Thursday July 28 , 2016

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Shout Out to the NDP Political Strategy Team

Say, how about NOT doing that thing you always do in an election campaign of attacking the Liberals – AND ATTACK THE NEW CONSERVATIVES INSTEAD!!!!!
Your supporters will love you for it, believe me. So when a political strategist says at the next powwow, “No, no, no – let’s do what we always do and attack the Liberals” – take him out behind the barn and shoot him, please.
For the umpteenth time, that strategy doesn’t work, it alienates everyone because it’s weird and offputting. It literally creeps voters out. So listen to Sooey (not “that guy” on your political strategy team) and ignore the Liberals and go after the New Conservatives. Please. For the love of all that is godless.


Media Sexism

Regardless of Baby-Snatcher Palin’s sexist views about women (which make no sense given she’s in politics), why is it okay for the media to be equally sexist in the questions it puts to her? I mean, the media is an institution and you’d think along with eradicating institutional racism, we’d be working on sexism, too. Because the argument is being made that Palin puts her holy motherdom out there as a qualification for office so it’s fair game for the media to go after her on it.
But is it fair to other female politicians? No, it isn’t. It’s media sexism and it needs to be stamped out. All kinds of idiots run for political office, it should be up to the media to maintain a standard of behaviour that doesn’t stoop to the idiot level in its questioning of their credentials. If a politician held racist views, for instance, would it be okay for the media to ask him racist questions? No. No it wouldn’t. C’mon people – wake up to the sexism in media and just say “No More Sexism”.


Remembering David Peterson

Stephen Harper? Go ahead. Make my day and call an unnecessary election…


Think Sex and the Single Girl – Update

Oh, and that Palin chick is smart to go with a “Sex and the Single Girl” look, I think. I mean, imagine it’s the day before the election and she’s standing over a subway grate in a flowy halter dress and she takes off her glasses and lets down her hair. Eh? Am I right? Slam dunk win for McCain.
I dunno. That stupid idiot might not be as stupid and idiotic as he looks. And acts. And… is…
Hm. Looks like Bill Maher’s MILF is actually a GILF. Too funny. How big are the Whoppers in Alaska?


Cindy McCain for REAL Change

No one will admit it in the media because the Left despises the Right regardless and the Right is in love with the old-fashioned political wife, but Cindy McCain is truly a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned. What a B-I-T-C-H of a First Lady she’d make, eh? I mean, talk about change. Imagine Cindy the Cunt blowing off some children’s charity to meet with her financial advisory team to add another clause to the pre-nup she has with John. You know, because he’s an idiot and she’s smart. Even I (a left-handed Lefty) can’t argue with Cindy’s political savvy.
I think she should really piss everybody off and start using a “heart” over the “i” in Cindy.