Saturday July 23 , 2016

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Michael Ignatieff on Canadian Unity

I’m not a REAL political analyst, but I’d say that in labelling opposition to the tarsands development as counter to Canadian unity, which Michael Ignatieff essentially did the other day, he betrays a poor understanding of, well, pretty much everything to do with Albertans and other Canadians – who aren’t Canadian Liberal politicians busily stumping on behalf of American oil companies (for some inexplicable reason).
I mean, nothing like assuming Albertans don’t share the same concerns as environmentalists world over regarding the environmental devastation development of the tarsands will cause OUR habitat. And so much for any Liberal support in stopping the New Conservative/American Big Oil juggernaut responsible for it.
Someone needs to tip Iggy the Egghead off to the fact that the tarsands are exactly the sort of development Alberta, Canada, the United States – planet Earth – would be better off without. But I guess unity means different things to different politicians – depending on the audience. Here’s hopin’ he was just talking out of one side of his mouth to a particular audience and doesn’t actually think developing the tarsands is a good thing – for anybody, least of all Albertans.


Finding Common Ground on Abortion Rights for Women

There is no common ground to be found on abortion rights for women. We either have access to publicly funded abortion services – or we don’t.


A Big “F” Feminist

Make of it what you will, but I’m calling myself a Big “F” Feminist now. Why pretend?


Now Back It Up With A Nuclear Bomb

Seriously. I don’t think those Russian mobster commie drunks are overly respectful of verbal warnings to stay out of other countries’ air spaces even when they AREN’T in them, so I say we follow up Peter MacKay’s “back off” by nuking ‘em.
Two birds, too, because it would show that preachy pencil neck Obama who’s the REAL new sheriff in town.


Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Twin Towers

I took the day off work yesterday and, well, one thing led to another and I got to thinking about the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima. And then Nagasaki. And the really lame reason given out as to why it “had” to be done – that the war would continue, otherwise, and people would die.
I mean, is that even trying?
Anyway, I’ve never seen this in print before, so don’t report me to the Internet police if you have, but I wonder if the Islamic Fundamentalists had that double whammy in mind when the brought down one World Trade Centre tower. And then the other one.
I imagine Terrorists! think these things through pretty obsessively and there is a kind of awful symmetry to it – including the lame reason for having done it. As if it was for some kind of good and not just a barbaric way of telling the world, “we can do this because we’re THAT crazy”.
I know, I know, get back to work, Sooey. No good can come of a day off.