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Suggested G8/20 Agenda

Stop the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.


Good Crap Almighty the Liberals are Stupid

This bizarre 1950s cold war Liberal mentality that views publicly suggesting that a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc (i.e. socialists and separatistes oh no!) would be taken “the wrong way” by Canadian voters is truly the saddest evidence of the moronism stalking the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) these days.

Quick! Under your desk, LPC! The Socialists and Separatistes are coming! The Socialists and Separatistes are coming! Oh wait. Nevermind. They’re already here holding the balance of power that could prevent another round of government by those corrupt and incompetent Alberta Reformers known as the New Conservative Party of Canada. YOU DUMBASSED LOSERS!


Cancel the G8 and G20 and Clean Up the Gulf

I think the $1billion that is going towards security for the upcoming G8 and G20 in Toronto should be directed towards a clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico and the G8 and G20 conferences cancelled.

Such an action would show the world that governments are not simply in the pockets of powerful corporations but actually still care about the future of our planet and the well-being of citizens. Because what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico should be of concern to all of us. And all of us have to be part of the clean-up effort. If it’s true what we are constantly being told, that we are completely dependent on oil for our survival (there apparently being no money in fresh water…), then we can no longer afford to have the oil industry in charge of supplying it – and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Time for another taxpayer funded clean-up, people – this time with major strings attached. Clean-up the Gulf, then nationalize the oil industry. We’ll see then how dependent we are on oil.


Haha – Catholic Officials

So, Cardinal Marc Ouellet has backed away from his utterance that abortion a “moral crime” as serious as murder — even in cases where the pregnancy was the result of rape (haha – the rape mention always reminds me of Al Franken’s quip in response to Marilyn French’s “All sex is rape” – “No, kidding – just ask my wife”):


Security Matters

Since nobody else is saying it, allow me. Canadians deserve protection from the oily slime that will ooze forth from the G8 and the G20 conferences – not the other way around. G8ers ant G20ers have no need of protection from mere citizens. I mean, who’s kidding who here.