Saturday July 30 , 2016

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Irony Alert

The Pentagon just accused WikiLeaks of having blood on its hands.


Comparative States

Imagine following a story on the news, night after night, featuring the rulers of a resource rich but sparsely populated country, close to a powerful but unstable country,  randomly stripping  government ministries of the ability to function properly, while simultaneously increasing the power of the police and army.


Talking Psychopaths

“It will be smaller and financially, it will grow. We’re going to learn a lot from this incident and this accident… There’s no question that we will change as a company.”

“With the leak now capped, we have reached a significant milestone. This provides a firm basis to reshape the company.”

“The BP board is deeply saddened to lose a CEO whose success over some three years in driving the performance of the company was so widely and deservedly admired.”


No White People Need Resign on Principle

In view of the latest from Hillbilly Central, aka the New Conservative Government of Canada, I invite Canadians to take a look at the top level of the Federal government and count the minority females in attendance. Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Associate Deputy Ministers. Fill your boots.

But speaking of white people being over-represented in the corridors of power, isn’t it time Tony Clement resigned instead of parroting a message from the Prime Minister to Canadians that he knows isn’t true? Afterall, Michael Chong, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, and… uh… visible minority… resigned on principle when Stephen Harper declared Quebec a nation without consulting him. And now we have Munir A. Sheikh, another visible minority, resigning on principle because, well, sometimes it’s just the right thing to do.

Well, for non-white people, anyway.


Connect with Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is interviewing Sara Landriault right now about “affirmative action under review”, which, co-incidentally, is a sudden topic of interest for Stockwell Day, Treasury Board grand poohbah (and if you’re looking for lots of non-white hirees, well, don’t look at Treasury Board). Anyway, having been out and about on the internet for a few years now, I recognize Sara Landriault, not so much as a random citizen being denied governmment employment because she’s white, but as an advocate of New Conservative Government of Canada policies whenever and wherever they are firmly on the Right.

Hey, that rhymes!