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Scared Dissentless

Maybe we’ve got this all wrong and the whole point is to make it clear to the public that the police will act as agent provocateurs during protests, to up the fear ante such that the public no longer knows who to trust. Because it seems to me that security for the G20 is making it pretty easy to spot agent provocateurs inciting violence in crowds of peaceful demonstrators, what with all those cameras filming them doing it.
A tactic like that would certainly stop most people from protesting against the government, that’s for sure.

Definition Time

I think we need our politicians and the media that supports them to provide us with their definitions of ”criminal” and “violence” before the next summit.


What To Do, What To Do

If I was an advisor to Dalton McGuinty, I’d tell him to apologize to the people of Toronto: “Terrible mistake, many regrets, never did I imagine that 1 in 10 protestors would be arrested demonstrating on behalf of social progress and other good things the Government of Ontario stands firmly behind”.

And leave the mess to Stephen Harper to explain. Because when you average out 10,000 protestors with 900 (and climbing) arrests, you get pretty close to 1 in 10 citizens being tossed into jail for no good reason. And I doubt Dalton McGuinty expected that to be the outcome of those sweeping and secret regulations passed to deal with any dissent during the G8 and G20 Conferences.

But we’re a lazy privileged populace and who knows what will come of all this. Probably Stephen Harper will be returned with another minority government. Such is life. His eye is on the public service disability pension fund even now. We’ll see how civil servants react when he tries to get his hands on it. Probably roll over and let him have it. Afterall, auto workers making gobs of money in spite of only grade 10 educations voted in droves for Jim Flaherty and tax cuts and look at where they’re working now.

Honestly, it’s like that song “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”.


Is It Possible?

Is it possible that Stephen Harper is trying to bankrupt the Government of Canada? I mean, the New Conservatives just can’t seem to spend enough of the government’s money, but are taking it to the mat against a bank tax?

Nevermind, I just learned we went from possible to likely. The New Conservatives are now musing aloud about raiding the public service disability plan. You know, because it still has a surplus, unlike everything else public the New Conservatives have managed to deplete.


G8 Conference Destroys Downtown Toronto

Brought to you by: Security R Us

But I guess the latest G8 Conference will teach downtown Torontonians not to send any Conservative MPs to Parliament Hill.

And a billion dollars in security sure doesn’t get you much, these days, eh? Unless the whole idea was to arrest peaceful demonstrators (including two Post photographers, apparently) while self-proclaimed anarchists smashed windows and torched abandoned police cars (thank gawd the keys weren’t left in the ignition – unless they were…) so that downtown Toronto would look plenty wrecked by Sunday morning – supposedly justifying a billion dollars spent on security for the G8.

Or, and here’s the real poser, did the government simply want to punish Toronto for not being Conservative enough in its voting patterns? Because certainly it wasn’t showcased for the G8 as a city anyone would want to visit in the future. It looked for all intents and purposes like a police state under curfew, like Beijing after Tiananmen Square. So why aren’t these big holes in the government’s reasoning being pointed out by our media?