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Evidence in the Killing of Bhutto

At least we know that Benazir Bhutto wasn’t killed because she wasn’t wearing a hijab.


Political Books

I never read political books because politics and politicians bore me, but it occurs to me that a lot of Germans probably didn’t bother reading Mein Kampf for the same reason – even though Hitler reportedly gave it away for free to wedding couples.
So yeah – if anybody out there read the memoirs of those Two Old Monsters, Chretien and Mulroney – just PM me if I should sink the French navy or anything – ‘kay?


Other Cultures

Instead of just killing all the Taliban and hoping the remaining men in Afghanistan will be down with women’s rights, why don’t we, like, kill ALL the men in Afghanistan?
I know it sounds like “overkill”, but… well… since we’re there anyway – why not do a thorough job of it instead of leaving it to chance that the men we don’t kill in Afghanistan will just start up Taliban II as soon as we’re gone?


Global Rich People Warming

Maybe if every rich person took a little global warming and shoved it up his or her ass this coming year, the rest of us could go about our business just a little bit cooler.
Because really, it’s not like poor people have had any other benefits from climate change.


Here’s to Britney, Paris, and Lindsay

Cheers to 2008, you CBGs (Celebrity Bad Girls). Keep on sluttin’ on, lettin’ it all hang out, partying to the max, skankin’ it up to 11, flashing and smashing and crashing your fans.
Use it or lose it, SooeySays.
Because everything you do helps to break down barriers between men and women, rich and poor, white and… uh… Michael Jackson!
I hope to see at least one of you sprawled drunk and pantiless at a cockfight, one of you sprawled drunk and pantiless over an Entertainment Tonight cameraman’s head, and one of you sprawled drunk and pantiless at your wedding to a guy you met while you were sprawled drunk and pantiless at a cockfight.
Love ya!