I Recognize Canada, It’s the Conservative Party of Canada I Don’t Recognize

It’s terrible to be in the right of it too late, isn’t it. But that’s really what’s going on in America right now, I think. What’s been termed a liberal bias by various parasites of the infotainment industry is really just the logical outcome of a failure by politicians to properly regulate the marketplace.

A vacuum handily filled by the National Rifle Association.

So now, following the shooting deaths of 27 young Americans, 20 of them so young they were children, all during just one single young male shooting spree, some Americans are calling on the government to eliminate the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

But can you imagine that ever happening? Of course not. Americans, Republican/Democrat/Independent would wage a civil war before they’d ever concede that the 2nd Amendment has to go for peace to break out in America.

It’s a doomed society, America, and we in Canada have the bird’s eye view to know it. We also know that our own government, the one led by Stephen Harper, has been brought to us by the same NRA – whatever all the NRA is (and we really don’t know, do we, except that it lobbies Conservative politicians to keep the gun deaths coming) – that has resulted in the violent nightmare so many Americans are living today.

Young female teachers, by the way, laid their lives on the line to protect the children being gunned down by the young male shooter. One teacher died.

What now? Danger pay for teachers? Bullet proof vests for everybody?

Not according to at least one former Republican candidate for the presidential nomination. His answer to the problem? More Christian god learnin’ in public schools.

And, of course, there’s the usual call for guns in the hands of the unarmed to combat the problem of random and increasing gun violence – now in elementary schools, no less.

Remember the Peace Corps? Me neither. But my mother-in-law does and she mentioned a few years ago that Americans had taken a turn for the worse when they gave up on peace in favor of a military industrial complex.

But what about here at home and the re-making of Canada as a nation of warriors, not peace-makers, the stripping of any traces of Lester B. Pearson, Nobel Peace Prize winner in favor of Dief the Chief, the belligerent destruction of our gun registry (following years of sabotage by westerners under the influence of the NRA), the paranoid lawsuits to prevent provinces from keeping gun data to start registries of their own, the international sabre-rattling replacing diplomacy as a means to draw attention to the new Canada.

Luckily for us, we aren’t hobbled by an outdated 2nd Amendment to a Constitution that has come to define so much of what is wrong with America today. We’re a different society, in spite of what Stephen Harper wants us to believe. His famous statement, that we wouldn’t recognize Canada once he is through with it, is really just a lot of false bravado. He is through with it, and I do recognize it.

What I don’t recognize, what many Canadians don’t recognize, is the Conservative Party of Canada.

That’s because it isn’t a party of Canada. It’s a party of the same thugs and goons who are responsible for child murders south of the border.

We can’t do anything do anything about the nightmare of gun violence destroying America, but we can do something to stop it from destroying Canada.

Please, save our children, stop donating to the Conservative Party of Canada.