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If New York symbolized one kind of freedom to terrorists, Norway symbolized another. War on Terror / War on Reason. Osama bin Laden is dead, long live Anders Breivik.

Too bad the dead can’t hold forth with the pundits, twisting and spinning above ground, on the merits of one murderous ideology over another.


Stockwell Day Reacts to Terrorism in Norway

Before he realizes it was perpetrated by a white, male, conservative, christian:

“I encourage those within the broader community to reach out to extremists within their own community and they’ve got to get the message out to the young people that they are being told lies – that the afterlife for them is not what they’re being promised.”

Well said, sir. Well said. I’d add that the current life isn’t what you politicians have promised, either, but that’s for another Day, isn’t it.


Default, Boss! Default!

I was watching the business news on CBC the other night, as is my usual want, when I realized I didn’t have a clue what anybody is ever talking about on it. Now, I noticed that the other night Andrew Coyne was on The National to provide insight into a story only a moron couldn’t understand, which is why, perhaps, Andrew Coyne was on to explain it, so I wonder why there isn’t the same approach to the business news.

I mean, are we paying CBC to provide tips and hints to people so idle and rich that all they do is play the stock market all day? Because that’s what it strikes me we might be doing and if we are, I want to put a stop payment on my cheques.

Anyway, since I don’t have a clue what anybody is ever talking about on the business news, I decided that I didn’t give a shit whether the United States government defaults on whatever it is it’s not going to default on because, even though it’s supposedly a possibility, all the talking heads on CBC’s business news who say it is, also say it isn’t.

As far as I’m concerned now, if I don’t know what it is, I’m not going to give a shit about what happens. Which is quite unlike how I feel about climate change, which apparently our governments don’t quite understand, either, because if they did, they would understand that there isn’t much point in doing anything if they aren’t going to do something about climate change.

Not that they can do anything about climate change, of course, our entire way of life being dependent on not doing anything even to adapt to it. And really, who can blame our governments for their failure to be any good? It’s all the fault of hard working tax payers. All of it. We work. Hard (well, some of us do – some of us were just born with money that we profit from thanks to hints and tips from CBC business news). All the while causing tons of climate change. And then we go shopping and ensure that more climate change will be coming.

So, here’s the thing: How could the United States government defaulting on a monetary something or other be anything other than a good thing when it’s the very system that led to it having something or other to default on is causing climate change and climate change is leading us straight to the edge of the cliff of the universe.

Also something I don’t understand – if the universe has an end, what’s on the other side of it?


Worse News of the World

Crap. Now I’m worried that the timing of Rupert Murdoch’s take down is not just a coincidence and that there’s a nastier media baron out there ready to swoop in and take over British Sky Broadcasting  and the British Parliament and Scotland Yard.

You heard it here first on Sooey Says.


Take My Fat Kid, Please

Boston pediatrician, David Ludwig, (do you need Dr. if you’ve already said pediatrician?) and some other guy (gal?), Lindsey Murtagh, have apparently been inundated with emails from angry and terrified (i.e. guilty) parents about an opinion piece in a medical journal suggesting that fat kids should be taken away from their bad (i.e. fat) parents and adopted by good (i.e. fashionable) parents.

At least, that’s the media interpretation of an opinion piece that doesn’t really say that at all, but the media’s interpretation is the more fun so I want to expound on it.

No, fat kids should not be taken away from their real parents and raised by other real parents. ALL kids should be taken away from their real parents and raised by other real parents. It’s the only way to make things fair around here.

Here’s the thing, through no fault of my own, and even less from my ex, our three perfect-sized kids are going to be at university in the fall. Now, so far, I’ve been the sole support parent for this educational extravaganza because my ex doesn’t like to spend his money on others, he likes to keep it all for himself. I’m hoping that will change in the future, but, in the meantime, I’m sort of looking over at friends with kids who gave up on becoming edjumacated back in grade five and are now the sorts of hard working taxpayers that politicians apparently believe are the bees knees of society.

Well, sure. Because they keep the whole stupid racket going around and don’t think they’re worth any more than what the market, which is clearly a mirage, will bear. And this works well for politicians (and their CEO pals) because neither appear to be subject to market forces. After all, their pay and benefits just get better and better, don’t they. The rest of us can suck up debts and deficits. Suckers R Us, eh? And correct me if I’m wrong but are there not more of them than ever before, too?

Seriously, I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty clear to me we’re living in the best of times, the worst of times, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between the two. Here in LaLaLand (Americanada) it is, anyway, where politicians can argue for days on end about whether or not to make a deal that will save everybody from Debtmeggedon (or not). Wtf? Default on that sucker. What difference would it make. Honestly, please, the charade is killing me – WHAT DIFFERENCE WOULD IT MAKE?!

None. That’s the difference it would make. Debts, deficits, rack ‘em up, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got fat kids, dammit. And over-educated kids. And fat, over-educated kids. Let them work off a bit of fat and education paying down debts and deficits. Because I’m tired of this stupid belt-tightening that never seems to let up. Do politicians and CEOs belt-tighten? No. No, they do not. We belt-tighten. They continue to live off the fat of the land.

Which is apparently increasing with every birth. So, yeah, let’s start trading the kids around and see what happens. Trust me, it’ll all end in debts and deficits no matter what we do. In the meantime, I’m up for a little experimenting.

Any politicians or CEOs out there want to adopt three perfect-sized university students?