Friday July 29 , 2016

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Why Not Blame Business Travellers Instead of Immigrants?

I worked for politicians who travelled extensively and I worked for businessmen who travelled extensively and if we’re going to point fingers at the people who are most likely responsible for the spread of contagions, like swine flu, I think we should start with them. They eat in restaurants, almost exclusively, and stay in hotels, whether they are abroad or at home. New immigrants are are more likely to be cleaning those hotels and restaurants than travelling back and forth to home, bringing exotic flus to Canada.
It’s not even a chicken or egg argument. My guess is the business people who do all that travel are simply carriers of contagions that then infect the people who clean up after them here.
Yes. I’m bringing a new tactic to the blame game. Suck it up.


Watching the Liberals Blow

So, I ended up watching a CBC documentary about Michael Ignatieff tonight. It’s still on, droning away senselessly in the background. Anyway, at one point about half an hour ago there was a behind the scenes look at Ignatieff’s office and the morning powwow that takes place there with the background boys. And there wasn’t a woman in sight and I thought, “Oh, you know, just go fuck yourselves Liberals”.
I hate politics now. It’s sick with men. And women who might as well be men for all the difference they make.
By the way, CBC, Canadians are NOT intrigued by Michael Ignatieff. They are indifferent to, even slightly bored by, Michael Ignatieff. Even the nicknames they’ve given him are lame and uninspired. They ARE intrigued, however, by Stephen Harper, and, more particularly, how it was that the CBC seemed to buy his own P.R. about what a whiz kid he was. Because that guy’s the biggest dud since… Jaws IV, The Revenge.


Pork Doesn’t Kill People

Listeria in pork products kills people.
How embarrassing, just as the pork industry launches a campaign to have swine flu called something else, hoping to get the message out there that “pork doesn’t kill people”, there’s another listeria outbreak and pork products are recalled from the shelves of grocery stores.
And, you know, eating pork might not give us swine flu, but… well… actually – if we didn’t consume so much cheap pork, it’s unlikely conditions on hog farms would be such that they’d produce swine flu – would they…
But the way, when all is said and done, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that more Canadians died in the hushed up listeria crisis than will die in this sound the alarms swine flu epidemic.


Who’s the Swine in Swine Flu?

Apparently, the swine flu epidemic we’re about to experience (or not) may be thanks to an American corporation operating a hog farm in Mexico. The re-location from the United States to the country of Montezuma’s Revenge followed a hefty fine levied against the corporation by the Environmental Protection Agency.
What’s ironic to me is that this country, Canada, has spent grabillions of dollars on a Public Health Agency to prepare us for the sort of pandemic we may be facing, and yet, it may well turn out that the pandemic is all thanks to our insistence on cheap meat and the dubious and healthless meat products made from it.
So, really, the money we save as consumers, we spend as citizens – while corporations, which are often treated like citizens by our governments, get away with murder. Because it’s not like people living near and working at the factory farm in Mexico haven’t been falling sick and dying ever since it set up operations.


9/11 101

I was reading a blog post today about how often 9/11 is invoked as the reason for action or inaction by politicians and I was wondering if anybody has devised a university course called “9/11″ yet. It would interesting, too, to include, as part of the public education curriculum, a before and after snapshot of 9/11 so that students could learn how quickly even modern democratically elected governments can strip citizens of their civil liberties given the right excuse/reason – depending on your politics.