Monday July 25 , 2016

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Tim Hortons

So, is anybody else not buying the latest ad campaign about how Tim Hortons is doing all kinds of great third world coffee growing “things”? Because I notice those ads are mightily short on specifics.


Whoever Heckled…

Unless… gawd… whaddayu wanna bet those useless Conservative bastards on Parliament Hill have already been vaccinated in some sort of no-line-up special deal paid for by us?



Hey, everybody – I just came up with a new slogan for Canada’s New Conservative government:
“Canada’s New Conservative Government: There – Until You Need It”
Feel free to use it.


The Hemline Theory

Is not a theory. It’s nonsense. Pure, unadulterated nonsense.
You’re welcome.


Overheard on the Internet

It’s okay for New Conservative MPs to sign infrastructure cheques – as long as their personal accounts can cover them.