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Geert Wilders Has Silly Hair

Seriously though, Geert should have called his movie “Death To The Great Sultan”. Or “Dude, Where’s My Fatwah?” Or even, “Three Prophet Mohammeds and a Baby”. I mean, if you’re going after crazies, you have to put crazy in the title. Like, “Jesus Camp” or “Spice World”.
But maybe the West should outlaw official cowardice. That way, every time a threat is made by an Islamic extremist to restrict freedom of expression by killing us all if something is shown, said, drawn (and here’s assuming it wasn’t Geert’s agent with a Kleenex over the receiver who called in the death threat), nothing would be done and the person behind the movie, book, cartoon pointing out how evil Islam is would just be another run-of-the-mill bigot instead of a freedom fighter.
Cripes, I’d kill for the kind of publicity Islamic extremists get every time they want to shut something down, not to mention the publicity whatever it is they want to shut down gets, too. Imagine Sooey on the nightly news every time some legislator here tries to restrict her right to have an abortion – so that every morning when she wakes up and says to her mirror mirror on the wall, “Gee, I think I’ll get pregnant today so I can have an abortion later”, she ends up on the nightly news: “WTF? Some wad is trying to take away my right to an abortion!”
And, I mean, it’s not as if Geert’s movie isn’t on the Internet for everybody and his Auntie Ilsa to see, with or without LiveLeak. He’s even being sued already for getting his Islamic murderers mixed up with his Islamic rappers: I’dLikeAChickenShawarmaToGo,Please
I mean, c’mon. Aside from the shaved heads due to male pattern balding and the de rigeur compensatory beards, they look about as much alike as Britney Spears and Aileen Wuornos.
Okay, okay. Islamic rappers and Islamic murderers DO all look alike. And like FuzzyWuzzy. Say, and a bit like Britney Spears and Aileen Wuornos, too, if you squint and imagine Aileen with a shaved head.


Boycotts of Convenience

To be fair to China, those are some beefy looking Tibetan monks protesting Chinese oppression – Chinese oppression which is nothing new to Chinese dissidents, I’m sure – so it’s no wonder China is accusing the West of subterfuge.
And, I mean, c’mon – it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Cripes, even Dudley DoRight Canada had Quebec police instigating unlawful behaviour in the midst of legitimate political protestors at the American Partnership for Prosperity and Security Summit in Montebello last year.
Look, let’s face it, the U.S. (like us, too – no pun intended) is in debt to China – bigtime. And a boycott of the Beijing Olympics when China is out to prove it isn’t just an oppressive communist dictatorship turned rapacious capitalist superpower, would be a much bigger snub, the old “haha! your country isn’t up to Olympic hosting standards”, than even the boycott of the Moscow Olympics was back in 1980.
Oh ironies of ironies, eh? Imagine boycotting an Olympic Games over an invasion of Afghanistan now. Of course, it’d just be the winter games and bye bye Vancouver 2010, so – it would be purely symbolic for most boycotting countries, anyway. And being the New Canada that we are we could just switch the name to the “New Canada Games”, and invite only northern Christian democracies like us, New Canada, to participate.
But the U.S. is in debt to China in a way that should be sending chills down all our spines – free monk Tibet or just regular monk Tibet – and although any time is a good time for a boycott, I think, Olympic boycotts are pretty yesterday. And increasingly hard to justify when everybody’s hands are so dirty between the coming together in the international spirit of sport and drug testing – and a lot of “young people fucking”.
So, I propose, as punishment for its oppression of both Tibetan monks AND the Chinese workers who made the Olympics possible, China be forced to sign on to Kyoto or somesuch climate change agreement that will actually make IT – weather – the global concern that human rights would be if not for such threats to the West’s freedoms that the Islamic Menace has presented to it over the past several years – threats that have necessitated torture and and an ongoing War on Terror.
Because, to be fair to the U.S. and any Olympics hosting country, it’s always going to be something, isn’t it, that makes having the Olympics in your country make everybody feel kind of hypocritical for attending – as good a reason as any for making one of those old timey days superpowers like Greece or Rome the permanent host country – and it’s not like you can always prevent yourself from looking like the human rights bad guy when, really, you’re just responding to provocation.
Take 9/11, for example. There wouldn’t be a War on Terror if it wasn’t for 9/11. I mean, it’s not like Bush Inc. pulled the whole thing out of its ass. Still, with the acquittal of those marines accused in the Haditha massacre, it’s not likely the War on Terror is going anywhere faster’n Tibet is – even though, like I say, 9/11 was hardly the fault of the U.S.
Anyway, since Kyoto is there and the U.S. hasn’t signed on and isn’t likely to, and we all know how China loves to save face in the same way that we in the West like to call a bluff (think JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis where we almost got blown to bits except that Khrushchev turned out to be saner’n JFK who called his bluff but good) – why doesn’t Canada step in as peacemaker (remember those days? me neither) and say, “Hey – sign this, China – and we’ll call it even”?
That would make for two birds with one stone, really, too – because then China would have to slow ‘er down to meet greenhouse gas emission targets OR pay through the nose for NOT meeting them, Ontario would get a much needed leg back up in the manufacturing sector – in spite of Jim Flaherty – the U.S. would get some breathing room (no pun intended ) to beef up its industrial output while China pays the piper, and everybody would get to go to the Beijing Olympics as scheduled a decade or so ago when they were so awarded by the I.O.C. before all the jockeying for the privilege of hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games even began. Three birds. Or four, even.


Where’s An Islamic Menace When You Need One?


Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party, has called for a stop to migrants from Muslim countries as well as a stop to the building of new mosques in the Netherlands. He claims he isn’t against Muslims but against their religion.
Dutch officials were bracing for violent demonstrations against Wilders’s film, and Dutch Muslim leaders urged restraint.
Late on Friday, two cars were set on fire in the town of Utrecht in a protest against the film, according to police.

Gee, that’s gotta hurt. But on the bright side, maybe Muslims are finally getting the message from the Christian Right that the Koran is crazy and hateful, not Islamic Fundamentalists.


Obama and Change? Change Obama

C’mon. Let’s be real. If Obama represented change, he wouldn’t be running for President. His wife would.


Climate Change = Class War

Gee, I guess Earth Hour is the new Islamic Menace to Rightwing bloggers, eh? Or did I just imagine reading a bunch of ‘em bragging about counteracting any good effects of other citizens turning out their lights during Earth Hour by turning on more of theirs?
Clever. Except their Moms are gonna be sum mad when they get the Hydro bill in a couple of months.
Still, their behaviour (“let’s spray pesticides in all the ponds to kill frogs so they can’t be harbingers of bad environmental news anymore”) makes it pretty clear that, for energy use to be reduced, users need to pay for the energy they consume. No more hidden subsidies for suburbanites and country farmers. Pay what it actually costs to live where you live and let’s go from there to dealing with environmental clean up as a collective.
In other words, use less energy or pay through the nose for your suburban lifestyle that is one of the most heavily subsidized individual rights and freedoms on the planet.
Next to banks that give out sub-prime mortgages, of course.
Anyway, I think it’s time the Left took over the climate change argument on behalf of poor people, who don’t use up much of the Earth Resources and who should be lauded for that fact instead of encouraged to join all the other energy hogs on the planet by becoming rich and consuming more and taking up ever increasing amounts of space.
Being poor and not owning a car and living in an apartment should be the Holy Grail of our society. Enough of Al Gore et al. There is a political argument to be made by the Left that since poor people bear almost no responsibility for climate change, and rich people bear almost all of it, they should be the citizens held accountable at clean up time.
Because if you take a deeper look at the Right’s actions during Earth Hour (of turning on lights instead of turning off lights) it’s basically a rebellion against wealthy people, as personified by Al Gore, telling everybody else to cut down on energy use to save the planet. It’s the most egregious example of “do as I say and not as I do” out there today in the public sphere.
So why has it been left (Left) to the Right to point it out? Eh? I mean, if you don’t want to be excused of acting like silver spoon socialists, don’t act like silver spoon socialists.
I’ve lived in a house in the suburbs and owned a car and now I live in an apartment and don’t own a car and I can tell you – I’m doing my bit for the planet just by making minimum wage. It’s egregious to me to be lectured by a wealthy person about climate change. It really is. And I’m telling you, whoever is reading this, that the Left needs to take a page from the Right’s comic book and make the argument that environmental devastation is subsidized by our governments to the benefit of middle-class suburbanites and wealthy people – everywhere.
And that’s not fair.
Oh, and don’t forget that the added benefit of espousing the environmental clean up argument “Make the Rich Pay for It” is that you’ll finally off load all those silver spoon socialists who like the idea of a pristine planet (if only for the resale value down the road) but don’t want to actually be out of pocket for one.