Frack It

As a taxpayer, I find myself increasingly annoyed that public money is used to pay performers like Kevin O’Leary and his stand-in tonight on CBC’s Lang/O’Leary Exchange to deny, or even downplay, the effects of tar sands development and/or fracking on human health and the environment.

What is the public good in it?

Today’s stand-in claimed citizens, taxpayers, private property owners, could sue if their water was contaminated by the toxic chemicals used in fracking. When Amanda Lang referred to earthquakes caused by fracking, the stand-in laughed her off with a line about women in Saudi Arabia.

I’m so tired of sophomoric prats on television. I guess I should stop watching it, eh?

Shame, since I pay for it whether I watch it or not.

Cripes, now I sound like one of those Sun TV nutters.