Let’s All Separate Together!

For a man who hates to travel Stephen Harper sure likes to do a lot of it, eh?

Free trade with South Korea now, is it. Beef and pork for cars. Seems kind of random and weird to me, but I put coconut milk in my tea this evening, so who am I to say.

Anyway, this free trade fad got me thinking about Quebec separating and how at least once it’s another country Stephen Harper could travel to it and negotiate a free trade deal.

Maybe he could arrange for Alberta to sell its fromage et chocolat to Quebeckers and then Quebeckers could sell their hay to Albertans.

But then I thought, why not have all provinces separate from Canada and become countries so that Stephen Harper could travel between our provinces, which would then be countries, signing free trade agreements between us, instead of against us.

Ontario could sell its tractors to Newfoundland and Newfoundland could sell its pies to British Columbia and Manitoba could sell its canoes to Nunavut and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc.

Really, from where I’m sitting, this 13 provinces (or whatever the hell we’re at now) thing isn’t working out for us at all.

We need to be 13 countries so we can get in on this free trade fad before it’s over.


  1. One good thing about Quebec separating? Harper can’t sell Quebec out to a foreign country, if they separate. Harper can’t take Quebec’s resources and resource jobs, and hand them over to a foreign country. Harper is even selling our Canadian farms to a foreign country.

    Harper is laying off Canadians and giving foreigners their resource jobs. Look at what has been done to BC. Communist China owns much of BC. There will be thousands of Chinese brought over for, Harper’s Northern BC mining plan. China has already been given 200 mining jobs. Now the Chinese want, their history and culture taught in our schools.

    Damn right!! All provinces should separate. However, we will have to leave Ottawa and Alberta as Harper’s country.

  2. We really just need to separate from the CPC. Permanently.