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Kucinich’s Wife

Yeah. Sure. What a guy. But somewhere out there is a lonely lady fugly looking for her mate.
Anyway, I’d be more impressed if she was the fugly little guy running for political office and he was the statuesque redhead backing her up.


It’s NOT The Science, Stupid

Okay, here’s a question I have about the politics of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon credit trading and develped vs developing countries: Who would it really hurt to have everybody under one agreement umbrella?
Because something tells me it would NOT be the poor who would suffer in having to meet a set of global targets on greenhouse gas emissions – even though that is exactly the reasoning being used by the political Center right on over to wherever the Left is (right beside the Center, unfortunately) as to why developing countries deserve their pollution time now to catch up to us over here in the West – developmentwise.
I mean, look at China. Its poor are choking under the weight of pollution while the rich live an insulated existence in air conditioned comfort. And since so many of those people getting rich are actually Westerners getting richer, well, I say it’s a crock to pretend that the exemption is for the sake of the poor.
In fact, I can’t believe anyone is buying that load of shit in this day and age. We should know better by now. Rich people do not get rich by caring about poor people. They absolutely get rich by caring more about money than any other Gawddamned thing in the entire universe – including life everlasting. Because everybody knows, the meek shall inherit the Earth.
Which, of course, will be uninhabitable on account of, for some bizarre reason, everybody figured the rich, who got rich from development in this part of the world, should now get another kick at the development can in China.


They Almost Had Me

You know, I was almost starting to believe that Hugo Chavez was a madman, paranoid, delusional, powercrazed (well, I still believe that one) – but check this out:
CIA Operation “Pliers” Uncovered in Venezuela
Chile, anyone?


Calling All Terrorists!

This is just an idea, not a suggestion, but maybe we could ask the TERRORISTS! to go after Taser International. Afterall, TERRORISTS! probably aren’t afraid of being sued. And, well, Taser International seems to have a lot of backing from law enforcement agencies, even though several law enforcement officers are suing it, so, it makes sense to me that we hook up with the evil-doers on this one. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?
That’s the question Canadians need to start asking themselves, by the way. Not “what would Jesus do?”. That question sucks. We have to start asking “what’s the worst that could happen?” And if the worst is that a bunch of Taser International thugs hunt you down and try to scare the shit out of you for questioning the safety of its product, well, according to one former employee of Taser International, that’s already happened – and she lived to tell about it.
So yeah, our government isn’t going to do anything about this threat to society, so maybe the TERRORISTS! can help.


RCMP Starts Character Assassination Campaign

Well, how would YOU put it? I suppose there’s, “RCMP Justifies Murder of Possible Terrorist” or “RCMP Sensed Man Was Criminal And THAT’S Why It Killed Him” or “RCMP Didn’t Like Cut of Man’s Jib So It Tasered Him To Death”.
Seriously, I hope the RCMP finds out all kinds of stuff it tries to use in order to smear Dziekanski’s reputation. We need to know how low this organization is willing to go to know what we’re up against. Keep on keepin’ on, RCMP. Tell Canadians and the world all about Dziekanski’s life over in Poland before he came to a country where police use tasers to kill people and then invent the reasons why.
Because, trust me, you’re telling us everything we need to know about you, just by being you.