Money for Nothing

I need to take my mind of being unemployed because I’m kind of a worry wart about money (not a rational worry, so don’t you worry, too, dear Sooey Says reader(s)) so my plan is to blog out a lot of surface anxiety so I can write an even more surface book on the side. I also plan to learn cartooning and have even bought myself a kit for this very purpose. I had planned to get started last night, but then I decided to take in the #2 debate instead.

Note to self: Pot and television go together like pot and any other time wasting activity – too well.

But having wasted a couple of hours of learning to cartoon time watching Joe Biden laugh his ass off while wiping it with Paul Ryan, the Eddie Haskell of contemporary politics, I think the Head of the Debating Society should switch it up and hold a mixed doubles debate with Obama/Ryan against Biden/Romney. Picture it, Obama resting his eyes while Paul Ryan widens his wider with each successive attempt to appear sincere, squaring off against Laughin’ Joe and Grinnin’ Mitt hi-fivin’ each other after every witty riposte and/or interjecting putdown.

So, anybody else curious as to those two constituents for whom Paul Ryan scored wads of government stimulus funding? Cripes, and if they donated to his campaign, doesn’t that mean he scored some government stimulus funding for himself, too?

Because that’s the thing, isn’t it. I’m not entirely without connections and yet not only have I never scored any kind of government handout for not having enough money to do whatever it is I want to do to make my own money doing, but I don’t know anyone who has.

Of course, I’ve never given politicians any money, either, so that may be why. My mom’s an old timey days Liberal, though, and she’s given scads and the one time a boyfriend of mine tried to use her connections to get a job in Ottawa we didn’t even get beyond the Parliament cafeteria (heavily subsidized by taxpayers in those days, too).

Anyway, I believe she’s stopped giving money to the party now. When I was home last week she told me the last time a party worker called she played the age card and told them to leave her alone so she could die in peace. And really, they should, because she can’t even afford to live in her senior’s residence anymore on account of the rent keeps going up while her pension stays the same.

Think about this for a minute all you believers in everything private. While there may be middle-class seniors (my mother is eighty-eight) as prepared for old age as my mother was, there would be very few who are more prepared. She has the last of the great public sector worker pensions (high school librarian) and RRSPs up the yinyang. She also sold our family home for a tidy sum, although not nearly for what she had expected, Sault Ste. Marie having not been much of a real estate hub since Algoma Steel got caught making some crappy product and one bad management decision led to another and before the good people of the Sault knew it, the plant went from being drastically downsized and worker-owned, to being owned by Indians.

Er, East Indians, that is. The Indians on the other side of the world, not the Indians of Garden River Indian Reserve, who I believe are hoping to have the highway re-routed one day so it doesn’t cut through their living rooms. Then they plan to turn the reserve into an off highway drive through that showcases Aboriginal arts and crafts, traditional medicines, trapping methods, fishing ways, etc.

That was the scuttlebutt a few years ago, anyway. But maybe their contacts in government dried up with John Duncan’s appointment as Minister of  the finally renamed Aboriginal Affairs department. (And, I guess, Patrick Brazeau’s TKO.)

So yes, thank goodness for employment insurance – at least until the Conservatives contract it out to their buddies in the robocall business – because otherwise it would be a cold and dark fall in Ottawa (and I notice it’s currently snowing). Today will be my last day of free spending (spending money not budgeted) as we (my beau and I) need to shore up against the possibility of higher interest rates at mortgage renewal time. In fact, and this was interesting, Kevin O’Leary, investor-at-large, flat out said on the Lang/O’Leary Exchange a week or so ago (even though I cancelled cable) that the smartest investment one can make is to pay off a mortgage.

Anyway, I haven’t paid much attention to our own government’s stimulus funding, having assumed it all went into Tony Clement’s riding for various and sundry “upgrades”, so I guess I’ll have to figure out how to make money some other way to pay off the mortgage. (A couple of years ago I had an interview with Treasury Board, speaking of Tony Clement, for a position with its Public Service Renewal Program, a program designed to attract young policy analysts to the public service, as if young policy analysts need to be lured into jobs that start at $$60,000/year. Alas, I failed every question in that interview, too, but I probably shouldn’t have asked why they were interviewing a contract worker in her fifties for the position instead of a young policy analyst.)

In the meantime, I think I’ll start paying closer attention to what the Conservatives are doing with all that money we send them whether we luck out with a stimulus funding handout back or not. Although a list of recipients would be handy (pun intended) so people like me could hit one or two of the lucky beneficiaries up for work ’cause this middle-aged mama has a mortgage to pay off before old age meets a rising cost of living.

By the way, anybody got a line on why old people vote Conservative?


  1. By the way, anybody got a line on why old people vote Conservative?

    i should know….they voted 77.4% con around here and i’ve been here off and on 50+ years
    if they are not still pissed off at Trudeau they warm to anything that they think is freedom
    most when they vote conservative still think they are voting for Peter Lougheeds almost current ndp values
    and as they really don’t follow politics can’t see how new conservative is any different than progressive conservative
    especially now that it is stuffed with alliance and reform
    they still think that conservative means great money managment some how
    don’t give them the facts …they will call down the libs as corrupt money wasters
    and the ndp as destroyers of all social fabric
    conservatives vote here as family tradition
    endless holidays listening to gramps pontificate there is no other way to vote
    conservative equates with resource management somehow too
    mentioning the fundamentalist church determining outrageous policies
    and you would think you suggested shooting baby jeebus
    they like the “make it on your own” “everyone for themselves” deal really
    get a job …straighten up and fly right …in my day nobody gave you nothing
    they thrive on being under dogs
    and as under dogs any political facts given to them
    are still met with na na ne nana …we won …suck it
    its simple…shoot coyotes and get dinner and eat it (thats foreign policy)
    and faith …faith in god… faith in the competency of dear leader…faith in the “good works” of our boys in ottawa
    and loyalty….fracking brand loyalty….C O N S E R V A T I V E
    and liberal is fancy pants, dirty artists freeloading intellectual university bums that never worked aren’t they?
    dope smokin socialist communists them ndp….i just don’t believe in unions …they are corrupt
    old people vote conservative as they thought it out once
    made a decision and never thought about it again
    throw in “all politicians are corrupt” anyway
    and default voting will be conservatives again next time
    By the way, anybody got a line on why old people vote Conservative?
    ahhhh sorry ….like to help you on that one …i just don’t know

  2. They are an enigma, people on fixed incomes who vote for politicians who want to contract out publicly funded services to private sector profiteers.