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Back on Hiatus

Okay, everybody. I’m back on hiatus. Apparently somebody already wrote the book I was writing so I’m back to the drawing board. Literally. I’m thinking it might be easier to draw a book than to write one.
Just kidding. I can’t draw, either.
Well, smell yuz when I’ve got my introduction written.


Women and Prime Ministers First

I guess now that Stephen Harper has done what he can as the Prime Minister of Canada for women and their children (let your politics take you where it does on that one), he’s decided he’s just the right man (sigh, I guess it’s always going to be a man who decides he’s just the right man) to do what he can for women and their children world over.
Well, as a Canadian woman with children, here’s my advance press release to women and children world over: Learn to do more with less.


Ban the Burka

Yes, yes, we all know why France banned the burka – because it’s France. And if the New Conservative Government of Canada banned the burka it would just be bigotry without the cultural mitigating factors that France can get away with because it’s France. But if a Liberal government banned the burka it would be a good thing. The burka should be banned for all the right reasons.
Don’t agree? Okay. But what if Afghanistan banned the burka? Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate?
Of course it would. So cut the crap everybody. The burka is a cloth prison and instrument of oppression used against Muslim women by Muslim men in countries where women have no rights at all. Want to wear the burka here in Canada because you converted to Islam and are pretending the burka has some sort of religious significance?
Go tell your sisters in Afghanistan all about it.


Liberals and Gift Horses

Thousands of Canadians are out in the streets demonstrating against the prorogation of Parliament and the Liberals respond with: “Prorogation if necessary, but not necessarily prorogation”?!?!?!
Great. That’s just… great. Thanks for showing up, Liberals.


Rogers and Me

Check your mail, Rogers subscribers. There’s a real sweetheart of a deal in the offing from Pa Rogers: Half the service, for Twice the price!
Now that’s what I call “getting Rogered”.
Well, smell ya later, suckahs. I’m off in search of a new internet provider.