You’re Welcome, Mr. Prime Minister

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of funding Stephen Harper’s personal travels (and just look at him, this trip to Israel is clearly one of his Christian fundamentalist bucket list check offs before End Times) and instead of getting even a cursory “Thank you, Mr. & Ms. Canadian taxpayer for funding my journey to Heaven” he calls us nasty names and then heads off the next day to have local sites named after him and collect honorary degrees.

To paraphrase Alice Munro, “Who Does He Think He Is?”


  1. If Israel can name a bird sanctuary after him, I see no reason why we shouldn’t name the Experimental Lakes Area after him too.

  2. If he can have the Bird Sanctuary named after him perhaps we can have the bird droppings named after him as well.

  3. You know, I don’t even believe him when he claims his father talked to him about the Holocaust. I really think he made it up. People who have a real appreciation for the horrors of the Holocaust don’t bandy about terms like “Anti-Semitic” the way he and his Conservative hangers-on do.

  4. He never had a father. He was created in a petri dish.

  5. I think we’ve been given a load of hogwash about his background.

  6. A petri dish, I tell ya!