Government Charity

Just read a Hill Times piece that quotes Stephen Harper doing another character assassination drive-by on a public servant just doing his job, in this case Kevin Page, our Parliamentary Budget Officer.

“We will go forward in a way to ensure we have an officer and an office that are non-partisan and credible in their economic appraisals,” said Mr. Harper in the House recently.


Incredible, isn’t it, what the guy who racked up the biggest deficit in Canadian history gets away with saying of others.

Really, I wish he’d follow Canadian news a little more closely than he claims not to at all, so he’d know that we taxpayers would be more than happy with someone exactly like Kevin Page.

But that’s not what this entry is about. This entry is about Philip Cross, research director for the Macdonald Laurier Institute who apparently joined the Conservative Stephen Harper’s pile-on with his opinion that while Mr. Page may not be pro-Liberal or NDP, the way he has run the office has been generally anti-government.

Meanwhile, a quick google search of the Macdonald Laurier Institute reveals that it gives out tax receipts for charitable donations:

I mean, really, it’s like these people don’t even have to try in Stephen Harper’s Canada.