Friday July 29 , 2016

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Actually, Mr. Corporation

We were kind of hoping YOU had some money. What with all the tax breaks the New Conservatives have given you. So now you want MORE money for your pension funds, eh? Gosh, good thing taxpayers keep paying up.


Homeless Voters

So I guess unless the Republican Party’s to-be-expected election fraud is successful again Obama will win this thing. Although, I’m kind of worried about how all those people who lost their homes as a result of a corrupt and illegitimate system will find addresses in time to vote.


Why, Oh Why

Why are we helping to prop up the rotten and corrupt Islamic government of Afghanistan?


Sarah Palin, Actress

Since no one else is saying it, I truly believe Sarah Palin is faking Sarah Palin. She has realized the way to elected office is all in the acting and she’s probably right. I mean, why is everybody pretending that isn’t just a “Madonna dates a guy from Fargo” accent? And the clothes? Straight out of Hollywood central casting. It’s all about her look and her look is “Sex and the Single Girl” meets 2008. Do a before and after and you’ll see what I mean.
By the way, everybody seems to be ignoring the in plain sight fact that Trig is her daughter’s son, but oh well. What do facts matter anymore, eh? It’s the Sarah Palin show 24/7. Good for her. It’s that easy.


People Like Us

I’ve been looking for an expression to capture what it’s like for people like us when we go on the Internet and I think I’ve found it: We go through the looking glass.