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Only In Canada, Eh?

I guess ironic is what you get, too, when the Alberta Separatists, who currently run Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, vote against a motion expressing full confidence in Elections Canada, put forward in the House of Commons by the White N*ggers of North America, aka, our “we’re still here” Quebec Separatistes.


Just Society Desserts

How ironic is it that one of the most prolific propagandists for the War on Terror, a U.S. establishment enterprise of trillion $$$ proportions that is all about restricting domestic civil rights and invading with impunity sovereign countries, a pundit who is an uber-alarmist about a mythical beast known as the Islamic Menace, which serves as the U.S. establishment’s sole ongoing yellow alert justification for the War on Terror, is in good standing to win a World Press Freedom Award – thanks to our very own Canadian Human Rights Commission’s recent zeal in fighting for the right of the great unwashed to not be offended by the exercise of free speech? On a scale of one to ten, I mean. Ten?
And the winner is: Mark Steyn!


Obama’s Wife

As always, when slagging the candidate isn’t working too well, RevRend Wright being kind of a fun guy when the sermon’s over, afterall, the candidate’s wife (and here’s where Hillary certainly has the upper hand – eh?) is fair game – especially if she’s a Democrat with more of the Black Panther about her than pearls and a sweater set.
Come on down Michelle Obama and get ready for the prime time news feeding frenzy like Laura Bush, current first lady but a white Republican, never had to face for this little misdemeanor:
And now for a different take on the same story (which is only available in Google cache these days):
Now, sit back and imagine if Michelle Obama (or Hillary Clinton in the olden days of Bill) had anything even remotely resembling that kind of driving record – which was essentially wiped clean after marriage to the son of the Director of the C.I.A. who would himself become President of the United States and who might even have had a second term had he not puked on the Japanese Prime Minister.
Seriously, imagine a black Democrat candidate running for President whose wife had run through a stop sign once.
Still, I guess some things are just too hard for voters to get past and projectile vomiting at state dinners is one of them, no matter the first lady’s or daughter-in-law’s driving record, not that it does matter, I guess, as long as both are white Republicans.
Oh wait, did they even have cars in Barbara Bush Sr’s early years?


And The Band Played On

Good news from CBC TheNoive! everybody:

Canada has condemned Sunday’s Taliban attack on a military parade in Kabul that left Afghan President Hamid Karzai and dignitaries, including the Canadian ambassador, scrambling for cover.

That would be the parade referred to here: EverybodyLovesAParade
Anyway, here’s some further analysis:

Joanna Nathan, an Afghanistan analyst for the International Crisis Group, told Reuters news agency that the attack was a propaganda victory for the Taliban.

No kidding. They crashed their own victory parade!


So, Why Can’t We Be More Like The Islamic Menace?

I mean, really. If Muslims are busily waging war and taking over Western society, SO STEALTHILY THAT WE DON’T EVEN HEAR THE BOMBS, why don’t we copy what they’re doing instead of invading their countries so noisily that we end up involved in years of conflict and miles of debt with no viable exit strategy in place once we’ve effectively, “smashed their countries and killed their leaders”, to quote the foremost American military strategist, Ann Coulter?
Yes indeed. I read yet another piece from Mark “I am not an Islamophobe” Steyn’s site (you know the link by now so I’ll just link to the piece): CulturalJihadistsSlyer’nBumblingWarMongerers
Honestly, what is there left to say Sooey, you ask? Nothing, I know. So, I’ll repeat myself – if the Islamic Menace is really that much smarter than us in its quest to take over the world that it can do it without us even noticing, then maybe we should let it. That way, it can owe trillions of dollars to China, it can find an exit strategy from Iraq, it can figure out how to occupy Afghanistan without “occupying” Afghanistan.
Gawd. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the Islamic Menace is getting way more credit than it deserves for its effort to take over the world. I mean, c’mon. Speed up the Cultural Jihad before we blow it up real good, too.