Getting the Big Things Right

My friend Antonia has a series of photos on her Facebook page commemorating the child victims of Israeli bombing of Gaza. One of the photos is of a little girl who brings to mind (for me) the photo of Anne Frank that graces the cover of her famous diary. She’s Palestinian, of course, the photo taken from a site called “Humanize Palestine”.

A couple of days ago I read an op/ed (online) from the Washington Post by Michael Oren. In it he essentially argues that a cull of the Palestinian population of Gaza will lead to a better future for survivors. I mean, it was insane what he was saying, and I was kind of shocked that I was reading it in a mainstream publication.

I don’t know. Maybe all the editors of the Washington Post are on holiday, it being July, but I wish someone would tip them off for next time that Michael Oren is insane and maybe don’t publish any more of his submissions.

Today I read a Globe article (online, although we also buy it most days, as we do the Ottawa Citizen) in which an Israeli army spokesperson (a man, though, I’m happy to specify) more or less says of the recent bombing of a UN shelter that an errant shell didn’t do it.

That’s right, it was an errant shell that didn’t do it.

Okay, then. Best check the errant shell warranty.

There was no spin because it was a straightforward (what a long word straightforward is) news article, not a column, and yet it was as if the copy editors had switched all the periods with eye-rolling emoticons.

That was the effect it had on me, anyway, but I’m sure there were plenty of other readers shaking their heads about the UN being in bed with Hamas and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc because, you know, if you’re not with one side you must be with the other.

Unless you’re Switzerland, I guess, because apparently nothing says neutral like safeguarding rich people’s money from taxes.

Then I read another article (online) from the Toronto Star that re-referenced Justin Trudeau’s decision to line up behind Stephen Harper and take a side in this violent conflict.

I mean, it’s not rocket science, it’s rockets, with men in power on both sides firing them at each other, one side managing to kill scores more of the other sides children, and that’s the side our politicians have freely decided to line up behind?

Well if Hamas is no good for anyone, and it isn’t, then neither are the men currently leading our big three political parties.

They can’t even get the big things right. Why trust them with the small.

There. A silver lining in this latest violent confrontation in the Middle East – I get to re-think everything again.





  1. This particular historical man-made fuck-up;

    is my Litmus Test.

    For everything.

    As you read more current news than I,

    do you know why on Earth – JT chose the wrong side of history,

    to die on?

    The Harperite’s had made him out to be

    a major Hamas/terrorist ‘supporter’


    And now this.

    Re-think is always good – means we’re teachable.

  2. I think he’s very smart, and I’m sure there’s some kind of political strategy behind it, but if he thinks it’s a vote getter and not a vote loser, maybe even especially for Jewish Canadians, I think he’s out to lunch. There are demonstrations in Israel against Netanyahu’s slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza with protesters being threatened by rightwing nationalists. Israeli skinheads, in other words. That’s who our goonish politicians here are really backing, it seems to me. Netanyahu, like Harper, is a thug.