Saturday July 30 , 2016

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Healthcare Spending

Hey – all these arguments about privatization point to one fact: our governments clearly don’t direct enough of our tax dollars to providing both quantity and quality healthcare for Canadian citizens. Smarten up you cheap incompetent bastards!


Let’s Play “Categorize That Femicide”

Shorter Peter Van Loan on crime: We need harsher penalities for killing girls and women when it’s because of “fill in Muslim excuse here” than when it’s because of “fill in non-Muslim excuse here”. Which somehow sounds like Peter Van Loan thinks it’s worse when Muslim men kill girls and women than when… say… guys who share Peter Van Loan’s… uh… “family values” kill girls and women. Or am I missing something here?



Aha – I finally get it! Western Conservative men want Feminists to hate Muslim men as much as they do in order to prove how much we care about Muslim women!


Lies, lies and more lies

Seriously, what is his point, do you think, and why is this anti-Feminist propaganda regularly popping up in mainstream Canadian newspapers?


The Wonderful World of Mark Carney

Why, of course the recession is over. But in the wonderful world of Mark Carney, had it ever really started?