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Mr. Harper Goes to China

I think he should stay there, with all the other totalitarians.


Men Who Blame Feminists For Violence Against Women

I think what bothers me most about Mark Steyn et al is their selective outrage when a woman is murdered by a man, here, in Canada. They react, in print, for money, as if a Muslim man killing a woman is somehow different than a non-Muslim man killing a woman. The fact that they attempt to blame Feminists, regardless of which man is doing the killing, is very telling, too. What I don’t understand is why their abhorrent views continue to be published. I’m not talking censorship, I want to know what my enemies think, I just don’t understand why they’re paid to lie about the murders of women by men, always by men, regardless of religion, race, creed, colour. Anyway, all I can do to counter their big fish status in the very small pond that is Canadian media, is to boycott any outlet that publishes their views. I urge you to do the same. We have to start somewhere. And, in this country, money talks.


The Work Day Week

The work day is too long and so is the work week. With so many people out of work, why do we soldier on, business as usual, with some people working too much and other people not working enough.
It’s stupid.
I propose a 4 day work week consisting of 6 hour days.
As usual, the public sector should lead the way.


Political Correctness Doesn’t Kill People, Mark Steyn

People Kill People. And if he’s armed, one man can kill lots of people who aren’t expecting an armed gunman to show up at work – even when work is on an army base – and start shooting.
By the way, isn’t it funny (haha and weird) how Mark Steyn doesn’t blame Homeland Security for failing to protect Americans from fanatics living and working right there in the United States – in spite of all those draconian, anti-Constitutional measures put in place by George W. Bush to curtail the rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens? And where’s Mark Steyn’s usual line about how Feminism prevented the men from fighting back against a lone gunman? I mean, the victims this time were soldiers. I dunno. If Mark Steyn is going to be a typical one-dimensional, one-note Rightwing Pundit (is there any other kind?), a little consistency would be appreciated by this reader.
Well, back to my boycott of Canada’s national magazine.


Amy Goodman Vs Canada Border Services Inc

Just when did hassling someone at the border because she might speak out against the Olympics become acceptable to Canadians, exactly? I mean, is this national security? Or national INsecurity? Geez Louise. Okay, non-Conservatives – put on your pointy boots – it’s time for Sooey’s semi-annual “Kick A Conservative Voter” Day.