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One More Thing

How is it that the Right has managed to parlay Ann Coulter’s right to free speech, which has in no way been curtailed, into the right for Ann Coulter to have a pulpit free of protesters?

I think I, for one, will stop snatching at the bait and will henceforth cease and desist from blogging about Ann Coulter.


Please, For The Love Of Gawd, Shut Up, Ann

Okay. Suppose Ann Coulter’s speech at Ottawa U was cancelled by the administration and not, as it was, by her Canadian publicity agent, Ezra Levant, hours before the small demonstration by anti-Ann Coulter student activists even took place. Would that really have been a denial of her right to free speech? Because I don’t think it would have been – even if it had happened. Like so many arguments between the political right and everybody else, I don’t think the argument is about anything other than the argument. Because no matter from which angle one views this most recent free speech conflagration, it isn’t a free speech conflagration. Ann Coulter has plenty of access to the media and she’s been interviewed a hundred times over about the cancelled (by somebody other than the administration) University of Ottawa speech. There has been no denial of her right, in general, to say whatever inflammatory thing she wants to say about whichever visible minority she wants to say it. In fact, it’s all nonsense, this accusation by the Right that it is being censored.

So, what are we REALLY arguing about? Nevermind. I’ll tell you. The Right is arguing that 9/11 was the result of Liberalism. Liberals are arguing that 9/11 was the result of Islamic Fundamentalist suicide bombers, living and working in the United States, carrying out a successful mission to fly American planes out of American airports into American buildings, killing well over 3,000 American citizens.


Say It, You Numbnut Liberals: Abortion!

Okay, Liberals, you lillylivered sowbellies. Practice saying it in the mirror: “Abortion, abortion, abortion.” Call it reproductive choice for women, call it a woman’s right to control her own body, call it the only sane and rational alternative to forced childbearing. But access to safe, cheap and legal abortion services is what makes the difference between slavery and freedom for women. The rest is all semantics.

Anyway, you suck. And I, for one, will not vote for you until you come out, unequivocally and unanimously, in favour of access to safe, cheap and legal abortion services for women. Canadian women. You can equivocate on international maternal healthcare for women living in medieval patriarchal theocracies by restricting your terminology to words other than “abortion”, but here you say “abortion”. This is a free country. Women are freed human beings here. Either say the word “abortion” or just get off the  stage.

Because if you don’t say you support access to safe, cheap and legal ”abortion” services for Canadian women, you’re no better than those idiot nutbar New Conservatives who believe that the will of a mythical beast in the heavens comes before the literal actual real freedom of Canadian women.


Uh, You Can Shut Up Now (Update)

When teenaged university students are making you look like a boring and unfunny ignoramus, Ann Coulter, it probably IS time to shut up. I mean, sure, keep fighting the free speech fight, but for people who have something to say. You don’t. Because once you’ve said, “Muslims should not be allowed to fly”, you’ve pretty much summed up your argument and, well, that’s really it, I’m afraid. Fifteen minutes. Up.

Update: Oops. Nevermind. Your fifteen minutes will continue. Gawd. Students and fire alarms. You know, you could have just let her speak and the boring would be over sooner. Stupids.


Damn Gubmint

You’ve really got to hand it to Americans on their vigilance against any kind of government intrusion into American lives. I mean, they don’t care how many billions of tax dollars it costs or how many American lives are lost when their government decides to bring democracy to countries halfway across the world, but just let their government try to get them a toehold in the American healthcare industry controlled by multinational insurance companies and look out commie muthafuckas.

Why anyone tries to argue with American logic is beyond me.

Speaking of which, Ann Coulter, who will be speaking at Ottawa U one of these days (along with Canadian sidekick, Ezra Levant) is claiming to have been banned and censored because a student union is protesting her appearance there. So, I guess the free speech message here is that free speech does not include protesting against free speech speaking engagements by Ann Coulter. But really, you’ve got to wonder what student unions have come to these days that they’d want to miss out on comedy gold like this:

‘Christ died for our sins.’ We consider ourselves perfected Christians. For me to say that for you to become a Christian is to become a perfected Christian is not offensive at all.

And this:

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.

Hey, wait a minute – if you put those two quotes together… why… good god in heaven! It’s a Middle East peace plan!

Like I say, you’ve really got to hand it to Americans. Their logic is inescapable. Literally.