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I dunno. Call me a harridan but I think this is a helluva lot more sexist than anything Ann Coulter has ever said.
Well, okay. Maybe not “ever” said. But still. And you knew this was coming, Dear Reader, or you wouldn’t be reading SooeySays, but – would a man on the left joke about making a man on the right his bitch?
Because that would actually be funny – to me, anyway. And yet, Henry Rollins didn’t pick a man on the right for this little bit o’ schtick, did he.
No, Dear Reader, he didn’t. But there you go – humour is subjective. And I am a Feminist, so – there you go again.



Well, I’ve still got my fist raised in a black power salute, Honkies. It’s me and The Bruthas on this one.
Smell yer lilly white asses, later!
We Shall Overco-o-ome… We Shall Overco-o-ome… We Shall Overco-o-ome…


White Racists

What to do about white racists?
I mean, do white racists blame THEIR ethnicity when members of THEIR tribe do bad things?
No, of course not. But is it fair to blame white racists for being what they are? Because, unless you’re racist yourself, you have to know that white racists weren’t born that way. Racism is learned behaviour. Which means that society, our society, is to blame for white racists.
Oh dear… unless white racism is nature, not nurture, and some little white babies are just festering bundles of hate waiting to happen…
Gawd. That’d be weird. Laying in the nursery feeling all superior, checking off the negative racial stereotypes of the other babies because you were born a white racist? And imagine how awkward it would be for your non-racist, socially progressive, left-leaning parents at an NDP convention when your first word is the N-word…
Okay. Let’s not go there and let’s just all agree that white racism is a learned behaviour, from parents, family, friends, educators, cults, politicians, churches (oops, I already said cults), co-workers, madmen shouting out racist slogans on street corners…
White racists – how DO they get that way?


Swampland In Florida

Yes, indeed. I believe Mark Steyn has some swampland in Florida he’d like us to buy:
And no, Dear Reader, it’s not you – it’s an article from the National Post you’re smelling:
I mean, c’mon. Are we seriously expected to believe that the RCMP can’t do ANYTHING about this very bad seed inciting hatred against Jews and violence against Canadian Armed Forces personnel? Why not? Y’all set your tasers on stun and shot yourselves in the head?
Gimme a fucking break. Canada’s Rightwing media is so bullshit central on anything to do with this gawdforsaken War on Terror, that I’m getting so I can smell it coming off the links on its supporters’ blogs.
So yeah, maybe check for those missing WMDs under the little prick’s bed, RCMP. But if he comes up clean, or if there’s really no such person afterall, check where all former CHRC staff, CSIS undercover spies, New Conservative Party of Canada operatives, and assorted other “good guys” were at the times of the postings.
Whatever. Or go taser some blameless citizen at the airport and voila – you’ve done something.


What Does Islamism Have To Do With It, Really?

I notice there has been a lot of finger pointing by the Right at Islamic Extremism as being the cause of so much strife in the Western world, but does that really have any basis in reality, or is it just a failure to acknowledge existing imperfections in our own Western democracies.
For instance, Europe has always been very nationalistic and unwelcoming of immigrants from Africa, etc – France in particular is known for its failure to integrate newcomers by essentially denying them citizenship and voting rights. And now it is having to face down the very real problem of a large and unruly and disenfranchised Muslim population expressing extreme dissatisfaction with its treatment at the hands of French authorities.
9/11 was carried out within the United States by terrorists living under the radar of both the FBI and CIA. Large disaffected groups of immigrants populate ghettoized-by-ethnicity sections of cities in the United States with non-citizens living and working completely outside the established parameters of native born Americans. Arabs in New Jersey, for instance, where supposedly many of the so-called terrorist cells involved in 9/11 operate, live practically autonomously of other non-Arab American citizens.
Here in Canada, Muslims, feeling beseiged by Rightwing commentary are able to lay complaints to Human Rights Commissions that effectively reveal us as having equivocating standards regarding Freedom of Speech (depending on who is doing the complaining) as well as unfair practices regarding which groups out of the whole are subject to ongoing biased commentary in national news publications – at a time when we should have a heightened awareness of bigoted propaganda being used to justify an amorphous beast like the American “War on Terror”.
Now really, whose fault is it that Western democracies are facing these problems, and, are the examples above actually posing threats to democracy or are they more likely pointing to very real shortcomings and failures in our collective practice of it?
I dunno, but the word “Scapegoating” comes to mind, doesn’t it.