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What Would Jesus Do?

I mean, c’mon. We can mock Sarah Palin until a Russian cow jumps over the American moon but would YOU turn down the chance to run for Vice President of the United States of America?
No, no you would not. So don’t blame Sarah Palin for being somewhat of an idiot. Blame the Republican Party for being a lot of an idiot.


Vulture Wars

We’ve got a New Conservative candidate here in Ottawa Centre, a funeral home operator, and one of those perennial runners for political office, who told some woman who asked about arts funding at an all candidates meeting to go home and get pregnant and collect E.I.
It’s funny, isn’t it. I’m sure he thinks very highly of himself as a small businessman, and no doubt he’ll stand to benefit from Stephen Harper’s New Conservative government. Again. Meanwhile, most of us here in Ottawa just think of him as a vulture, a typical guy in the money out for more money, trading on people’s sorrow for $$$s.
I see the artist as the REAL small businessman and find it pretty ironic that Brian McGarry thinks he’s in a better class of operator because he makes a living off the dead. But what do I know. I’m not a vulture. Or even a New Conservative.


Canada’s Liberal Party

I dunno but the Liberals really overestimate the rosy view even those of us on the left associate with the old Canada of Liberal Party values. Don’t get me wrong. I think Stephen Harper and the New Conservatives are incompetent sell-outs to Republicanism and I hope they don’t get even a minority government. But I’m pretty sure the reason many Canadians don’t respond to “verrrrry scarrrrry Stephen Harper Canada” vs “Liberal Party values Canada” is that they were never really that fond of “Liberal Party values Canada”. It’s not so much the message as it is the messenger that is having a deaf ear turned to it.


O.L.D. Women

Apparently the hilariously named R.E.A.L. Women (because real women would be misleading) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. I know this because all its purse-lipped Conservative supporters are posting white-gloved entries of congratulations, butt cheeks firmly squeezed together, Feminist voodoo dolls liberally stuck through with pins.
But really, there’s only one question to ask about these people: What is it about OTHER women having choices that so terrifies R.E.A.L. Women and its Conservative supporters?
Why, it’s that ALL women will soon have the sorts of choices once only money could buy, of course. So, tough nuts, Ladies Who Lunch and the Men Who Want To Pin Them. The class system has been overthrown, the courts will prevail, and you will have to live with the fact that my daughters will one day have the same rights in law as your sons.
Even Stephen Harper and his New Conservatives can’t turn back time. We have overcome, Sisters. Let Freedom Reign.


Conservative Ironies

Gawd I laugh when Conservatives (and Liberals) point to the NDP as spendthrift. What’s maddening is when the Corporate Media joins in the finger pointing. I mean, you’d never know the Conservatives just misspent us into a deficit, while taking no responsibility whatsoever for poverty or any of the other issues affecting vulnerable Canadians. They took a surplus and squandered it. And then governed punitively, as if it was our fault, not theirs. Why, oh why do Canadians fall for their campaign lies?