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On Climate Change Conferences

What if they held a climate change conference and nobody came?
Wouldn’t that be awesome!


By the way, Doughnutters

Here’s a timbit for you: “Tim Hortons” is New Conservative code for “dumbassed saps so dumb they still might vote for us”.
You’re welcome.


I Cannon Believe It

I just wish our government didn’t have this whole “denounce terrorism/promote human rights” thing assbackwards here at home. Here’s Larry Cannon (currently being sued for $3 million by a Canadian who was abandoned to torturers abroad – by his New Conservative government – based on what would appear to be reasons of deliberate malice and wilful bigotry) talking tough about an upcoming Ghaddafi stopover in Gander, Newfoundland:

“As we promote human rights and as we denounce terrorism, we still have to live within the world community and, in that regard, we’re obviously not going to deny fuel for his plane,” Cannon said.

I dunno, Larry. Maybe hit him up for a loan while you’re at it.


Sooey Predicts

Okay, in spite of the Liberal loser strategy of trying to convince Canadians that they made the right choice in electing Michael Ignatieff Liberal Party leader (which they didn’t) instead of the winner strategy of cooperating with the NDP and Bloc “trust us – we’re really just one big happy family of non-New-Conservatives going by different names”, an election call either now or years from now will still produce a minority Conservative government. Regardless, and you can trust me with your life on this one, the Liberals will then do an absolute about face and court the NDP and Bloc like they’ve never been courted before – to form the coalition government they’ve shunned since it became obvious to everyone and her Aunt Bee that a coalition government between the Liberals, NDP and Bloc, was the only way to rid the country of the New Conservative Menace.
Oh – and they’ll deny that this was the plan all along, but that cooperation is essential now for the good of the country and we can’t keep on keeping on with elections that produce minority Conservative governments, yaddayaddablahblah, aren’t we more Canadian than Canada itself, and WHO MADE THIS BIG MESS?! and so on and so forth and more of the same, etc etc etc. And we’ll suck it up and despise them even more than we already do, but – whaddaryagonnado? That’s politics.
You read it here first on Sooey Says.


No, Seriously – They Pay For This Stuff

So far, it looks to me as if the Liberals are deliberately sabotaging their leader, Michael Ignatieff, with an advertising campaign that makes him look as if he’s tripping on acid while staring straight into the sun – like a madman on a stopover between YesterWorld and NeverNeverLand, and the New Conservatives are inadvertently sabotaging their leader, Stephen Harper, by not mentioning him at all in a negative advertising campaign that manages to marry “hypocrite” with “government” to create the brand new term “Hypocriment” – as the squeaky voiceover warns viewers of the horrors of a Liberal government propped up by Separatistes and Socialists.
This might actually be fun.