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The Conference Board Of Canada Should STFU

I just read an article on the CBC website wherein the Conference Board of Canada says we’re losing ground. Which is great news as far as I’m concerned because I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the Conference Board of Canada and if WE’RE losing ground, IT’S losing ground, too.


Speaking of Civilized

Dr. Henry Morgenthaler is to receive the Order of Canada. Finally. And how delicious that it comes at a time when Stephen Harper and the New Conservative Government of Canada are hard at work attempting to roll back abortion rights through Bill C-484.


Isolating the Right Problem

I think I’ve finally put my finger on why I find the political Right so alarmingly shortsighted and tediously small of brain. It’s because their solution to what they see with their xtra special vision as an attempt by Muslims to Islamicize Canadian society is to batten down the Christian hatches circa the late 1800s.
Call me crazy, but, if there IS an atempt by Muslims to Islamicize Canadian society, I’d say a better heading them off at the pass is to uncompromisingly secularize everything and relegate religion to the outer fringes, all the way out to complete and irrevocable irrelevancy to all things civilized – where it belongs.


When You Can’t Win For Losing

Well, as predicted by many defenders of the status quo with regards to the CHRC vis a vis the right to freedom of speech, the complaint against Macleans/MarkSteyn will not proceed past lots of free press for “America Alone” and money spent by Macleans, which will no doubt be recouped by Rogers in increased cable fees, and the Canadian taxpayer.
I guess that’s what counts as a win for free speech rights in Canada these days. And it’s not even like Macleans wasn’t showcasing some pretty bigoted bullshit by its star pundit, either. It’s just that, well, it wasn’t really discrimination in any measurable way by a private business (that receives its fair share of government funding, of course) that should matter to an agency of the government.
And now that every drunken lesbian in the country knows about this avenue of complaint, it’s probably time to disband the CHRC altogether. I mean, if it’s just going to be used by citizens to shut up other citizens and put them in debt on the taxpayer’s dime, it won’t leave much room for complaint by citizens actually being discriminated against, anyway.
It’s not that we’re a grown up democracy so much as we’re not that’s the real problem and why the whole shebang should go the way of milk deliveries, foot x-rays and restricted beaches – if you ask this Feminist.


Oh, And Let My People Die, Too

Isn’t the word for people who would deny the terminally ill access to legal euthanasia, simply because they believe there is value and/or virtue in the suffering of others – SADISTS?!