Friday February 27 , 2015

More on Eve Adams

I read a Globe and Mail editorial today that read like it was written by the PMO. So personal and mocking of both Eve Adams and JT that it is to wonder.

Although then one remembers its call for the re-election of the Harper government in 2011.

Prepare for a re-endorsement in 2015, I guess.

But why does the defection of Eve Adams to JT matter so much to our media at all? Because pundits everywhere are falling over themselves to point out the obvious.

They’re mostly men, but then that’s our media, too.

Meanwhile, I have to admit, NDP voter in 2015 that I will be, I liked the reasons she gave for switching to the Liberals from the Conservatives. She gave credit to JT for being so unequivocally pro-choice that he made it a condition of running for the Liberals (yay! finally! male leader makes recognition of fundamental human right of women non-conditional if you want to run for his political party!) – and said that she was tired of bullies (hey, more than 60% of your co-citizens too, Eve!) – and wanted to work for someone who inspired (yah, JT, love him or love to not love him, is good for politics, isn’t he!) – and whatever other blah blah she offered up for being persona non grata in the Conservative Party.

And why is she persona non grata in the Conservative Party anyway? Because if you believe the CPC suddenly cares about its members behaving badly I’m sure somewhere in Florida there’s still swampland for sale, but you’d better hurry.

I dunno, it’s possible she even meant it when she renounced income-splitting. I mean, back when I was a homemaker I would have welcomed it, but governments need to collect taxes from somewhere, and if they’re not going to tax corporations properly than citizens have to make up for it.

Already the roads aren’t being plowed.

Anyway, glamour gals do tend to get more media attention than the rest of us, the media being overwhelmingly male, of course, but if yesterday’s Eve is today’s Eve, well, good for her. Maybe she’ll inspire more Conservative women to follow in her high heels.




Crazy Like a Fox

Ah, scoff away, all ye pundits and politicos, but my guess is that Eve Adams “defecting” to the Liberals has a lot of Conservatives shitting bricks.

And guess what, Liberal candidates who didn’t get nominated when Eve Adams can just waltz on into JT’s open arms? Nobody cares more about that than you do.

But yeah, at the end of this day anyway, I’d call this a win/win for the NDP?


Everything is Awesome

Just read another article whining about the severance package paid to the CEO of Target Canada, as if he didn’t do a bang up job for SOMEBODY.

Why is so much ink being spilled on this story, as if  the jobs lost weren’t just part-time minimum wage dime-a-dozen retail jobs anyway?

As a young man said to me the other day when I dropped in to the place where I used to purchase my glasses back when I spent money on such luxuries, “If you don’t like your job just go down the hall and get another one. There are lots of jobs in retail. These are the days of miracles and wonder.”

He’s hilarious, riding on a vacation high. I said, “How can you afford a vacation?”

And he said, “How can I not afford a vacation?” and he swept his arm across the vista in the optical store.

So I tried again, “I can’t risk it because then I’d have to come back.”

And he said, “Coming back is the best.”

“No, seriously, how can you stand it. Being on vacation and then having to come back to this. I mean, it’s your life.”

“And what a life it is. You should go on vacation. Do it on credit, though, so you really super appreciate paying for it later.”

Anyway, he was wearing a super skinny purple tie with a red shirt and green pants and he looked beyond stylish. So he got me thinking that I need to cool up my look a bit. Really, I’m lurvin’ this life. I have friends like this guy now. We visit with each other, have little hang outs, amuse each other no end.

That’s all, really. I didn’t want to give anybody out there the wrong impression. Or myself, either, because I am totally livin’ the life, right here, right now.


Get in Line

I have a bit of an all or nothing/love/hate thing going on with social media. It’s a time sucker for sure, but what is time for, if not to be sucked away?

Anyway, a Facebook friend, an artist/homemaker just posted about some guy in the grocery store fussing with his stuff at the cash, ordering everything in careful piles. Then he did it to her stuff, and smiled. She’s a cool cucumber so she just went along with it.

It reminded me of a couple of weeks ago my Beau and I are in the grocery store, lined up at the cash, and buddy drunk guy in front of us grabs the gnarly little ginger root in my $100 stash of stuff and says, “Seriously? You’re gonna buy this ugly thing?”

And my Beau is kind of uneasy because buddy drunk guy is that kind of aggressively party hearty drunk guy and you never know where it’s gonna go, but I’m from the Sault, so I say, “Are you kidding me? That’s all I came to the grocery store to get!”

And he laughed that “har har har” laugh. Like really laughed because he wasn’t expecting it, you know? And I realized posting it on her page, because of course I did, that it felt really good one upping him on the funny because he was being pretty hilarious zeroing in on that ginger root.

I just wish he could see it now, all shriveled and covered in fuzzy green mold, sitting in the back corner of the vegetable crisper.


To My Haters

Just tweeted the following:

Trying to write a book about my year in retail, if my haters knew how crappy it is so far they’d die of multiple #schadenfreudengasms.


How About a C for Consistency

Just try for a moment to imagine the Conservative Party/Sun Media hysteria over Bill C-51, which isn’t so much anti-terrorism as it is pro-secret-police, if an NDP government was about to ram it through Parliament.

Aside from which, you’d think pro-terrorism Canadians would be easy enough to spot already, what with their public Facebook profiles and YouTube videos calling for like-minded jihadis to join them in killing and getting killed waging holy war against infidels, who can be anybody and everybody, it seems.

And that’s not even to mention the pro-terrorism Canadian pleading to be locked up before he did something that might make Stephen Harper lash out in super-revenge mode, as opposed to his usual revenge mode.

Anyway, there was a time when Conservatives at Sun Media, at least, could be counted on to react to what even lefty ol’ me thought was not the best public service practice, that of government employees setting up sting operations on rightwing lunatic fringe websites, and then a using a particular section of the Human Rights Act to sue white supremacist violators of it.

Sure, not the best citizens a country could hope for, white supremacists, I mean, skin tone being their source of pride and all, but not the best public service practice, either, in my humble opinion only, of course.

But Kevin Vickers to me is just a guy who was able to unload his pistol into another guy and live happily ever after without counseling or anything (or, at least, that’s how the story was written) “made of the old stuff” as my mother of WWII vintage put it.

My heroes don’t pack heat, that’s all. Nothing against Kevin Vickers.

Interestingly, the same government that so easily labels its non-supporters “radicals” and “extremists” and “fringe groups” and “anti-Israel” and “traitors” and “Taliban sympathizers” and “soft on terrorism”, eliminated that particular section of the Human Rights code, but wants to enact a bill that is much more threatening to freedom of speech.

I mean, a little consistency, RLF (Rightwing Lunatic Fringe), please?



Turning Down the Volume

So John Baird is retiring at the ripe old age of 45.

Only in politics.

Prepare for the irony of accolades by Conservatives for their dearly departing colleague who has only ever been paid with public money going on to secure a second fortune in the low tax paying corporate world of their wildest wet dreams come true.

I’ll always remember him as an angry young man with a curlicue (really, he sported a curlicue back in his Mike Harris Henchman days) dumping a box of syringes on a table to make some sort of point about people born into a world he knew nothing about, a world of poverty and neglect, co-citizens for whom he felt no responsibility, in spite of his highly paid job as Ontario’s Minister of Community and Social Services.

What is there to do but laugh?

I wish him all the best, though, because at least he’s leaving public office, which is more than I can say for the rest of those hypocritical asshole Conservatives.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Bet Stephen Harper regrets wasting our money on advertising our tarsands and our economic action plan to us instead of saving it to spy on us, eh?

Seriously, could he be taking his, I mean, this jihadi terrorist threat more personally, do you think?

It must be weird to be a sane politicians these days.

Are there any, do you think? If so, odd that none of them are suggesting Stephen Harper is crazier’n a bag of hammers.


The Terrifying Terror of Terrorists

Heather Mallick has a piece in the Toronto Star today about what a vengeful nutcase our Prime Minister has become over the years.

It’s positively Michael Harris-esque in its portrayal of the Man Who Would Be Dr. Strangelove.

It’s her opinion that Canadians will pay dearly for the humiliation Stephen Harper suffered as a result of his sojourn in the closet, while a different vengeful nutcase, one armed with a long gun, terrorized Parliament Hill.

And he did. He did terrorize Parliament Hill. (I’m talking about the different vengeful nutcase.) It was terrifying for people out and about that day and certainly for anyone caught in his line of fire. They were terrified. And always now when I think of a man with a gun on the other side of a door behind which unarmed people are cowering in fear for their lives, I think of Reeva Steenkamp.

One of my nearest and dearest was in lockdown. And other people I care about were in lockdown, too. I was very nervous that there was more to it than just one vengeful nutcase armed with a long gun, that there were others involved, that there was a bomb somewhere, that it really was a terrorist threat.

But it wasn’t. And that’s a good thing, right? It wasn’t terrorism come to Canada.

Oh. Of course. It’s “jihadi terrorism” now, isn’t it.

Well, “jihadi” number one used a car to murder someone, “jihadi” number two used a long gun for which we used to have a registry but no longer do, thanks to the vengeful nutcases running the country (into the ground).

But there’s a video he made (the vengeful nutcase with the long gun) prior to his terrifying, but not terrorist, rampage that you’d think would neither be worth seeing nor worth concealing and yet it remains concealed, and conspicuously so, doesn’t it.

If everything that’s terrifying for someone somewhere is going to be labeled terrorism, and if we’re then going to allow the terrified to make laws that take away the rights and freedoms of everybody, what will we do when the vengeful nutcases in power are terrified by the thought of losing it?

Anybody? Anybody? Liberals?


I Can’t Spot the Difference, Can You Spot the Difference?

CBC showed a clip last night of Harper in the situation room plotting military strategy.

Unless he was acting, and I’m thinking of his guest spot on Murdoch Mysteries, he is clearly, obviously madder’n a march  hare.

So good luck to all of us.