Job Description for Today’s Politician

I just read a post on my Facebook by a woman whose car insurance jumped from under $2000 to $8000.

The other day, a couple of conkids came to the door. They were working for National Home Services (this week) – one of those dirt bag energy companies that brings to mind former premier, Mike Harris.

And, of course, property taxes only ever go up, don’t they, with the system seemingly predicated on selling your home, not living in it.

Unemployment and underemployment, meanwhile, persist, regardless of what kind of spin a lack of accurate measurement allows the government to put on it.

Sons and daughters land home again for various reasons, and these being the times they are, parents make room.

It really is cheaper, and at a time when employment isn’t reliable no matter what you do, cheaper matters.

Kids have access to all kinds of credit. They can rack up a pretty serious debt level before the knee-breakers come calling.

Aside: I inherited a debtors telephone number about ten years ago and every once in a while one of those debt collecting cockburger companies will call, asking for (rhymes with) Thieven Gall. Eventually, I contacted my provincial government for help in stopping the harassment. It was a Liberal government by then and I got some action. The calls stopped for years but then, just the other day, I got one.

Crazy way of doing business, eh? Harassing the wrong number for decades old debt repayment.

My way of dealing with these wild west capitalist days we seem to be living in is to divest myself of involvement with it as much as I can. So when I saw my FB friend’s post about her car insurance rate, I showed it to my Beau and said, “I’m so glad we don’t own a car.”

I cancelled cable. I’m considering downsizing internet. I’m even considering going back to a landline.

Is there a landline that can text? That would be a cool invention. Oh wait, we don’t do cool inventions in Canada, do we. We do, “lots of the same, made in China”.

Insurance is mostly a crock, though, isn’t it. And the banks are just crazy for it, badgering their customers to buy this product, that product. They make it seem like it’s the law to have all types of insurance for every aspect of life.

They wish.

What we really need is insurance insurance. That’s where the con has taken us, so it’s hard to believe people are still buying in, not that car owners have any choice, or should.

But it seems to me collecting on most kinds of insurance means hiring a lawyer first.

Back to cars, though. I spread the message wherever I go now about being carfree.

Carfree – I like that, it’s like carefree except carfree. Cars are life and money suckers and we’ve built our cities around them because our politicians aren’t very good at their jobs.

One of my internet friends whom I’ve fested with many times is poor. Whenever there’s any kind of economic meltdown (like now, for instance), he says that’s why he’s glad he doesn’t have money to worry about.

If that isn’t a first world problem, I don’t know what is – worrying about how your money is doing.

If you’ve got money to gamble with, I guess you’re doing alright.

Still, he depends on a small disability income to see him through. Mike Harris didn’t literally put his hands around my friend’s throat, but he may as well have done.

What good did Mike Harris do?

What would the citizens who died as a result of his policies have to say about the deregulating, the cage rattling, the stigmatizing?

I didn’t mind Mike Harris back in the day. He was a big goof, a Dean Martin type, always hitting on the young women. He had an iffy past everybody knew about, including rumours of a pregnant teen while he was briefly a teacher. Then the party apparatchiks cleaned him up and he became premier.

Now we’re left with door-to-door conkids.

I look at his Alberta cousins, Harper/Kenney and his brat pack leftovers, Clement/Flaherty/Baird (ironic how reluctant anti-government politicians are to wean themselves off the gravy, eh? – good luck, Toronto) and I wonder what kind of mess they’ll leave behind.

Life is getting more complicated, not less. We need government to properly regulate the marketplace. Anything less and politicians just aren’t doing the job they’re elected to do.

Honestly, I don’t understand who these citizens are who would settle for anything less, and yet less is what our politicians are doing every day.

Imagine (to quote the Prime Minister) the consumer nightmare awaiting us when the Ministry of the Environment becomes one with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the government divests itself of its regulatory responsibilities, and we’re dependent on energy companies to regulate themselves.

The Big Mess, coming to a future near us.



  1. Well. You can’t say Insurance company’s don’t work really hard. They work on every dirty tactic in the book, to cheat you out of your claim. Needless to say. They raise their premiums by at least $100 per year and more. However, wealthy corporations are permitted to thieve from the people. They are forever at the trough, squealing for more money.

    The government is worse than useless. Stinks to high Heaven with corruption. The governments lie, deceive, are corrupt, thieves, use dirty tactics, dirty politics and, they cheat to win. However. All dictatorships are the same.

    There are very few Politicians in this country, worth the powder to blow them to hell. Anyone not going along with government corruption, is soon got rid of. You oppose the Dictator? You lose your job. All Dictators are control freaks, paranoid and so afraid of being exposed. The media becomes, the governments propaganda machines.

    I do believe Harper was the Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. This does explain, his abusive dictatorship.

    BC is revolting with corruption. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals forgot to tell the BC people, they work for Harper. BC of course, is the most corrupt province in Canada. Harper rewards corrupt, thieving, politicians. Just ask Gordon Campbell. He sold BC out to Red China long ago. That’s why, CSIS warned of, China’s huge inroads into Canada. BC wants the Chinese removed.

  2. Who works for whom is a concept that is lost on modern government. We noticed it here in our little development with our property management company. It behaves as if we work for it instead of the other way around. It’s an ass backwards dynamic and if you don’t have people in place to constantly challenge it, incredible how fees will go up…

  3. Speaking of insurance, I rec’d an email from a FB friend tonight who lives in Michigan, and whose husband has been fighting cancer for the past 10 months. Their monthly insurance fee is $650, and insurance doesn’t even kick in until they meet the $10,000/yr deductible. In my view that is absolutely criminal, but completely in synch with the neo-liberal world we seem to be living in.

  4. Breaks my heart, it really does. Peter Gzowski said it best, “When you’re sick, isn’t it nice to not have to worry about money”. That’s true enough for treatment here, but when my ex had cancer, he was able to take time away from work. I don’t know what people do who don’t have good jobs.