No Cuntry for Old Ladies

What I don’t understand about my sister and brother Canadians is why they choose to believe the self-interested mumbo jumbo of politicians like Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty over my reality, which is that I’ve gone from being middle class to working poor while the Conservatives have been the federal government.

See, if they were actually good for the economy, which is, after all, our economy, I wouldn’t be blogging about the fact that my personal standard of living has had a great fall since Stephen Harper took it upon himself to remake Canada in his misanthropic image.

Now, I may not be quite as well educated as Stephen Harper is, but I’m close enough. I believe I even graduated before he did and had my nose duly to the grindstone much sooner, but young men have a harder time during the school age years than do young women (don’t argue with me, it’s a fact, a brain development fact) so I’m prepared to give him a handicap there and call us even.

However, I certainly have more work and life experience than he does and without the very clear and obvious advantage of having my father get me a job at the company, as he did. And from the sounds of it, he was as ungrateful then for the hand-out (or hand-up, as I’m sure Mike Harris, who worked even more directly for good ol’ dad, would say) as he is now.

I don’t blame him personally, of course, but it’s a fact that my standard of living has declined significantly while the Canadian economy has been under his stewardship and I’m not clear on why other Canadians, particularly ones who know me personally, don’t recognize the relevance of that in my political blogging endeavours.

Meanwhile, here I am, working retail (my big toe has developed some sort of issue that actually has me worried now about whether or not I can keep up with my new job – or even should – which I actually quite like) and along comes Kathleen Wynne to offer me a $1 raise come June – and not even conditional on sales.

You wouldn’t believe the disconnect between the actual retail store and its corporate head office when it comes to, well, everything, but especially sales.

Now, I know what Conservatives, including my Conservative friend, will say to that and I really just wish they would shut the fuck up and go back to their knitting because when they take the side of the corporate cockburgers who employ us to claim that raising the minimum wage will blah blah blah, they are more or less shitting into their own mouths, and I’m tired of their shit breath blowing in my direction.

So, not being an ungrateful ignoramus like Stephen Harper, I say, “Thank you, Premier Wynne. And I don’t care how you and Andrea Horwath do it, but you keep that mother of all cockburgers, Tim Hudak, and his “right to work” trash talk, as far away from power as you can, y’hear?”

$11/hour… Did I tell you about the time back in 1982 when I was making $12/hour? I did, didn’t I. Oh well, everything old is new again, I guess.


  1. Hi Sooey. You make a good point – in high school my friend was a cashier at Loblaws and got a 50 cent raise every 6 months! Back then (late 1980s) she was getting $17 per hour!!

  2. no fear, just read up on yer mudevil history so you know what to expect when neo feudalism becomes all the rage