The Adventures of Sun Son – Amended

Yesterday, I checked in (again) to the great Canadian internet debate about whether or not Canada’s own Sun News Network should be included in the so-called basic cable package – i.e. should basic cable subscribers be forced to pay just that little bit extra every month so that SNN (as it is now being marketed, Fox News North having been a bit of a bust) can benefit from more advertising revenue.

My brain marched – left/right, left/right, left/right.

Fortunately, I came across a link to an actual news article (by Steve Ladurantaye and Simon Houpt of the Globe and Mail) that explained why Karl Pierre, billionaire son of controversial Pierre Peladeau (“Jews take up too much space” / “We had a very strong sports section and black people are interested in sports…. What I didn’t know know is that black people are very conservative people. Did you know that? They will not move from the paper they are already in.”), has gone application in hand to the CRTC for a handout, er, handup of, er, for, greater market share.

According to the article, “Advertising revenue has been difficult to obtain and it [Karl Pierre] is having trouble convincing Canadians to subscribe to the specialty packages that include its signal”.

There’s also this sentence, which I found hilariously mean, “Sun believes most Canadians don’t know it exists, and it has the market research and ratings to prove it.”

So, of course, SNN says yes, Canadians should have to pay a little extra for a basic cable package in order that SNN can be more profitable, or at all profitable, I guess.

Alas, people who consider SNN to be an always race-baiting, often racist propaganda arm of the Conservative Party of Canada say no, they shouldn’t.

I’d say we, but I canceled cable already anyway. I’m unemployed, thanks to Stephen Harper, economist Prime Minister, and even basic cable became an unjustifiable expense. And all we ever watched was CBC Newsworld, which is so chock-a-block with CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) propaganda and Kevin O’Leary that I decided it was time to send Rogers a message. And as much as I believe cable should be free, I find life is better without it at all.

I’ll take it to the mat on principle, though, if we stop getting the signals from publicly funded networks CBC and TVO.

Anyway, it’s up to the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Telecommunications… Cabal?) to decide the outcome.

The irony, of course, in billionaire offspring Karl Pierre pleading the case for mandatory cable coverage of his vanity network is that the supposed raison d’etre of SNN is to educate Canadians as to how propagandized we all are by the government run Liberal/NDP CBC.

So SNN, to provide balance, cheer leads for Stephen Harper’s CPC, which, as most Canadians know but apparently the news hasn’t reached SNN yet, has been the government for the past several years. So if the government is really running the CBC then that means we’re being propagandized by a government run CPC CBC.


Another irony of SNN’s existence (of which I am not opposed, just curious) is that it appears to get all of its news from CBC Newsworld, which it believes should not exist at all. A handful of Conservative white male pundits, one Liberal Party white male pundit, and the odd woman without sleeves (I can’t prove it, but I suspect the sleeveless uniform is code for, “Suck it, Muslims!”), then offer up their opinion on the news gathered by the public broadcaster they live to rail against, CBC.

Oh, and I say opinion, singular, because it’s always the same opinion. you know, on account of the news has been gathered by journalists working for the CBC, a public, as opposed to private, broadcaster, so the news must be biased against Conservatives, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Conservative Party of Canada government.

I’m sure father Pierre got rich under Liberal governments, too, but whatever. What I’m not sure of is that anything about SNN makes sense. My rightwing lunatic friend and the manager of this website swears by it, but even he will say that it doesn’t provide any news, just opinion about the news.

Well sure, news gathering is effin’ expensive.

Now, since I canceled cable, I watch a fair bit more of CBC than I used to and I have to say, the comedy is up to my standards (admittedly, I’m an easy laugh), the dramas don’t strike me as any different than any other dramas, and the news is the sort of news one would expect from a broadcaster that has a written code of ethics for its journalists to follow.

It’s pretty good, unless the Royals are visiting, marrying, divorcing, having babies or posing topless or bottomless, then it’s just a stupid waste of time and money.

And then there’s all the news programming that offers up CBC’s opinion on its news, which I would say is very much dominated by, if not big “C” Conservatives, small “c” conservatives. On some panels there is a lone socialist on the ropes condescended to by the moderator and other panelists of like mind with the moderator, and that’s good enough because, as I always say, it just takes one lone socialist to cancel out ten non-socialists.

There’s balance, or as much balance as there will likely ever be in the Great White Conservative North (according to no less an expert on politics than Stephen Harper, economist PM). And unlike some internet lefties and internet rightwing lunatics I don’t agree that Peter Mansbridge is biased, and certainly all his Angels (I think the theme is Charlie’s Angels, anyway) are kick ass straight up we report you decide.

(And it’s not like we don’t already have private news networks, CTV and Global, to filter the news for our millionaires and billionaires. And I have to admit, even CTV isn’t like how I remembered it. My mom watches it. She’s a Liberal.)

By the way, just so you know, Kevin O’Leary, who is on CBC every day, twice, three times, possibly four, thinks that news comes from Twitter, so he must wonder why CBC doesn’t just pay him more instead of paying all those journalists to go out into the world and gather it. Why he isn’t on SNN is beyond me, but what the hell do I know, thanks to millions of my sister and brother Canadians electing (or not) Stephen Harper, economist PM, I’m unemployed.

Normally, it would be a typical no-brainer, as Stephen Harper, economist PM, said of Obama’s approval for a foreign government subsidized corporate oil pipeline to traverse over private property and a major American aquifer that supplies millions of citizens with drinking water (ooh, head’s up, America – maybe Stephen Harper, economist PM, figures an oil spill would just speed Canada’s inevitable fresh water sales and diversion projects to an increasingly dry America – thank you fossil fuel burning industry), for the CRTC to give Rogers the go-ahead to include another cost in its basic cable package for Canadian consumers so that billionaire Karl Pierre could increase the profitability of his, so far, not very successful vanity network/mouthpiece for Stephen Harper’s CPC government.

Except, there’s a problem, a problem brought to the fore most recently (so, again) by IdleNoMore, and it’s this – some of the opinion expressed on SNN is racist, and that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact, a Canadian fact. And while Canadians may be entitled to their privately held racist opinion, they are not entitled to be subsidized by basic cable subscribers and broadcast it over our public airwaves.

Which, sadly for Karl Pierre, and the no doubt many good people of SNN who don’t hold with racist opinion, means that the CRTC should deny SNN’s application.

As Stephen Harper, economist PM, might say, it’s a no-brainer.


  1. CNN is on basic cable.

  2. Well, CNN has news, too.