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The Problem With Conservatives In Government…

…Is that they don’t believe in government. It stands to reason, therefore, that Canadians ought not to let them try and run it.


Liberals These Days



The Occupier Leaves A Note

I don’t know if this is a gag or not, but if the undead Palestinians left in Gaza don’t hate the Israelis now, this ought to do it:
P.S. I Ate The Food You Left For Me In The Fridge


Yabbut, What Was She Wearing When She Lost Her Job?

I notice the New Conservatives, having themselves failed to notice a looming recession until we were well in it, and having completely mismanaged the Canadian economy to the point where we went from a rollicking EI surplus to a dismal national deficit (notice, too, how we never benefit in good times, but must always belt tighten in bad?) are now blaming the victims of New Conservative policies for their lot in life. I mean, really. It’s not like they’re trying to hide their contempt for people who’ve lost their jobs, even. They have absolutely no shame, so sure are they – still – that the answers lie (pun intended) in ideologically driven Conservatism.
Punch a Conservative in the face today. There’s nothing else for it.


Speaking of Buses, All of a Sudden

I just want to point out again, while everyone is focused on buses, that in two out of three Greyhound return trips, Ottawa – Pembroke, I was stranded in a laundromat parking lot waiting for a bus that never came, in spite of having paid up front for my return ticket.
So, the next time some Rightwinger goes on and mindnumbingly on to you about the free market, capitalism, yadda yadda blah blah, remind him that a private sector company gets away with delivering spectacularly shitty service with no competition in sight to worry about because some countries are too big and too sparsely populated for the government to NOT step in and provide a necessary service to taxpayers who aren’t rich stupid Rightwingers.
Then punch him in the face for being a rich stupid Rightwinger.