On Turning 1 and I Feel Fine

There’s increasing mention in western media of the effect the War on Gaza is having on Israelis who don’t support it. They’re in the same situation within Israel as we are here within Canada, except that their IDF is actively slaughtering the Palestinians next door while our HDC just champions the slaughter from half a world away.

Oh, sorry, HDC stands for Harper Death Cult. Feel free to steal it. Or misappropriate it, as is said of governing politicians who steal our money and give it to Conservative Party donors in Muskoka, etc.

Did you hear about the Conservative Party fundraiser that is targeting select groups in Canada while the slaughter in Gaza plays itself out until mission accomplished?

I mean, never mind Israel’s end game, what’s the HDC’s?

Today, too, I read an article in the Ottawa Citizen by an Iranian democracy activist living here. In it he regurgitates all the debunked Israeli talking points about Hamas, as if it isn’t the IDF killing all those Palestinian children sheltering at UN schools with weaponry courtesy the, yes, infinitely more murderous U.S.A.

Never forget, no wait, always remember – the U.S.A. is tops in murderousness.


I guess the idea is that readers will be more impressed if the propaganda comes from an Iranian than if it comes from Israel’s official spokesthingy, Mark Regev, who brings to mind Martin Short playing the sweaty CEO being interviewed by a reporter in that hilarious SCTV sketch of yesteryear. Except with a South African accent?

Obviously (which Harper says at least three times now in every sentence, so we won’t notice what a bunch of lying psychopathic douchebags he and his are?) and/or clearly (ditto) the world is being run by lying psychopathic douchebags who believe that life on earth is for war and death in heaven is for peace.

Also, that our Justice Minister is married to famous Iranian human rights activist, Nazanin Afshin-jam, and we don’t need an Iranian democracy activist to add gravitas to debunked Israeli talking points, thank you.

But that’s not what this entry is about because this entry is about the giant methane releasing craters popping up (down?) in Siberia.

No, that’s not what this entry is about, either, because this entry is about a celebration I attended the other night, a first year anniversary celebration of my sobriety, and how much I enjoyed it.

As is traditional in AA there was a speaker and medallion presentations and cake and a lot of talk and tears and laughter. Lots of laughter. I find it to be very therapeutic.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

That last part is tricky because to have the wisdom to know the difference means you have to be able to get out of your own way and I don’t know about you, but I’m surrounded by me barriers.

Also, I feel kind of fraudulent because I’m happy to not be drinking anymore and don’t care that I’m not smoking pot, either.

When I was sober for the decade or so that I was I felt challenged by it. Now I feel relieved.

I seem to be getting lighter. I have fewer friends but more acquaintances and I really enjoy living life this way. I thought I had a phobia of commitment but really I’m just socially egalitarian. Professionally, too, actually. I didn’t fit into the government, which is supposed to matter, I fit into retail which, whether it’s supposed to matter or not, doesn’t.

Good luck with all that, corporations.

Also, I like doing not much of anything and just hanging out at home. We have our windows open in summer and live chock a block with our neighbours, a mix of the commercial/residential . And yet we can hear birds chirping in our tiny backyard. Front door – restaurant traffic. Back door – nature sounds.

But I’ve been thinking about Tom Flanagan lately because I’m finally reading a book by Barbara Gowdy that caused a lot of controversy a while back, “Helpless”.

It’s about a pedophile who kidnaps a little girl and I recall that Barbara Gowdy took a fair bit of shit for portraying him somewhat sympathetically. I’m still reading it so I’ll blog more about it once I’m done, but I thought I’d give you a head’s up of coming attractions.

Remind me to see “Boyhood”. I need to appreciate movies more than I do.

I’m still chuffed about joining an anti-poverty group with a mission to get the vote out when I’m disillusioned entirely with politics. Talk about ironic activism. But the young woman who rang the doorbell was so full of energy and commitment, the least I could do was pay her to leave my house before I contaminated her with my apathy.

In the meantime, I continue to downsize. I rid us of an entire corporation the other day. It was surprisingly easy, I think, although I’ll have to wait until I get my next energy bill. I’ll let you know that full story then. In the meantime, stay away from the 1-800 number and call the 416 number instead. I went from Florida to somewhere near Kingston, Ontario, and I’m pretty sure it made ALL the difference.

If any. Like I said, I’ll let you know.

I read the other day that Walmart is in trouble.

So there, it’s not all bad news, is it.

Downsizing is the new black, the future, living in the moment. Pass it on.

Life is good at 1 year old and counting.


  1. Well done. Keep it up.

    Does giving away hundreds of dollars to an anti-poverty group make you feel less impoverished?

  2. Omigawd! I’m impoverished?!

  3. Look on the bright side. Nazanin is impoverished in so many ways, but she’s still HOT!

    O.K., I’ll look again.

  4. 1 year, feeling fine – [reaches outstretched arm offering handshake]

    Blogging is fine as well

  5. Thanks, sassy! Life is humming along nicely here in Lalaland (as a real estate agent of my acquaintance refers to Ottawa).

  6. Apparently the officially designated gift for a first year sobriety anniversary is either paper or gold.
    Gosh, that’s a toughie.

    Congratulations, Sooey

  7. Ah, sobriety is reward enough. Really, I missed my Spartan calling.