Everything New Is Old Again – Updated

Every other day, it seems, I find myself reading (and by reading, I mean skimming, sometimes just the blurb below an accompanying picture) an article posted to my Facebook page that details the devastating effects of industrial pollution on someone somewhere.

The articles aren’t just about people living in countries like China, where even the basic human right of reproduction is controlled by a handful of politicians, so forget about protesting against oily air and gassy water, but right here in Canada where we have all the freedom in the world to speak up against industrial polluters and our publicly funded politicians who aid and abet them.

Now, I’m a fan of Justin Trudeau because I think he’s handsome and smart and I enjoy random outbursts of honest opinion every once in a while from our politicians. Sure, they may sometimes opt to walk it back later, but I believe he left Peter Kent standing as a piece of shit. And that’s good, because Peter Kent IS a piece of shit. He’s such a piece of shit, in fact, that he not only works with industrial polluters as our Minister of the Environment to aid and abet their profits at the expense of our environment, he uses his publicly funded position to accuse privately employed reporters of bias – TO THEIR BOSSES!

That’s right. Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada government’s Minister of the Environment (face it, he’s not ours, he’s theirs) wrote to the National Post (Postmedia, ferchrissakes, formerly CanWest, formerly Hollinger, media for all politics Conservative) to accuse journalist Mike De Souza of being “an environmental activist” for – DOING HIS JOB!

Not something one could ever accuse Peter Kent of being or doing. That Peter Kent is a piece of shit isn’t so much honest opinion as it is fact.

But enough of Peter Kent, PC, MP, POS. (And it’s a fact, a Canadian fact.) What I’m not clear on, is why Justin Trudeau wants all the power of government so that the Liberal Party of Canada can continue to develop the tar sands, a well-documented and much reported on source of pollution that is having a devastating effect on, not just our health, but the health of people living in countries where reporting on politicians who aid and abet industrial polluters at the expense of their environment is, at the very least, professional suicide.

I can’t imagine what calling a politician who is ostensibly paid to protect the health and well-being of the environment but who is actually working to protect the profits of industrial polluters a piece of shit would net a blogger in China. Quite frankly, I don’t even want to think about it. But I can almost guarantee that nothing will happen to me here in Canada for calling out Peter Kent as a piece of shit, at least now that I’m safely unemployed.

And I’m not anybody particularly special except to my Beau and my children.

Oh, and my mother. But that’s just because she made me.

My Facebook page isn’t made up of radicals and extremists, although it does feature a few Conservatives, and the articles I read are either from mainstream newspapers or Marc Weisblott reporting in from his location at various Starbucks in Toronto. The fact is, any reasonably informed Canadian in 2013 should know by now that the tar sands are not a source of international energy, they’re a test of national character. And since we have all the freedom in the world to pass that test, I’m not clear on why we aren’t using it to get at least a C+ or a B-.

We can still use the excuse of our cold winters, proximity to the United States and multiculturalism for not doing as well as those Scandinavian keeners, but can we at least stop pretending we haven’t been informed as to what the continued development of the tar sands will mean in real terms, not just to us, but to the billions of people who live in countries where there is no choice at all, and only elect politicians willing to do the right thing? Or, at least, willing to do their job?

By the way, if Alberta is just an oft-misstated shorthand for Stephen Harper’s CPC government, then why is the LPC going out of its way to court Albertans as if they’re different from people concerned about the devastating effects of tar sands development on our environment and our health both here in Canada and elsewhere around the entire world?

Call me a New Democrat but it looks to me like when Justin Trudeau said “Alberta” it wasn’t shorthand for Harper Conservatives so much as it was shorthand for “an entire province of people so stupid they all like to shit in their own nest, so in order to get at least some of their votes I have to be willing to squat down with them for a while”.