True’r Faux

You know, now that I’ve said that out loud about wanting a guaranteed annual income, I really want one. This is just so stupid, me working part-time and for minimum wage at a retail store, when I have so much real work I could be doing.

Also, because my schedule is so random, which is the norm nowadays – I’m not so much scheduled as on call. I can’t take on a second job or even a volunteer job, even though scheduled shifts are regularly cut and I only get paid when I work.

I once volunteered at the Grace in Toronto. Omigawd. Heartbreaking much? I did it with a friend who was studying to become a United Church minister and I hope she succeeded because she didn’t put a single pillow over a geriatric patient’s face.

After she saw me staring at a stroke patient, tears streaming down my face, paralyzed with sadness, she suggested that maybe volunteering in a hospital wasn’t for me.

She was so reassuring about it, though, which is why I think she’d make a great United Church minister.

I had two shifts cancelled last week because sales are slow, due to unemployed Ottawans not having the discretionary spending money they used to have, so we walked the dog instead and met one of our co-residents in our housing development. He’s a stay-at-home dad, which is so much more interesting than being a stay-at-home mom, isn’t it?

I think we should encourage more stay-at-home dads so that Canadian kids become self-sufficient earlier. Seriously. And that is not a slam at stay-at-home dads, although I also think that if we had more of them there’d be a salary attached to the job.

I’m glad that Pierre Karl Peladeau is running for the PQ and talking up sovereignty. It’s what multinational corporations want, so it’s what the Conservative Party of Canada wants, too, and I think it’s time Conservatives were exposed as operating on behalf of corporate interests to break up the country into natural resource regions.

Sun Media sure turned out to be a smokescreen, eh? And talk about being the last to know – its pundits are still carrying on as if their owner didn’t lift the rock to let the light shine down on their pointy little talking heads.

But now that separatism is on the front burner again I realize that I’m an Ontarian first, Canadian second, so not much different from Quebeckers. It’s not my Canada to save, it’s Pierre Karl Peladeau and Stephen Harper’s Canada to do with whatever they want. And anybody who fell for Stephen Harper consulting with Tom Mulcair regarding the entrance of Pierre Karl Peladeau into politics hasn’t been paying attention.

Sun Media was never anything other than a press release for Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada government. It’s journalistic independence is that it’s independent of journalism.

It’s faux media.

And that’s fine, it’s still a free country, but I’m not sure why anyone would believe that Stephen Harper didn’t see this coming. He’s an Alberta Separatist, himself. In fact, I believe his ultimate goal in becoming Prime Minister of Canada was always and still is to grant provinces, particularly Alberta, the right to contract out their own regulatory powers to third parties, i.e. the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

And that’s fine, too. It’s not democracy, but at least the rock over our faux government will have been lifted.



  1. Yes, I read that. If I had a guaranteed annual income I would probably work at a part-time minimum wage job, maybe the one I’m doing now, but I’d feel better about it and every cent I made would go right back into the local economy because I wouldn’t be worried about saving it for old age. It would be a citizen generated economic action plan, a guaranteed annual income.