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Gender + Math = A Study on Gender + Math

I think when society goes from “girls can’t do math” to “girls average out with boys in math” (except with more Einsteins at the high end and more Einstein the Juniors at the low end to average out to all the Plain Janes in the middle on the XX side of the equation) we can look forward to a study down the road with boys still playing the high and low odds and girls averaging out higher than they did in this study.
Call me a mathematical genius, but I’d say girls seem to be curving upwards – on average – and there’s no reason why they can’t take that average up to the boy genius level.
Then, some day, maybe we’ll figure out how to conduct a mathematical study comparing boys to girls instead of girls to boys.


Hearing Voices

Gee, maybe Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage hear voices in their heads telling them to tell Americans to kill Liberals. Or maybe it’s like it was in Rwanda and Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage are deliberately telling psychotics to kill Liberals because they’re jealous of their status in American society and they plan to keep doing it until all the Liberals in America are dead. And, you know, it’s easy for the psychotics to tell who the Liberals are in America because they’re the Americans who aren’t drooling morons.
But speaking of drooling morons, where are all our (Canada’s) free speech nutters and religious rights fanatics to bemoan the killings of a couple of American Unitarians by a Terrorist who wanted to take away Liberal freedoms? Oh yeah – wrong speech, wrong religion, wrong freedoms.


Spinster This!!

I never understood why spinster was such a reviled word. I know how spinsters were always portrayed by Hollywood, but personally, I found their lives so much more fulfilling than the lives of their married sisters, who were supposedly happier because they got to live out their lives as Mrs. John Smith.
So, although I can’t technically call myself a spinster, I’ve decided to reclaim the word, anyway. In fact, I think all words deemed derogatory by society should be reclaimed by the people they were meant to demean.
You grrl, spinster!


Is There A Lawyer In The Country?

There’s a lot of fingerwagging reaction to the interview in the Globe with the father of the 17 year old recently killed by Winnipeg police, but to me it was as if his no bullshit honesty about life at the bottom for him and his son came straight out of a David Adams Richards novel.
Honesty is almost unrecognizable as the truth, these days, isn’t it. I was particularly struck by his tacked on bravado in saying he was going to sue police over the death of his son. So now my fondest desire for this Year of Our Lord 2008 is that a Canadian Atticus Finch will stride forth from the life sustaining prairie to take his hopeless case to court.
We need something to happen here, something civilized.


Proving There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity