and facilitate the spreading of information to your Joe Sixpack and Sally Housecoat viewers by SHUTTING UP!!
Not to be mean, or anything, because, like I say – we’re on the same political wavelength and I appreciate that you want to spread the good news. And it’s not like you’re a Frum or anything like that, so…
But speaking of Frums, why is Ken Whyte the editor of anything? Or have I missed some instance when he wasn’t just a wealthy ideologically driven neo-con huckster devoid of any journalistic merit whatsoever?
Really, if anybody has any info, post it here at SooeySays.
But back to Avi’s show. He did a bit on China’s widening economic gap between rich and poor and since the expert didn’t say this, I’m going to: If you look at the timing of the gap, you’ll notice that it occurs at the same time Western businessmen started doing their profiteering over there. Mid-90s. Up until then, before Western businessmen could get a foot in the door, China was moving towards a profitable economy, but there wasn’t such a gap between those who were doing well and those who weren’t. Now, leaving aside that all of China’s wealth is happening in the absence of democracy and political reform of any kind (including human rights legislation), it strikes me as particularly heinous that the advent of Western businessmen into China’s markets has made life measurably worse for China’s poor.
Really, it never ceases to amaze me when we hear our leaders (the ones on the Right – and Center, really, if you ask me) speak about our values and way of life as if they deserve any credit for any of it and instead shouldn’t just be slinking around the country with their heads hung in shame.
Oh – and those faulty American car tires that were imported from China? Some Canadian business thingies said, “We’ll take ‘em.”
I dunno. Is there a jail nasty enough for such people? Not that I think we should have nasty jails, but I bet the very guys who think faulty tires from China are good enough for their fellow Canadians do.


Freezing My Ass Off in June

I came in to work this morning to a cold office. Cold, cold, cold.
Now, I work in a house that is divided up into a couple of businesses – one of which is a computer company. Apparently, because of the equipment, the air conditioning must be kept on at all times.
I am freezing, however, so I’ve at least opened a window in my office (closing the door to the rest of the house, of course) to let out a little cold and let in a little heat of summer.
Don’t believe me? This is what I’m wearing right this second from skin outward: black cotton boycut underwear and black stretch cotton bra (both are warm weather wear – the black is psychological insulation), black linen pants and a black sleeveless undershit, black & white polka dot nylon shirt, a red cashmere sweater, a white spring coat (never again, I need the black to attract the sun instead of the dirt), sandals.
The sandals are the flaw, I know that now. I need those thick wool work socks and shoes to insulate my feet. Oh – and a toque to keep all the heat from escaping out the top of my head.
As I said, I’m freezing, so to warm up, I decided to do some work-related errands – outside. I went to the Post Office – cold, a Bridgehead to order office coffee – colder, and a Loebs – so cold I had to go back to the office and retrieve my springcoat (which I normally just wear while sitting at my desk) so I could buy something to microwave for my lunch – although I’d just as soon use the oven to even out the temperature in the office a bit.
In the end, instead of going back to Loeb’s, I went to a little cafe and bought a sandwich, instead. I plan to go there exclusively now, though, because it doesn’t have air conditioning and I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and only patronize places that have at least some conscience in terms of the environment – and my comfort.
I noticed lots of ladies buying their lunch there, by the way – but no men in suits. Another reason to patronize the place – the prices are good, the food even better, and the owners are the friendliest, nicest people in this area – probably because they don’t spend the summer couped up in a freezing office and instead run a tiny little cafe with the door kept open to the world outside, inviting it in as opposed to shutting it out.
So what’s up with all these cold workplaces, eh? I mean, all Canadians are going to be on the hook – taxwise – for the carbon emissions that have made a special few super rich and I find it more than a little egregious that government buildings are being kept so cold that I needed a sweater in the time it took me (sigh – and the postal worker…) to buy a book of stamps.
I’m not kidding about this, either. It isn’t a new pet peeve. ALL of my adult life I’ve been freezing at work – in the middle of summer. You’d think with all the news about climate change, somebody somewhere deep in the bowels of the Government of Canada (at least) would have said, “Hey, why don’t we raise the bar a bit and put the airconditioning above freezing?”
I mean, really. I’ve spent summer after summer covering up whatever it is I walked to work in – usually a short skirt and light tee-shirt and sandals – with, well, in one government job I wore a wool plaid jacket that was supposedly left behind after a meeting by one Frank Miller – a Conservative Party of Ontario leader who went from selling used cars to politics and used the same wardrobe for both. (Note to aspiring politiians: Take a page from Stephen Harper’s book and hire a personal dresser.)
Anyway, I just thought I’d toss it out there today that for the past 25 years or so I’ve wondered why I must freeze at work all summer for the sake of…. what, exactly? Men who WANT to wear suits in July? Computers that NEED to be kept cold?
Because, nevermind the environmental implications of all this cold in summer – *I’m* paying for *your* summer comfort and I think you should – at least – have to meet me halfway. So how about men ditch the suits in summer and wear shorts and tee-shirts and computers be programmed to deal with a little heat and humidity.
Geez Louise, eh? I mean, c’mon people. How hard is it to dress for the weather? It’s not rocket science. It’s not even hard. It’s just adapting to what we know – air conditioning is not something we should be using when we don’t have to use it. And when we do have to use it – we should use it considerately. There is no sound reason why I should be freezing at the office, having dressed for the walk to it, while Mr. Big Shot sits comfortably in his wool suit, having driven his air conditioned SUV to it.
It really is all just so much bullshit, isn’t it. This blather and yak about doing something to combat climate change. I mean, really.
Because it’s the summer of 2007 and I’m still freezing at the office.


Advice for the Lovelorn

I’ve never done this myself, so in keeping with the times, I feel more than qualified to advise others to do it and *it* is this: Imagine any prospective new partner as an ex and proceed accordingly.
But why, Sooey? Why so negative?
Ah, but is it negative to imagine your prospective new partner as an ex? Or is it, in fact, positive. Now, I wouldn’t say this if I wasn’t sure of myself, here. Having incredibly lucked out – in? – lovewise a few years ago, I can tell you that being with someone who would make as fine an ex as he does a current is worth its weight in gold.
GOLD – I tells ya!
Because given the odds, it is one great big hairy deal less to worry about if you know you can count on your current true love to be an ex true love, too. Just not around you. But still true. If you know what I mean.
So sure am I of this love test, that I think it should be put on all the pre-marital counselling courses – religious or otherwise. Couples should be given the test on the final day: “Turn to your partner. Look her straight in the eye. Imagine she is your ex. Is this person… still worth it? Like, for the few years you’ll actually spend with her? As opposed to the rest of your life you’ll have to deal with her?”
I mean, think about it. Isn’t that the very thing NONE of us do when we get involved with someone else – IN SPITE OF THE STATISTICS?!
I’m all for love (although, in middle age I must say – like is even better) but I think it would save everybody a lot of time, money and grief if they did the love test first.
“Do you, take this person, even in Splitsville?”


Reefer Madness Deja Vu. All Over Again.

There is an interesting story doing the media rounds these days concerning a Saskatchewan student, marijuana, and institutionalized fascism, particularly in our education system on matters of free speech.
Here is the gist of the tale, courtesy one “Mike on Crime”, whom I just randomly selected from a quick google of the case:
If you don’t want to take the time to read it, here in a nutshell is what happened:
Some wiseacre kid decided to do a bit of research on the effects of marijuana versus alcohol. No doubt knowing already what every adult, excepting the uptight squares of Wawota, has known since his or her first toke, he then took this newly acquired information to school to free the minds of his classmates from the tyranny of ignorance. Some goody twoshoes girl (of course) ratted him out to the principal who completely freaked out and pulled a Guantanamo on the kid’s ass. So, naturally, the kid calls up the local Marijuana Party(ers) (who ya gonna call? Dope Busted) and before you can yell, “School’s Out!”, there’s a protest, a lockdown, and the RCMP – never to be caught looking stupid – arrive, no doubt hoping to brutalize a few hippie potheads.
Instead, nothing much happened and everybody went home.
BUT, in the meantime and for good fascist measure, the kid was suspended for talking up the virtues of marijuana and was therefore unable to write his exams – which means he’ll graduate from grade 10 with 60-sumpthin’ instead of 80-something. Luckily, Mom’s a teacher, so he’ll probably catch a break on that one and get a chance to write them in the fall. (Real life lesson alert: Do not do this sort of thing if your Mom is actually a drug dealer.) Although I have no idea, really, whether that will happen or not. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because, as I tell my kids over and over and over, “Nothing really does”.
It’s true, too. Adults are completely full of shit when they tell kids stuff is important. It almost never is. Especially school-related stuff. In fact, I bet I’d be better off – financially, socially, emotionally – if I’d never even gone to university. Maybe the kid, Kyle or Cody or Tyler (whatever his name is), will stay in China where he is now – learning Mandarin or some damn thing and teaching Engrish as a second language – and lead a free speech movement that will free the Chinese people from the bonds of Communism AND Western businessmen before their environment is completely destroyed.
I mean, surely his experiences in Wawota, Saskatchewan have taught him SOMETHING.
Personally, I’m not sure why every one of his defenders is falling all over themselves making sure everybody understands the kid was just TALKING about marijuana, not actually SMOKING it. Now, that makes me wonder. Why wasn’t he smoking it? What’s wrong with the kid? Is he just some kind of… agitator? Because if that’s what this is all about – attention – well, young man, you can just hightail it off to China and seek attention there and see what that gets you. Maybe 50 years. That otta learn ya, ya little brat. Gettin’ everybody all worked up and you’re not even demanding the right to smoke dope – legally?
For shame.
Er, that would be the right to smoke dop legally when you’re sixteen, by the way – the recommended age of majority according to an indepth report on the subject done by the Senate, right here in Canada, a few years ago.
Geez Louise. You know, just when you think we’ve come a long way, baby – shit like this happens and we’re back PRE that Senate report. As if it had never happened. In fact, I wonder if that’s where Kyle got his information? Certainly it is an excellent resource on the matter.
Hm… Senators of Canada? I believe there’s an almost of age agitator in Wawota, Saskatchewan who needs a little backup.
Now that’s a junket to which I would happily lend my tax support.


Support the Troops in Big Black Bold Disclaimers

I just had a great idea after reading this article:
Colour Me A Trooper
Since even war boosterers are saying now that supporting the troops by having yellow ribbon decals on city vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks doesn’t mean you’re supporting the mission, necessarily, or even the New Conservative Government of Canada, I suggest the yellow decals feature in big black bold print: “I Support the Troops – ONLY! Not the Mission in Afghanistan, nor the New Conservative Government of Canada!”
I mean, that way, we all get to Support the Troops without feeling we’ve compromised our beliefs. This would be great for the families of soldiers who obviously want their loved ones to come home unharmed but really didn’t want them to be deployed to Afghanistan because they don’t approve of the mission or the New Conservative Government of Canada’s handling of it.
And, you know, since Rick Hillier, blowhard spokesthingy for all things military these days, has so adeptly tied troop support and government support together by seeming like a guy who’s getting ready to run for political office – using his posting to Afghanistan as a springboard – maybe there could be an appliqued bullshit footprint belonging to Rick Hillier affixed to each decal.
It’s just an idea to cut down on the squabbling on the homefront about who really supports the troops and who pretty much just supports the New Conservative Government of Canada.
Yellow ribbon decals with big black bold disclaimers. I like it – I like it a lot. Maybe somebody could get on that and have out in time for the next election. THEN we’ll see how much the New Conservative Government of Canada REALLY supports the troops.