Tuesday October 13 , 2015

Media Q&A by Sooey Says

Q: When is a surplus not a surplus?

A: When money that should have been spent on services for the public is given back to the governing party by department managers instead and then waved around during an election campaign by those same governing politicians the week that a debate on the economy is to take place.


Google Economy

So I worked today and it wasn’t very busy, really, but sales were okay. And I guess it got busier as the day went on but it never got crazy like it can on Saturdays.

The store manager wasn’t there but a couple of assistant managers were and we were all sort of bustling about. At some point I realized I was doing more filling in (replacing stock) than usual. Also suggestive selling, which I almost never do.

I’m not really a salesperson.

Anyway, I was in the back trying to organize the stock room (oh my Gord what a losing battle that is) when I realized I was enjoying my day.

And I’d enjoyed my previous shift, too, even though I felt terrible, a nasty cold having suddenly descended on me too close to starting time for them to get a replacement. It was so obvious that customers were doing the sign of the cross and backing out of the store but it didn’t matter because the store manager wasn’t working that shift either.

So yes, there’s a common denominator to shifts that I enjoy more than others, but something tells me what’s going on isn’t external.

I was sick the next day, too, but then in early evening I started feeling better, which was weird because I’m used to feeling the symptoms of a cold for longer than 24 hours.

Anyway, we’d walked the dog earlier because I figured outdoor exercise would help, but I was thinking about what a relief it was knowing I had a cold and that I’d feel better in a few days.

I had no idea I’d feel better in a few hours. But I absolutely did. One of my co-workers said I must have a good immune system. She’s older than me and a very good looking fitness and nutrition adherent without being intimidating or bossy about it. Normally she’s not too sure of how I’m going about it. She’s worried about osteoporosis (in me) and anemia (ditto) because I don’t do weight-bearing exercise or eat enough red meat.

She’s also unbelievably cultured and probably the best citizen-at-large in Ottawa (with the exception maybe of my own firstborn who won the citizenship award in grade six and never let it down). We have similar situations mothers-wise but that’s where our similarities end.

But that’s not what this entry’s about because this entry is about another realization I had today as a result maybe of a few articles I read in the Globe & Mail. It occurred to me that I spend a lot of time and mental energy – no physical energy at all, and not really any social energy, either – communicating with other people on the internet. And they do the same.

And yes I’m writing a book (or maybe a play!) but I’d be writing it a lot faster if I stopped communicating with other people on the internet.

Either way, it’s not like I’d be in the money.

So I keep on keeping on at the store because I’ve got an inkling that it’s physically and socially worth it. It’s not about the money (obvs) it’s about the work. Literally. The physical and social benefits of having a job that has nothing to do with the internet are worth the minimum wage.

Or I’d quit.

But that’s not really what this entry’s about, either, because this entry is about the notion that we can get back to the sort of economy we had before the internet became such a major part of our lives that it’s where a lot of time and mental energy goes that used to go elsewhere. And elsewhere involved physical and social energy as well.

Maybe I’m nuts, maybe I need a lot more money than I think I do, but no, I don’t (you can still think I’m nuts anyway, I don’t mind). It’s almost like this, regardless of how much money I made (being reasonable, of course) I’d live pretty much the same as I do now hardly making ANY.

Because the internet.

I just might not be as healthy as I am because if the job involved spending more time on the internet, well, that’s just more mental energy/less physical and social energy expended.

Anyway, politics being the hot topic that it is these days, the economy supposedly at the top of the agenda, I thought it made sense to blog my thoughts about it.

Sense, not cents.




Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Realized last night why Harper doesn’t want to help Syrian refugees come to Canada. It’s because he’s a Conservative Christian and he’s afraid that letting in large numbers of Muslims will dilute Canadian support for Israel in denying the Palestinians a future.


Name Change

Was thinking yesterday that if we started calling Syrian refugees, temporary foreign workers, Corporate Canada would be all over this humanitarian crisis like a cheap suit, leaning on its friends in the Harper Government to bring in, oh, say, 1/2 a million, like, tomorrow?


Icksville Alta

Okay, so, I read a claim that Stephen Harper worked for Jim Keegstra once upon a time.

Keeping the books, shurely!

Also that he lived with him.

Anyway, the claim was that for the locals it’s been common knowledge for years.

That had me googling a bit and I ended up reading a long long piece about what Jim Keegstra was teaching, back in the day, and how it took hold. The piece profiles former students and holey crackers it’s disturbing.


Icksville, more like.

Of course, people make all sorts of claims on the internet, don’t they.

Still, if this one is true, it might help to explain the policies that are impossible to square with humanity.


The Banality of Evil

It came to me this morning, the realization that what Hungarian skinhead security is doing on the ground now, Harper et al have been doing behind the scenes, adding a rule here, changing a policy there. That’s why they won’t change course.

This was all planned to play out the way it is.


Just Asking

I don’t know about our media but I want to know if Stephen Harper is a Christian nationalist like his far Right counterpart in Hungary.

Because if he isn’t, he sure acts like he is.


Sun Sorry

So Mulcair’s communications director apparently tweeted in pre-Pope Francis days that the Catholic Church is what it was (and really still is, but whatever) – misogynistic, homophobic, child molesting, etc.

He’s apologized but I’m not sure why.

I’m sure Pope Francis would agree with his sentiments, more or less. Or is he just making a big show of pointedly distancing his church from the misogynistic, homophobic, child molesting church of the other pope, the one banished to luxurious quarters somewhere in The Vatican to live out his days with his butler.

The Sun should have to apologize now to victims of child sexual assault for playing politics with their lives.

Crass, assholes, very crass.


Life After Conservatives

Was wondering about a class action suit against Harper et al for their deliberate failure to act on behalf of Canadians in the Syrian refugee crisis.

Or is The Hague more appropriate?


Rote Prayer

I’ve been going through a difficult time with my right jaw. It started last February when I tried to will someone back from the dead by clenching it really hard.

When that didn’t work I just kept clenching it.

It’s amazing how quickly something like that becomes a habit.

Anyway, as you know, I went to the doctor recently in hopes that she would wave her magic wand and make it better. Or stick needles in me, at least. I mean, she does acupuncture.

But no, she said I had to go to the dentist, that it’s TMJ, a jaw thing and therefore a dentist thing. And everybody I’ve told since has complained that dentists aren’t covered by OHIP or whatever it’s called nowadays.

That made my jaw feel a little better, by the way, everybody else complaining.

While this has been going on I’ve been working on establishing boundaries, which is something alcoholics have a hard time doing, and “accepting the things I cannot change”, but also a lot of the things I can.

It’s amazing how often I confuse wanting to impose my will on the world with “courage to change the things I can”. Amazing.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was at a gathering of internet characters and a name or two was mentioned that used to spark a certain fury and I realized that somewhere along the way I had moved on.

That I wish them well.

A wise and funny friend said this would happen, too, that if I did a certain thing, I would feel better. And I didn’t even have to do that thing, as it turned out, because her just telling me that it was possible to change how I felt about them was enough.

Anyway, I don’t understand people who don’t want our government to let in 100,000 Syrian refugees – even – and immediately. Their argument against isn’t rational or reasonable to me. And yet, it’s the going argument, isn’t it, and by so many Canadians, including recent arrivals.

I don’t know if changing how I feel about them will help, but I’m going to give it a try by stepping back from the argument, at least, and actually doing what my wise and funny friend suggested I do to make myself feel better.

I don’t know if it’s my pathological fear of going to the dentist, but I have to tell you, my jaw really has been feeling better this week.

I guess we’re pretty early into the week yet but here’s hoping.

You know, last night when Peter Mansbridge asked Stephen Harper why he thought he should be Prime Minister, his answer sounded almost like a concession speech.

Who knows, maybe he’s figuring out he’s really not the best man for the job.