Don’t It Turn My Brown Hair Grey

Here’s an interesting tidbit for all you hardworking taxpayers out there, unemployment has returned the brown to my greying hair.

It’s true. I was going quite grey at my last job, which wasn’t even stressful, although it amounted to a ten hour work day with the bus commute tacked on at each end of it.

I miss the bus commute actually, that’s when I did all my recreational reading. And if I had my job back now I’d make it more fun by being an empire builder.

Empire builders have all the fun, you know. Everybody else is just working like in that Metric song, “buy this car to drive to work/drive to work to pay for this car”.

I’m speaking about the public service, which is most of my job experience, but I’m sure it’s true anywhere. It is true anywhere. I just remembered working for Mr. Strong, a job that could have been all about international intrigue and high stakes finance that I turned into an episode of Seinfeld, Elaine buying socks for Mr. Pitt.

Although, to be fair, it takes two to tango and it didn’t take much lack of initiative from me for him to become Mr. Pitt.

Well, he is in his eighties, I guess.

But it’s no wonder I don’t understand why we’re up each others’ asses to work harder when every article I read this morning is about how wrong we have it. Not only should we not work harder to get more done, but we should not work harder to get more done less often.

Oh, and in case you missed it and are still waiting for your Conservative government led by internationally known economist/author and nationally known actor/singer/musician, Stephen Harper, to fix the economy, wait no more. No less than the International Monetary Fund has conceded that Keynesian economics has it.

Good government spends in bad times and austerity measures should be applied to the rich, not used against the middle-class, and especially not the poor.

The only meaningful measure of a society should begin and end with its most vulnerable citizens, after all.

Yet another evidenced-based study has been done to prove that less work equals more productivity, too. And yet, when was the last time you heard a governing politician suggest that a shorter work day (let alone week) and more vacation time is just the ticket to get this economy moving again?

And I suppose there’s no point at all in hoping the brainiacs currently (always?) running the show read up on the cause and effect of working less vis a vis climate change. Of course, there’s not much point, I guess, if those same brainiacs don’t factor in the effect of extreme weather and environmental devastation on the economy.

Until they do, if they do, there’s always the undeniable fact for my own measure of health and well-being that since I’ve been laid off a lot of brown has returned to my once greying hair.

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  1. Extra marks for the Crystal Gale reference!