Gun Nut Paradise

Apparently, another gun-owner just crossed over that split second divide between law-abiding and homicidal and shot to kill several (18, at first count) elementary school children.

I really don’t know if I can stand to hear the ensuing hypocritical condolences to the grieving parents by American and/or Canadian politicians.

My beau’s parents, who do time in Florida every winter (I can’t imagine it, myself, but I don’t play golf) already don’t discuss politics with their American neighbors, who are all Republicans (and racists) and say flat out that you have to assume everybody has a gun.

So keep it polite.

Who knows what set off this latest act of terrorism? Partner wanted out of a relationship? Child custody awarded to a partner? Job loss/home loss? Post traumatic stress disorder post Iraq? Psychotic breakdown due to any of the above?


Does it even matter why when we know that any one of the above could be the excuse given as to why a man would shoot scores of kindergarten children?

And what can be done now about the fact that American men are armed to the teeth, anyway?


It’s normal in America for a gun owner to enter a school and shoot to kill people because the gun nuts have had their way with American politicians.

And now they’re having their way with the Alberta Conservatives who have successfully cheated their way into power in Canada.

It’s not too late to stop the insanity here, at least. But we’ve got to get these Alberta Conservatives out of our government or it will be.

Sure as shootin’, it will be.


  1. Not sure that all the Federal Conservatives are from Alberta. Clement and Oda are from near my old stomping grounds in Ontario as I recall. Having said that, though, the Liberals and NDP must do a better job at getting their message across out here in Alberta. Having Parliament dominated by Cons from one province is just as palatable to me as having Ottawa flooded with a pile of Quebec Libs.

  2. Oh they’re not all from Alberta. Clement, Flaherty, Baird are part of the Mike Harris wrecking crew from Ontario. Alberta Conservatives is my shorthand for incompetent cheats, thieves and liars.

    In other words, the current “government” led by Harper/Kenney. Because Harper created the CPC, I consider it an Alberta Conservative party. (And yes, I realize Harper originates from Ontario – like most “reform” types, he represents the worst of humanity.)

    Quebec Liberals are done, by the way. Old news. Quebec isn’t nearly the one-party province that Alberta seems to be.

  3. Don’t forget that scum sucking, bottom feeding, backstabbing piece of shit Peter MacKay.

  4. He brings the worst of the old conservatives to the worst of the new conservatives, that special breed of maritime conservative that has just fed at the trough since forever.