Dear Mr. Prime Minister (Again)

Almost every other night now there’s a story on CBC’s The National about how Calgary is a real hotbed for wannabe Islamic terrorists and, well, you know how one thing leads to another.

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that, like, maybe we should bomb Calgary in defense of Israel now instead of waiting until later when Israel has to do it.

I mean, it seems kind of unfair to make Israel do all the bombing, don’t you think?

Also, if we bomb Calgary now it might destroy all the wannabe Islamic terrorists and the whole world will have a brighter future, not just the Calgarians who survive, if any even do.

And, you know, the population is growing pretty fast out there and the infrastructure isn’t keeping up and it’s so polluted and yadda yadda blah blah, life can’t be that great for Calgarians anyway.

You know, omelet/eggs, and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc.


  1. After the bombing, a no go or no man’s land perimeter should be installed around the entire city to control future comings and goings. Maybe even a wall. Think how easy it would be to then regulate their caloric intake. That might change their minds about joining those nasty little terrorist cells.

  2. Colonialism – Culling the herd.

  3. Well, Harper wanted to build a firewall around Alberta. I was hoping Harper, Ottawa and Alberta would form their own country. I would have included BC except, The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Herr Harper have already, thieved and sold everything of value out of BC.

    Not even Canada’s National Parks, are safe from Harper and provincial greed. Canadians are living in, very evil times. Harper is a fascist dictator from way back. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. We know just who, donated to Harper’s Alliance in 2002 as well.

    If Calgary was bombed? Would the children of Calgary be merely collateral damage, as the dead children of Palestine are?