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Hollywood Lies Here

Why is it that people believe the myth put out by Hollywood that it’s a bastion of Liberalism? I mean, check the salaries and the only movies where female actors make more than male actors is when they’re taking it up the ass in porn flicks, made on the cheap, for men. Talk about pay inequity – the top male actors in Hollywood (and all the producers and directors are male, too, don’t forget) are men and the ratio between what they earn and what the top female actors earn is much greater than, say, that between male parking lot attendants and female daycare workers.
The movies Hollywood makes are bad enough, with all the beauty and marriage myths and men saving women themes that completely deny Feminism (and reality), but there is also an inexcusable wage gap between the genders (how is male acting harder than female acting, for instance?) – not to mention an almost complete absence of women from positions of power in order to bring any balance to the Hollywood boardrooms. Indeed, women are only good for sex in Hollywood, on screen and off.
Screen actors guild? Yeah – for men. White men, to be specific.
And what about racism? George Lucas still makes films that perpetuate racist stereotypes (put out there by Hollywood in the first place) and everybody pretends “oh no, not George Lucas” (in spite of his racist hair do) – that the shiftless coward character with the Jamaican accent and the duplicitous merchant characters with the Asian accents are just random portrayals of, well, what – exactly? We’re just so propagandized to believe that Hollywood is Liberal that we insist there’s no connection between on screen racism and real life racism even though America sees itself through a Hollywood lens.
So why does Hollywood have a reputation for Liberalism? Even Washington under the Republican Party is more Liberal than Hollywood and yet, it, too, perpetuates the myth that it’s under attack by Liberal voices from this bastion of sexism and racism.


Wait a Minute…

…The Finance Minister of Canada very clearly instructed anybody listening this past year, “Do not invest in Ontario”, and the constituents in his auto industry dependent riding returned him to elected office.
So, why are the rest of us bailing them out now? I mean, at what point should voters be held accountable to their electoral choices? Because I say when you re-elect a politician like Jim Flaherty, you’re getting what you deserve.
Let nature take its course – just this once – pleeeeez?


Merry Holiday Greetings!

How’s THAT for taking the Christ out of Christmas?


Backlash in Bad Times

Beware the backlash in bad times, fellow Feminists. I’ve been cruising the Internet and the Men’s Rightists are out in full force in the comments sections of all the best and worst blogs. One commenter said something so parallel universe to reality that it made me “lol”, as they say in cyber space. “Do you know where the word Feminazi comes from? It comes from Feminists who are nazis and men who are Jews.”
Phew. On the same thread where that comment occurred, I’d been just about to Godwin’s Law everybody by pointing out that Men’s Rightists were behaving like Nazis in their scapegoating of Feminists for their (I can’t lay claim to having had any impact on the Feminist movement, myself, so I can’t say “our”) successful expansion of human rights beyond the chosen people (who I’m pretty sure were wealthy white Christian males – unless our entire history occurred in a parallel universe and immigrant women are over there proroguing Parliament because life is just so damn good – democracy is obsolete).
How ironic that one “Keith” would beat me to it – albeit ass backwards and upside down so’s his comment was quite jarring in its inaccurate application of Godwin’s Law (the first commenter to mention Nazis, the Holocaust, Hitler, etc, on a thread not about Germany’s Third Reich, is said to have invoked Godwin’s Law – thereby derailing the thread into official irrelevance – which is really bad considering we’re already in cyber space).
And workers. My, oh my but the powers that be are betraying themselves with their all-too-waggly finger pointing at Canadian workers for daring to make good money in good times. I mean, at least we actually performed some labour, producing out-of-date gas guzzling tanks for environmentally conscious suburbanites and cutting down whole forests for the modern productive paperless offices of today and mining our mines for the foreign overlords our home and native corporations sold us out to. AND we kept our hard earned incomes in the country.
Good grief – bank presidents and corporate ceos have been giving themselves million dollar bonuses for years and hiding them offshore so they wouldn’t have to pay taxes – in spite of having the same access to social programs that the rest of us pay into and I notice they aren’t pointing fingers at each other. Just workers. I mean, when did “workers” become a bad word? I’ll tell you when – when the New Conservatives and bankers and ceos realized they’d steered us (workers) right into a Depression.
Scapegoating is in full force, I’m afraid. Some men are looking back on a time when women didn’t have rights and thinking somehow their lives would be better if we could return to those simpler times. Lots of Canadian born white Christians are looking back on a time when immigrants kept a low profile and they’re thinking the same thing – simpler times would be preferable to everybody having the same rights.
Worst of all, the wealthy are looking back to when labour was cheap and people were so desperate for money they’d work for peanuts and argue over who should have the right to work harder for MORE peanuts.
But the terrifying part of it all is that those same people looking backwards to a simpler time elected their kind of government – a stupid one – so the rest of us are on our own in seeking higher ground. Gawd knows, my government doesn’t represent me. In fact, it’s headed in a direction opposite to everything I hold near and dear – rights that previous generations of Canadians fought long and hard to win – for ALL of us.
Beware the backlash in bad times, everybody, because it’s a comin’. And if there’s one thing backlash lacks, it’s reason, so don’t even try. Oh – and humour doesn’t go over so well, either. These are not smart people we’re dealing with, my friends. That’s why they want to go back to simpler times.


Stephen Harper, Insane in a Sane Country

Okay. I didn’t want to post this before Christmas, but then I thought, “Christmas?! What the hell do I care about Christmas?!”, so here goes: I think the bizarro reaction from Stephen Harper about the mess the economy is in (as in, how does an economist Prime Minister of Canada not see a Depression coming until it actually hits his country smack in the resource sector?) is because the New Conservative Government of Canada deliberately made all those double jeopardy moves it did to ENSURE there would be a Canadian Depression.
“But why?!, Sooey”, you ask. Well, because Stephen Harper is an ideologue who believes that the federal government is THE problem, that Canada would be a better country if it wasn’t. But because most Canadians stubbornly cling to the notion of nationhood, it became up to its government to destroy the country from within.
I mean, I don’t think he did it for us, or anything – I think he did it because his belief system compels him to behave in a way that, well, if he wasn’t such a good politician – we’d think was kind of insane – for a Prime Minister of Canada, anyway.
On the other hand, it wasn’t hard for him to get the deed done, was it? Which should tell us something about the sell-outs that preceded him. But at least we could count on the Liberals wanting power so they could have it. It looks to me (through my bi-focals, at least) that Stephen Harper wanted power to give it up.