Consider Your Ass Bitten, Mr. Liepert

According to a CBC article I just read, a Conservative challenger to Rob Anders, Ron Liepert, is complaining that the Anders campaign is calling constituents and pretending to be from his campaign.

How does he know this, you ask?

Well, when suspicious constituents call back, they get the Anders campaign office.

Some tweets practically write themselves: Then when he called the Minister for Democratic Reform to complain a Mr Poutine told him the nomination mtg had been cancelled.

Sorry, Mr. Liepert, but a wannabe governing Conservative politician falling victim to a governing Conservative politician’s dirty tricks campaign is going to have a hard time nudging past the death of Fred Phelps on my care-o-meter.


  1. I was reading the CBC news on the web last week about Flaherty’s resignation. There was one of these little moving update banners going by, with the predictions that James Moore would be his replacement, and Rob Anders would be taking over as Foreign Affairs Minister.

    It was the biggest laugh I’ve had in quite a while, but I did check immediately afterward.

    But the solution is so blatantly obvious. All those disgruntled conservatives should break free from their corrupt and self-entitled brethren, and form a new party. Maybe call it something catchy like the Reform party, or somethin’. I think it could work.

  2. Shamelessly stolen from the Twitter machine: “Liepert knew it was Anders’ team when the caller fell asleep in the middle of the call”

  3. Haha! Harper’s dad is responsible for Rob Anders, apparently.

  4. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but I’m going to repeat it ad nauseum anyway.

  5. It’s mostly true, so you can do it in good conscience.