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January 31, 2008


I dunno. Call me a harridan but I think this is a helluva lot more sexist than anything Ann Coulter has ever said.


Well, okay. Maybe not "ever" said. But still. And you knew this was coming, Dear Reader, or you wouldn't be reading SooeySays, but - would a man on the left joke about making a man on the right his bitch?

Because that would actually be funny - to me, anyway. And yet, Henry Rollins didn't pick a man on the right for this little bit o' schtick, did he.

No, Dear Reader, he didn't. But there you go - humour is subjective. And I am a Feminist, so - there you go again.


Well, I've still got my fist raised in a black power salute, Honkies. It's me and The Bruthas on this one.

Smell yer lilly white asses, later!

We Shall Overco-o-ome... We Shall Overco-o-ome... We Shall Overco-o-ome...

White Racists

What to do about white racists?

I mean, do white racists blame THEIR ethnicity when members of THEIR tribe do bad things?

No, of course not. But is it fair to blame white racists for being what they are? Because, unless you're racist yourself, you have to know that white racists weren't born that way. Racism is learned behaviour. Which means that society, our society, is to blame for white racists.

Oh dear... unless white racism is nature, not nurture, and some little white babies are just festering bundles of hate waiting to happen...

Gawd. That'd be weird. Laying in the nursery feeling all superior, checking off the negative racial stereotypes of the other babies because you were born a white racist? And imagine how awkward it would be for your non-racist, socially progressive, left-leaning parents at an NDP convention when your first word is the N-word...

Okay. Let's not go there and let's just all agree that white racism is a learned behaviour, from parents, family, friends, educators, cults, politicians, churches (oops, I already said cults), co-workers, madmen shouting out racist slogans on street corners...

White racists - how DO they get that way?

January 30, 2008

Swampland In Florida

Yes, indeed. I believe Mark Steyn has some swampland in Florida he'd like us to buy:


And no, Dear Reader, it's not you - it's an article from the National Post you're smelling:


I mean, c'mon. Are we seriously expected to believe that the RCMP can't do ANYTHING about this very bad seed inciting hatred against Jews and violence against Canadian Armed Forces personnel? Why not? Y'all set your tasers on stun and shot yourselves in the head?

Gimme a fucking break. Canada's Rightwing media is so bullshit central on anything to do with this gawdforsaken War on Terror, that I'm getting so I can smell it coming off the links on its supporters' blogs.

So yeah, maybe check for those missing WMDs under the little prick's bed, RCMP. But if he comes up clean, or if there's really no such person afterall, check where all former CHRC staff, CSIS undercover spies, New Conservative Party of Canada operatives, and assorted other "good guys" were at the times of the postings.

Whatever. Or go taser some blameless citizen at the airport and voila - you've done something.

What Does Islamism Have To Do With It, Really?

I notice there has been a lot of finger pointing by the Right at Islamic Extremism as being the cause of so much strife in the Western world, but does that really have any basis in reality, or is it just a failure to acknowledge existing imperfections in our own Western democracies.

For instance, Europe has always been very nationalistic and unwelcoming of immigrants from Africa, etc - France in particular is known for its failure to integrate newcomers by essentially denying them citizenship and voting rights. And now it is having to face down the very real problem of a large and unruly and disenfranchised Muslim population expressing extreme dissatisfaction with its treatment at the hands of French authorities.

9/11 was carried out within the United States by terrorists living under the radar of both the FBI and CIA. Large disaffected groups of immigrants populate ghettoized-by-ethnicity sections of cities in the United States with non-citizens living and working completely outside the established parameters of native born Americans. Arabs in New Jersey, for instance, where supposedly many of the so-called terrorist cells involved in 9/11 operate, live practically autonomously of other non-Arab American citizens.

Here in Canada, Muslims, feeling beseiged by Rightwing commentary are able to lay complaints to Human Rights Commissions that effectively reveal us as having equivocating standards regarding Freedom of Speech (depending on who is doing the complaining) as well as unfair practices regarding which groups out of the whole are subject to ongoing biased commentary in national news publications - at a time when we should have a heightened awareness of bigoted propaganda being used to justify an amorphous beast like the American "War on Terror".

Now really, whose fault is it that Western democracies are facing these problems, and, are the examples above actually posing threats to democracy or are they more likely pointing to very real shortcomings and failures in our collective practice of it?

I dunno, but the word "Scapegoating" comes to mind, doesn't it.

Libs Vs Cons

Dear Reader,

I came up with a really good point of comparison between the Federal Liberals and the New Conservative Party of Canada last night as I took the bus home from a computer night course out in the the middle of friggin' nowhere of the outskirts of cold and desolate Ottawa. Fortunately, I had someone sitting right beside me with whom I could share my revelation who could remind me this morning what exactly it was in order that I could blog it for you:

You can trust Federal Liberals not to risk nuclear power plant meltdowns when they are the government because they like governing so much that they would never risk the ensuing fallout such an event would cause - i.e. being booted out of office.

But the New Conservative Government of Canada? Not so much.


Pull the Troops

Excuse me for asking, but, why isn't our government threatening to pull the troops from Afghanistan - NOW - if the government of Afghanistan doesn't free Pervez Kambaksh? I mean, so much for all that macho rhetoric when there's something we can actually do that doesn't involve sending more troops for longer to prop up a government that doesn't seem a whole lot different than the Taliban we're supposedly fighting - EH?:


I mean, I realize how much you dislike journalists, Mr. Prime Minister and all you New Conservatives, but it pretty much disproves your claim that all the soldier deaths in Afghanistan have not been in vain - which they so clearly have been - when the government we're helping keep in power is just as bad as the extremists we're trying to prevent from seizing it.

At a bare minimum, maybe the "Good guys/Bad guys" talk could at least go the way of the Dodo Bird and we should just assume everybody who isn't us is Bad and proceed accordingly.

And always remember, no wait, never forget - your first allegiance is to the Canadians who are funding all of this peace/war making. And don't forget either that old saw - the truth shall make you free. I can't speak for all Canadians, but I'd sure appreciate it if you'd can the b.s. and deliver the straight goods on what our real point is in staying the course in Afghanistan - since it can't possibly be to prop up the current government.

Trust us - we can handle the truth. It might mean you get turfed at the first available opportunity, but so be it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Oh say, Dear Reader, I was just thinking - maybe when Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are each finished defending their right of Free Speech to the Kangaroo Courts here (formerly known as Canadian Human Rights Commissions) they can start up a campaign to do the same for Journalists in Afghanistan. You know, so their hyper bigtime absolute uncompromising support for the War on Terror won't be totally in vain, either, and they'll finally have a REAL raison d'etre.

January 29, 2008

Invasion of the Cult of Macho

Pay attention, Dear Reader. As the "We're the Good Guys of Canada saving the Women of Afghanistan from the Bad Guys in the Taliban" rhetoric on Afghanistan intensifies, remember that these are the same Bullshitters who don't speak up for women's rights here in Canada, who put their Christian God before the women of Canada, who support discrimination against women through allegiances to their various Churches, who deny women personhood equal to men.

Actually, if you're a Canadian Feminist, you might even say - they are the enemy.


Okay. We all know Britney Spears isn't going to win Mother of the Year, but is it fair that she's taking the public beating she is?

Well, yes. Because when you bring children into this world, you DO have a responsibility to give parenting your best shot.

Does the onus to do this necessarily fall on the mother?

Well, yes again. But only in the case where the father is Kevin Federline.

Twiss Butler

Oh my. I think I'm in love. There's one "Twiss Butler" posting comments over at Broadsides - check out the Abortion thread and the Porn thread - and, man oh man, does s/he cut through the bull to get to the shit.

What happened to Feminists that we became afraid to say, flat out to politicians during election campaigns, "Put up or shut up. You either believe in reproductive freedom for women or you don't. And if you believe in it - say so. Then make sure that women everywhere in Canada have access to publicly funded abortion services and tell the people who want to enslave women to the State to go fuck themselves."

I mean, c'mon. Where the hell was the Prime Minister yesterday on the 20th anniversary of the most important decision to affect the freedom of women in this country since we got the right to vote? Why are we allowing our politicians to play this card at all, that the reproductive freedom of women isn't something of which they should be unequivocally supportive?

Enough already. Like Twiss Butler says, why the hell are we constantly having to fight the good fight? Why is it that all our Prime Ministers and Premiers can turn a blind eye to the very real erosion of our hard won fight - 20 YEARS AGO!!! - to have abortion removed from the Criminal Code.

Abortion is a medical procedure. All women everywhere in Canada MUST have access to publicly funded abortion services - without interference from the many people and politicians who would enslave us as birth vessels for the State - NOW!

Those fucking Prime Ministers and gawddamned Premiers of ours are cowardly shits who are NOT according women rights equal to men.

Furthermore, why is it okay that our Prime Ministers and Premiers belong to religions that openly and actively discriminate against women and homosexuals? Why is it okay that their governments fund religious education that teaches against reproductive freedom for women and actively admonishes against same sex marriage? Why is it acceptable that women who need abortions can't go to a hospital in their town and get one?

Because what's wrong isn't me, Dear Reader - it's them. The people who believe discrimination is still okay, that women aren't people equal to men, that the state and religion shouldn't be so completely separate that I shouldn't have to give a rat's ass what some Imam or Priest or Rabbi thinks - they are what's wrong. And what is going on in our society today - as it has been since forever - is unconscionably undemocratic because I DO have to care what those pricks with their completely undemocratic and authoritarian/totalitarian agendas think because they have influence with our politicians Feminists could only DREAM of having.

We know better than this.

Why do religious leaders, unelected chauvinist pigs, have any say on anything that will affect my life?

Why do we still elect politicians whose first allegiance is to patriarchal institutions instead of to half the population of the country?

Where women's rights come first - EVERYBODY'S rights come first. That's the message we should be taking to the streets until the people elected to govern our country are people worthy of the honour.

Thanks, Twiss Butler. You reminded me of the importance of not giving a shit what anybody thinks - put Feminism first and the rest will follow.

January 28, 2008

Britney Spears

Raging against the machine.

A Disney cartoon live and unplugged.

Acting like a wild thing.

Keepin' it real, hot child in the city.

I mean, really. What does a girl have to do these days to get due cred as a performance artist non pareil.

January 27, 2008

It's January 28th, Mr. Prime Minister

Nevermind what thousands of bloggers will have to say on the 20th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that struck down Criminal Code restrictions on abortion - what will Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his New Conservative Government of Canada have to say to the majority of Canadians celebrating it?

I will be very excited to hear, not just congratulations to the women of Canada for having achieved this important milestone, 20 years ago, in their fight for reproductive rights for all Canadian women, but I will be even more excited to hear how he and his government plan to expand on the right of equal access to publicly funded abortion services for all women in all provinces across this great and democratic country of ours.

Reproductive Freedom - it's a good thing, Mr. Prime Minister.

Birth Rights

Call me anti-human but I think a declining birthrate is a good thing. I'm a people person, too. I put people first, I really do. They come before all other concerns (environmental, political, financial, the unborn, the war dead, etc).

So, if we're making up for our declining birthrate by dragging people from other countries over here against their will, I'm really not for it. BUT if we have people wanting to come here to live in our free and democratic society - I'm all for it. EVEN though I'm at one with our declining birthrate.

But, what if the people who want to come here are racists? Like say, skinheads from Eastern Europe, or genocidal Australians, or South African apartheid supporters?

Or just rich developers from everywhere who will spread urban sprawl and exploit our natural resources and destroy Canada's environment because there's more urban to be sprawled here, more natural resources to exploit, and more Canadian environment to destroy than there is back in the old country - which is pretty much a mess because of rich developers?

Because I really think we need an immigration policy that reflects my concerns as a Canadian citizen that the above type people not be welcomed with open arms.

At the very least.

Two Rights Do Not Make A Wrong

Say, can you support the right to Freedom of Speech AND the right to sue for libel?

Why yes, yes you can, Dear Reader, whether you're on the Right, the Left, or just a thoughtful politically engaged Canadian with no axe to grind or ox to gore, or even if you're a thoughtless NON politically engaged Canadian WITH an axe to grind and an ox to gore.

The two concepts are not at all exclusive. On the one hand, you can believe that all Canadians have the right to think what they think and say what they say. On the other hand, you can believe that any Canadian who is libelled by what someone else has said - has a right to sue that person for damages.

Character assassination is a terrible thing if you've ever experienced it because it directly affects your life, reputation, and livelihood. That's why libel is considered criminal, and not just something to complain about to the CHRC.

And there's a reason why the original intent behind CHRCs had little to do with the censorship of speech (as in, politically offensive speech - the current preoccupation of CHRCs) and a lot to do with ACTUAL discrimination against Canadians who could not otherwise afford to seek redress.

And libel can certainly lead to ACTUAL discrimination - but Canadian courts will (rightly or wrongly) consider from how high a height one has been libelled in assessing damages. Meaning, of course, that most libel is NOT worth pursuing in a court of law if one is of sound mind and has more important things to do - like make dinner, walk the dog, read the book for book club, etc.

But, as they say, the road to hell, etc etc, and there seems to be a lot of road paving going on at our CHRCs these days.

(Un)Manley Report

Okay, Dear Readers, for those of you who may not have the time to read it, here is Sooey's analysis of John Manley's Report on Afghanistan (I don't need to read it to know what it is, having worked in politics for several years before choosing to have children of my own and become a full-time homemaker - wiping bums for free, as it were):

It's just another senior Liberal Party insider's (and failed one-or-two-time leadership contender's) political screwover of Stephane Dion.

It's true. Analyse no further, Dear Reader, because most senior Liberals these days would rather Harper than Dion since Harper is much better for their own political fortunes than is Dion. It's the same deal with Ontario provincial Liberals, the formula breaking down simply as follows:

Harper = McGuinty (provincially).
Harper = Another kick at the Liberal leadership can (federally).

So yeah, Manley's just making his next leadership bid with this report. Not to worry. Although Dion might want to think about removing a knife or two from his back before the next campaign gets underway - just to lighten the load a bit before he's scrapheaped by his own Party.

January 26, 2008

Paupers - Damned? Or Holy?

I read an article today on Bourque about Funeral Directors in Quebec essentially calling for more government money to help them buy, er, bury poor people.

After they're dead, of course:


Anyway, it struck me that this latest manipulation of public sentiment to garner public funding is pretty crass.

Mostly because, on first reading, I fell for the notion that Funeral Directors would actually give a rat's ass about poor people, before going through it again and recognizing that infamous Catholic tendency to pay down guilt debts with cash and then get back to business.

Unless that IS their business, in which case they're already there, aren't they.

And I assume these guys are all Catholic. I could be wrong, I suppose, but I'll take that risk, Dear Reader.

Sure, more expensive publicly funded funerals would make life easier - for the living - but I don't see how they would do much for the dead. And call me a heretic, but I can see, quite clearly, that there would be no end in sight to the guilt debt Funeral Directors could collect from the public for burying poor people in a style to which Funeral Directors in Quebec have become accustomed to burying wealthy Catholics but which has nothing to do with how these poor people lived - or how they died.

Which was poor.

And isn't the promise of Catholicism that riches await the poor in heaven?

So, isn't a plan to use public funding to bury poor people in style going to deny them their just reward in heaven? I mean, sure, it's better for Funeral Directors if the poor have more expensive burials, but won't that fuck with their status in heaven where they've been promised a reversal of fortune?

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear The Vatican's position on this because wherever there's money to be made, The Vatican usually has a position. And usually the position is that no expense be spared to pay down that guilt debt. Unless the guilty are priests, of course. Then the guilt debt is absorbed by the poor so their riches will grow in heaven - exponentially. (Interesting, and this is almost off topic, but you never hear from rich people who were sexually abused by priests, do you?)

So yeah, I understand the living wanting to make money off the dead - what else are the dead good for? we might ask ourselves - or Funeral Directors, I guess. I just don't think it's right to turn the whole "the meek shall inherit the Earth" concept on its head once poor people are dead and can't say, "Hey - as in life so it is in death, you rich fuckers! Now throw me in a hole in the ground so I can go to my Great Reward in Heaven!"

And, you know, it's not all about money. Maybe the dead poor had rich inner lives and don't need any after death compensation. Maybe there's no need to use public funds to pay for better funerals for poor people in order to ease a guilt debt we might not even owe. Didja ever think of that, Funeral Directors? Eh? Well? Didja? Hunh?

January 25, 2008

What's Brave?

Whenever a well connected establishment guy describes someone as "brave" I generally assume that by "brave" they mean "another well connected establishment guy" and I don't pay any more attention to whatever point it is that they're REALLY flogging.

Let's face it. Charlize Theron, an actress, was routinely described by fellow industry insiders as "brave" for having played an unattractive serial killer in a movie. Now, maybe if Aileen Wuornos had been directing her in the movie, instead of decomposing underground due to a government administered lethal injection, and Charlize Theron shouted out repeatedly to the make-up department "I need more uglying up here!" - THAT would have been brave, but I can't see that there was anything ACTUALLY "brave" about Charlize Theron playing Aileen Wuornos in a movie.

Ted Danson might be described as "brave" for having played a paedophile in the made-for-television movie "Something About Amelia" because that kind of role for a man can be as much of a career stopper as being fat or ugly can be for an actress, but that's pretty much it in the acting world for what I'd term as "brave".

And it's not like Ted Danson didn't get paid to play a paedophile in "Something About Amelia". I mean, c'mon - you're either "brave" or you're getting paid - you can't really lay claim to both, I don't think, or we'll need a whole new category of brave for people who do brave things because they're brave, as opposed to just earning a paycheque.

Anyway, my point is, I always pay attention to who is doing the beknighting when there is beknighting afoot because usually, it's just one well connected establishment guy telling us that another well connected establishment guy is brave because, well, he's another well connected establishment guy who's done/doing something the other well connected establishment guy likes because it's something THAT well connected establishment guy gets paid to do - too.

Money makes the bravery go 'round for well connected establishment guys, Dear Reader.

By the way, being a well connected establishment guy who is considered "brave" by other well connected establishment guys is the absolute limit for well connected establishment guys. It tops packing a big wallet or having a trophy bride, even. It's pretty gay. And no, I'm not saying it's pretty gay, as in - "Wow, is that ever gay!" I'm saying it's pretty gay as in one well connected establishment guy saying to another BRAVE well connected establishment guy, "If I wasn't so terrified of coming out of the closet I'd have sex with you!"

So what IS brave, then, Sooey? Well, thanks for asking, Dear Reader, because this subject came up just the other day when a co-worker and I were discussing this very topic and he said, "Hm. If a well connected establishment guy held a media conference to announce, 'I'm a paedophile and I just want everyone to know that even though I know it's wrong it doesn't make me any less of a paedophile because I still want to have sex with children', I'd think that was pretty brave."

And he's right, I think, in citing that example (there are others, of course, Dear Reader - I just picked that one for the icky quotient). Because unless you're risking something, like your life or reputation or livelihood, for some good purpose (in the case above, the good purpose would be to say to society, "Paedophiles can be anybody - even well connected establishment guys like me - and we didn't ask to be born this way, we just are this way") then you're not really "brave". You're just playing to your fan club.


I guess Politically Correct is pretty much a white term, isn't it. Funny how we assume everything is up to us to the point where, not only do we set up the situation that we decide needs political correcting, but then a bunch of us decide we need a politically incorrect reaction to the political correcting of it.

If even. I mean, it's not like political correctness ever made any difference to people actually living in politically incorrect situations - who didn't already have access to the wealth, money and power that cures political incorrectness.

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday about the television show, "Politically Incorrect", hosted by Bill Maher, that was supposedly a politically incorrect reaction to the supposed political correctness of the 90s, and remembering how, the one time he actually was politically incorrect and took on the White Power Establishment, his show, "Politically Incorrect", was cancelled.

That really says it all about our politically correct reality, doesn't it.

Or, at least, it should.

January 24, 2008


Speaking of dogmatic, this would have gone against my politically correct grain several years ago, but having had kids and been involved in the education system as a volunteer, what the hell - it looks like I'm down with segregation.

The voluntary part being the update to 2008, of course:


I don't care what other white people say, everybody who isn't us lives under a smothering blanket of white culture and if black kids are going to benefit by going to all black schools (and they will, fellow whitey - they will - because we aren't nearly as politically correct as we like to think we are) then that's a good thing.

Plaid Is Back And It's Everywhere, Even When It Isn't

I had this great idea last night but, because I don't know how to patent stuff, I'm just going to put it out there so at least when it shows up in the mainstream media in someone's column, I'll get credit for it: Plaid Contact Lenses.

That's right. You heard it here first on SooeySays: Plaid Contact Lenses.

Back When They Were Smart

I always get a kick out of Rightwing Pundits and their supporters who lay claim to having been fanatical adherents of all things Left in their youth, but then they saw the Light, and became fanatical adherents of all things Right - as if this lends them credibility instead of just indicating they are probably suffering from early onset Alzheimers, or perhaps simply that they've gone stupid.

They all do it, too, some later than others - witness Christopher Hitchens veering wildly to the Right because something bad happened or Barbara Amiel switching her allegiance from men on the Left to men on the Right because George Jonas happened - but it's a common denominator amongst them all, it seems, to hold up their conversion from Left to Right as some sort of Revelatory sign, as opposed to, well, early onset Alzheimers. Or, perhaps, drinking induced dementia. Or, like I say, simply that they've gone stupid.

Let's face it, other than revealing them to be quite mad, I'm not sure what their point is. And their insistence that the Left has a diabolical plan in the works to take over the world is really quite laughable to anybody who has ever attended a unit meeting of their local union. I wish we had such a plan. Cripes, I've been at unit meetings so democratic and inclusive and not even remotely preparing to take over the world that it's taken until midnight to get through the minutes of the last unit meeting.

Trust me, if the Left ever takes over the world, it's a sure sign that the end is nigh - because the sun will be near to dying out.

So what does drive the Left, you may find yourself asking, Dear Reader. Well, it's quite simple, really. Far from having a diabolical plan to take over the world, the Left is in chronic "sounding the alarm" mode about the fact that the Right already has taken over the world and pretty much all we can do now, is prevent the further erosion of our individual civil liberties in favour of the insatiable greed of monolithic corporations, by electing governments that are, at the very least, not in bed with them, colluding with them, allowing them to fuck us over again and again and again until we no longer even have political infrastructure to react when they change "House of Commons" to "GloboMart".

That's what drives the Left, Dear Reader.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of crazy is what drives Rightwing Pundits.

That concludes today's Sooey lecture on Left/Right Political Science 101.

January 23, 2008

A Feminist Question Re Afghanistan

If the men of the West care so much about women's rights in Afghanistan, why was the puppet installed by Bush Inc. as President of Afghanistan a man, Hamid Karzai, instead of one of the very brave women of Afghanistan who have been fighting for women's rights in Afghanistan for years?

The fact is, the only thing that has changed about Big Boys and their War Toys is the propaganda - as in, it's more politically correct and therefore more misleading than ever. A Feminist woman President of Afghanistan would have done more to rally the troops both here and there than any kind of military/humanitarian intervention could ever hope to achieve.

Of course, those same men of the West who pretend to care so much about women's rights in Afghanistan can't conceive of a Feminist woman President or Prime Minister here in the West, so it's folly to think they could conceive of such a thing in Afghanistan - isn't it.

It's all bullshit, Dear Reader - Bullllllllllllshit wrapped up and presented to Canadians with a big old yellow ribbon.

Liberal Leadership Losers

I dunno but maybe the best thing the winner of a Liberal leadership campaign can do is off all the losers before they can turncoat to the New Conservative Party.

I mean, at least everybody who takes a run at the leadership doesn't win, but still, if I was a Liberal (full disclosure - I detest the scumsuckingbottomfeedingpowergraspers, but I kind of like the cut of Stephane Dion's jib) - I'd really wonder about the runners up being allowed access to inside information.

Except for the girl Liberals. They all seem to be good ol' Liberals on the Left. Why they don't defect to the NDP is beyond me, but there you go. Certainly the NDP has its sexist old guard, too, who would never elect a wom....hey... Nevermind. I keep forgetting about the greatest Prime Minister who never was - Oddry McGlocklin.

It's Canadians who won't elect a woman, I guess - not NDPers. Which is why the Liberals won't ever elect one, either, I suppose.

But back to the man of the hour on Afghanistan. Look, John Manley, it's okay, I guess - but you're a New Conservative. Your report is a preconceived "Do Not Fail Us" propaganda pamphlet to stay the course in Afghanistan - not because it's the right thing to do, but because it's the Rightwing thing to do and will hold you in good stead with Stephen "John, I am your father" Harper.

See, I'm not a REAL military strategist, but even I know we either commit to Afghanistan pretty much forever - or get out now. That's just the way it rolls with Afghanistan and I'm not just saying that because of historical reality. I'm saying that because unless we do that thing Ann Coulter said, "Invade their countries, kill their leaders, and CONVERT THEM TO CHRISTIANITY" (you know, to feel like we've made a REAL difference and not just invaded their country and killed their leaders) - we may as well give up and come home to JudeoChristianworld.

Or, and here is my suggestion (which just came to me in a flash one night when I was blogging about Stephen Harper and his New Conservative government essentially stacking the judiciary with Pro-Lifers so that women here will eventually find that, although abortion isn't exactly illegal, it won't be accessible, either) - bring all the womenfolk we think we're saving from the Taliban - to Canada.

Because I know guys like you THINK you're the best thing that ever happened to women, but really, you're not. I'm sorry but, you're just not. And I hate to burst your bubble, but if Feminists here could trade all you New Conservatives and New Conservatives in Liberal clothing with the women of Afghanistan - we would.

Win/win, as far as we're concerned.

Now take your report and add it to your resume and stop pretending not to be a scumsuckingbottomfeedingpowergrasper.

January 22, 2008

Anti-Feminist Army Propaganda

I am sooooo sick of Army groupies falling for their own Rightwing propaganda and whining that Canadian Feminists don't care about women's rights in Afghanistan. Well, guess what, Boobii? Canadian Feminists were undercover and reporting on the Taliban in Afghanistan looooong before the War on Terror was a twinkle in Bush Inc.'s eye.



TSE Bounces Back

The Toronto stock market staged a dramatic rebound in morning trading Tuesday as investors waded back into the market following a big five-day tumble.

Why do I snatch at every little bit of financial news when I have no idea what it means anyway and no investments to speak of in any case?

Bank Records

Just for the record, every single bit of advice I have ever received from a bank employee has been the same: Invest in a balanced mutual fund.

And while we're talking about bank ethics, since when didn't you have to jump through a million and one hoops to get a mortgage?

It'll be interesting to see how big the banking bonuses and profits are this year for the Big Kahunas. Compared to the hit ordinary investors who took the advice of their banks and invested in balanced mutual funds will take, I mean.

Maybe as a public service to taxpayers, governments could remind us every once in a while of what scumsuckingbottomfeeders banks actually are and to steer clear of them and their advice.

Libel Action

Personally, I'd trace the libel back a lot further'n this, but what do I know - I'm not a lawyer dicking around on the Internet all day:


Fortunately, the menfolk the womenfolk have been busily libelling others to defend have deep pockets and will certainly rise to the occasion to pay any legal fees encountered by the womenfolk - who don't have nearly the power or resources as the menfolk they were seeking to defend - you know, by libelling a lawyer...

Although frankly, my money is on the menfolk asking their office assistants to handle any and all inquiries for assistance because "We're in a meeting and cannot be disturbed"...

Saving the Unborn

Say, ya wanna save the unborn? Go to China and campaign for reproductive choice for women there. Campaigning to take away reproductive choice from women here won't save nearly as many unborn.

January 21, 2008

It's War, Man, War, I Tells Ya

Suppose someone from the CHRC posted offensive speech bait on a white supremacist site and then nailed whoever snatched at it with an offensive speech complaint to the CHRC.

Or suppose someone from the CHRC DIDN'T post offensive speech bait on a white supremacist site and nailed a poster with an offensive speech complaint, ANYWAY - you know, because it was a white supremacist site and most of the posts were offensive and so he just picked a bunch attributable to a single poster and complained to the CHRC about her.

Okay. Now suppose some Internetters STILL thought a CHRC guy, or former CHRC guy, even, actually DID do the (for lack of a better term) "entrapment" thingy and they (and they'd been building up a really big head of steam about this guy ALREADY because they HATED the CHRC) got madder'n ever and posted a bunch of libellous stuff about him - BECAUSE, as I say, it turns out he DIDN'T actually do the "entrapment" thingy.

BUT, going a little further up and in, what if the same guy who DIDN'T do the "entrapment" thingy is the same guy who put it out there on the Internet that he DID do the "entrapment" thingy - THEREBY "entrapping" this whole group of Internetters who hate him A LOT and who have been sort of, kind a, pretty much, libelling him ANYWAY, into libelling him ABSOLUTELY, so that he could then skip the CHRC complaint process altogether and take this BIG group of bait snatchers to court for LIBEL instead of bothering with NOT baiting, but merely PRETENDING to bait, white supremacists on white supremacist sites that he would then make complaints against to the CHRC.

Wouldn't THAT just be the craziest? Or just desserts? Or a can of worms? Or SOMETHING?

The Church of Scientologay

No. That's not a Freudian Slip. Have you ever noticed, Dear Reader, that the men in CS all seem like they're the only ones who don't know that everybody else knows they're gay? While the women in CS all seem like, well, lesbians? Or, at least, women with husky voices?

Well, I have. Heheh - it's like a whole church of priests and nuns.

A Pregnant Pause

I saw something on the BBC news tonight about coffee and pregnancy. Apparently a new study reveals what an old study revealed at least 20 years ago.

So, does this mean we're in a scientific study loop? Or does news just take that long to get across the pond?

Anti Speaking Out

By the way, just for the Internet record and to all you newbies out there in posterland, if you are on the Left and speak out against the foreign policies of a particular government on the Right, the Right will label you as "anti" that whole country - even though that's pretty retarded, since the government of that country could change, at which point they'd have to label THEMSELVES as "anti" that whole country.

Meanwhile, if you're on the Right, speaking out against an entire group of visibly identifiable people because you don't approve of the actions of a few, some, even several individuals visibly identifiable as belonging to that group, the Left will label you as "anti" that entire group of people - which is not at all retarded because you ARE "anti" that entire group of people - or so you keep insisting, anyway.

Yeah. I know. In real life it's called "racism".

Pro-Choice Blogging Day

I can't wait for Pro-Choice Blogging Day (January 28th, 2008) so I'm doing my entry now.

I realized something about the abortion debate today (in a strictly legal sense) that I think gets to the crux of the matter for Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers alike. (I use Pro-Life as opposed to Anti-Choice because, even though Anti-Choice is more accurate than Pro-Life, Pro-Life is the going term.)

Here it is: Pro-Life political activists do not recognize intent as relevant to the matter of reproductive rights for women. Which means that their logic runs entirely counter to the spirit of the law. Intent matters in our justice system. A lot. Some might argue it's the essential tenet of it.

But to Pro-Lifers, women who have no intent to conceive are as liable for conception as women who do. And liability is the correct term to use in the matter of conception because for women who have no intent to conceive, conception is a liability. Unless it isn't. In which case a woman is quite free to choose to carry on with the pregnancy.

But Pro-Lifers want a State that can demand a woman who had no intent to conceive carry the pregnancy to term - such that she is, in fact, a de facto birth vessel for the State with no rights over her own person simply (or not so simply) because a sperm fertilized one of her ovules.

That, Dear Reader, is not how our society, our legal system, or any Democracy worth its salt, operates.

January 20, 2008

Lives of Others & The Cyber Inquisition

I was on the Internet for much of the day, following the freedom of speech, fair comment debate that is going on hither and yon. In the evening, I watched "Lives of Others" a movie about life in East Germany before the Wall came down. (Thankfully, there's no reference to Reagan in it - I've grown so used to pundits on the right giving credit to Ronald Reagan for the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union that it was a pleasant surprise to see that big honking bulltoid not in the movie.)

Now, I'm not the biggest defender of free speech by any stretch. In fact, the only trouble I've ever had censoring the posts of others on my forum is that I have a hard time being thought of by the deleted as a censor. Nevertheless, I'm sure I fall into a medium-lite category on the Internet for what I tolerate on my forum now and what I tolerated on my blog in the days when I took comments.

And the reason I don't take comments now is because I prefer writing what I want to without concern as to what others might think about it. I like to just put it out there and move on, I no longer care whether people agree or disagree with my opinion.

It's been very freeing, Dear Reader - very freeing.

Very political speech makes me nervous, to be honest. The reaction to it makes me even more nervous. I have a lot to lose and like anybody with a lot to lose, I feel vulnerable when people post radical political views on my forum, although, ironically, I don't feel vulnerable when I post my own on my blog. That's because I don't wait around for a reaction anymore. And believe me, people lurve to react on the Internet. It's like one big cyber knee jerk some days.

It's a control thing, as they say. If I only post my opinion and don't have to worry about the reaction to it, it cuts down on worry about the reaction to the reaction and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc until you find yourself up at 3:00 a.m. worrying about how the net nannies are reacting to a comment by a poster who may, in fact, BE one of the net nannies.

Meanwhile, the other week on my forum, one of my forum regulars, a shitdisturbing guy who writes brilliantly and holds fairly radical political views (to the Left of my own) posted a thread titled "I Do Not Support the Troops". Now, that's a very contentious post to make these days, but it's also a critical post to be able to make. There's no reason why someone who disagrees with the War in Afghanistan shouldn't post such a view. Yet, it made me nervous. I know my forum is "followed" just as I know my blog is "followed" and although his opinion may not be mine (or may be mine but may also be something I wouldn't post, myself) I'm the one who is allowing it. That alone is enough to imply agreement to the net nannies - who are often lawyers and who know the laws of our fair land like they know the look of their right hand wrapped around a staff of righteousness.

So yeah, quite frankly, I'd edit "I Don't Support the Troops" but I won't let myself. I make it a point not to get too paranoid about free speech limiters. But, believe me, I find it hard. Particularly these days.

But the above is all just about deleting posts I worry go too far (and I've got a fairly wide comfort zone) and not allowing comments on my blog because I have a hard time deciding what's fair comment and what could cause me trouble. I'm just not that political, actually. And I don't want any trouble. Really. I know it's hard to believe, but I don't want any trouble. I just want to write what I think in this wide open forum for political views and let it all be.

Still, Dear Reader, there are people out there (and this is the frightening part to me - given what we know about very recent history) who want IPs posted, names named, people charged and fined - for posting their opinions on political forums and blogs. Opinions that these people deem offensive, that may very well be offensive - and to a majority of us - that they don't just want deleted, but that they want to punish the opinion holder for having and the blog/forum owner for allowing.

And they think they're on the side of all that is right and good. They are absolutely dead sure of this. None of these people have any doubt about their crusade. None. That's what's so damnable about this whole freedom of speech and fair comment debate. The people whose political opinions offend me - greatly - are not the people who scare the shit out of me.

So yeah, Dear Reader, if you feel surrounded, it's because you are.

Israel Nukes Gaza

Why not? I mean, who's kidding who? Test a nuke on Gaza and blame it on Hamas. It's a win/win. Plus, there'll be a way better chance of having peace in the Middle East and a legacy for George W. Bush. Another win/win.

Is There A Lawyer On The Internet?

I guess by now every Internetter has noticed the Xtreme level of discourse taking place concerning Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant Vs Richard Warman and the CHRCs (the pluralization just means Canadian and the various provincial HRCs - curse these times of post-Federalism devolution of power to the provinces). It's hilarious to me that the amping up of anti-Muslim rhetoric is occuring now when the complaints being discussed are essentially ones involving anti-Muslim rhetoric.

NOT that the puffed up drama queens on the other side (Warman, CHRCs - and I'm not NOT predisposed to either, but we do have legally recognized hate speech and libel laws in this country, ALREADY) have any place in a democratic society, EITHER. I'm just noting how the guilty (and certainly, Steyn and Levant are guilty of anti-Muslim rhetoric - were it any other people other than Muslims they're going on about in the mainstream media they'd have been reduced to shouting on street corners until Richard Warman leapt out from behind the bushes where he'd been feeding them lines to make a citizen's arrest) and their supporters have stepped it up on the Internet as if proving that Muslims are The Bad Seed vindicates the accused.

It is to laugh, really, that these people are employed by the mainstream media. But there you go - this is Canada where the Global Village meets the Village Idiots of Punditry every day in the news.

Still, speaking personally, I'm happy to stay below the radar of Caped Crusaders because I believe it's their bionic vision and super strength of character what make them invulnerable to shades of grey and the vagaries of Democracy.

Mere mortals beware of Caped Crusades left and right is my motto.

Sooey Defines Brave

The other day I was watching the news and I saw some Greenpeace activists boarding a Japanese whaling ship and it struck me how deliberately and narrowly our government and media define heroism and bravery. Because I don't care who you are or where you live - being an actual hands on activist of any kind these days is brave.

Going up against the Establishment, any Establishment, takes real guts.

So come on, young people. Forget the army and all the officially sanctioned routes and go for the real deal in brave heroics and become a political activist. You won't get any kudos from government or media, but you'll be the real deal in terms of brave and unsung heroes.

January 19, 2008

Let's Be Frank

And cut the crap, shall we?

I'm a Pro-Choice Feminist on the Left Left Left and I support Mark Steyn and his Rightwing Brethren in the War on Freedom of Speech opposite the Canadian Human Rights Commission. So do lots of people on the Left - including Alan Borovoy of Canadian civil liberties fame and the original CHRC go to guy.

But make no mistake, Mark Steyn and his kind are NOT freedom fighters. Far from it. You simply cannot believe in human rights and even the most basic of freedoms for all people if you don't support a female person's inalienable right over her own body.

The very people whose Freedom of Speech I support, believe that it is the right of the State to deny a woman a legal abortion - that the State right to control her reproduction supercedes her right to control it.

You are either Pro-Choice, or you aren't. And Mr. Steyn is not.

So who really believes in Freedom and who just believes in his own Freedom? That's Right. Case closed.

Buying Power

Yay! Pizza and beer for EVERYBODY!


Damn. He's smarter'n he looks. Quit copying Mike Harris, Mr. President!

You Can't Have It Both Ways

Either Pakistan is a haven for Terrorists or it's an ally of the West in the War on Terror. And since it looks like Pakistan is a haven for Terrorists, why doesn't the West invade Pakistan?

And isn't it funny that both Pakistan (a haven for Terrorists AND Bush Inc. ally) AND the New Conservative Government of Canada (Phew - not on a list of countries that harbour terrorists AND Bush Inc. ally, too) would immediately jump all over Stephane Dion's suggestion that diplomatic efforts be made to stem the flow of terrorists from Pakistan to Afghanistan:


"We are dismayed at the statement of NATO intervention in Pakistan," High Commissioner Musa Javed Chohan said in an interview.
Calgary Conservative MP Jason Kenney called Mr. Dion's statement reckless.

I mean, I would think they'd both agree with Stephane Dion that there should be NATO intervention in Pakistan. Afterall, the C.I.A. now says the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was by Al Queda Terrorists. That means Pakistan is pretty much a haven for Terrorists and not even remotely capable of preventing them from crossing the border to Afghanistan to kill NATO forces.

Cripes, Pakistan can't even prevent Al Queda Terrorists from assassinating its own political leaders - well, when they stand in opposition the Government of Pakistan, anyway.

Speaking of standing, Musharraf pretty much admitted the same when he said Benazir Bhutto died because she stood up to greet supporters. I mean, if you can't stand up to greet supporters without being assassinated by Terrorists, I'd say your country has a problem with Terrorists operating freely and to great effect within your country.


"You've got this nexus now that probably was always there in latency but is now active: a nexus between al-Qaeda and various extremist and separatist groups," Mr Hayden said.

I dunno, but it seems to me that the Opposition Leader is well ahead of the New Conservative Government of Canada's curve on this one and Jason Kenney should just STFU.

P.S. Is it me? Or was declaring itself an ally of the United States of America immediately after 9/11and pledging support it never actually delivered the smartest diplomatic move ever by a government in our lifetime? Yup. That Pakistan sure knows how to play the West, eh? Cripes, I guess we even gave it nuclear weapons we felt so humanitarian towards it.

Say, I guess some countries CAN have it both ways, afterall. Well, nevermind then.

January 18, 2008

The Isotope Crisis

I just saw this comment by one RedTory over on CanadianCynic's Blog and it so confirms what a brilliant genius I am that I have to post it because I think RedTory is a brilliant genius and yet I had this very same thought when the whole New Conservatives Vs Old Liberals nuclear industry safety crisis and resultant firing of Linda Keen for purely partisan reasons isotope crisis erupted:

As I've mentioned previously, I was getting CT-scans at the time and nobody said "boo" about this so-called medical crisis. That's just my anecdotal experience, but there was absolutely no sense of a "crisis" or the slightest bit pf panic amonngst any of the hospital and medical people I was dealing with when this was going on.

By Red Tory, at 10:13 AM

Where Are All the Moderate Rightwingers?

The other night I caught Jonah Goldberg flogging his book, "Liberal Fascism", on the Daily Show. It was cringingly awful (the interview, the book just sounds like a long and boring joke) but I stuck with it for reasons I'll explain later in this paragraph. Jon Stewart was clearly still in "ohjustfuckoff" mode from his interview with David Frum and, although it was painful to watch Jonah Goldberg try desperately to pretend "Liberal Fascism" isn't just another ridiculous 100% Rightwing Republican propaganda pamphlet tossed off in time for the Presidential Primaries - a preaching to the converted "book", as it were - well, it was either that or studying French for the last few minutes of my waking hours.

But since the same guys who write books called "Liberal Fascism" are the same guys who cry out in the mainstream media, "Where are the moderate Muslims?", while they back Bush's War on Terror - still - 100% (with any wavering being on the question of whether or not he's gone far enough fast enough), I just thought I'd ask in today's entry, "Where are the moderate Rightwingers?"

Because let's face it - these guys (and Ann Coulter) are 100% in all their Rightwing beliefs and they permeate the mainstream media like, like, like - cat pee on a doormat. Ferchrissakes, for all their claims to belief in Freedom of Speech, they don't even believe in a woman's right to excerise control over her own reproduction.

It's Freedom of their Speech they want protected, while War on Terror/War in Afghanistan dissenters are supposed to preface every argument with "I support the troops" or risk ending up on a no-fly list or a security watch or Gawd knows what lists we don't even know about that have sprung up as a result of 100% Rightwing Republican and New Conservative politicians and their supporters.

Their guys, the guys 100% Rightwingers heil, Bush Inc. and Harper Co., have overseen an invasion into our personal lives, activities, and information histories like nothing that happened even during a time when the world really WAS at war. There's been an unprecedented challenge to our personal freedoms by the Rightwing Establishment they support - 100% - with unelected CEOs essentially being given the power to re-write our national security laws and new Ministries being created to enact and entrench them such that much of what has been done can never be undone.

So where are all the moderate Rightwingers? Certainly, they aren't in the mainstream media, where many of these 100% Rightwingers have been given a pulpit by their employers to spout endless streams of propaganda to naive and frightened fellow travellers. I mean, take a look at some of those 100% Rightwing internet sites and the comments people make on them if you really want to get the willies.

The Rightwing Menace isn't coming, Dear Reader - it's here and it's in power and things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better because the damage they've done hasn't even begun to be felt yet.

Perhaps, at least, as a way to counteract the propaganda these 100% Rightwingers spew in the mainstream media, every time someone who is 100% Rightwing claims to be Libertarian, we should just say out loud to anyone who may happend to be listening, "You mean Libertarian Fabulist. Yes. There's a book by Jonah Goldberg called "Libertarian Fabulism"." Why pretend any of what they say is the truth. It's gone so well past "You can't handle the truth" for these 100% Rightwingers, that most of them wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

Still, the problem is - they vote. And they vote for Fascism when they vote because Fascism works for them. It keeps them employed and on the talk show circuit even when the book they're flogging is just another predicatable 100% Rightwing screed incorrectly titled as the opposite of what is actually is - "Libertarian Fabulism".

I mean, Karl Rove, who should be in jail, will soon be flogging a book - a book he has been writing while at work, apparently, too. Yeah, sure, Dude. Don't bother DOING YOUR JOB - just get on those memoirs and start peddling your traitorous 100% Rightwing rationalizations as to why you've left your country the mess that you have with individual rights and freedoms nipped and tucked for the convenience of the State and its rogue foreign policies and no way of going back to when they mattered.

Seriously, all you Moderate Rightwingers - don't buy the books of these Rightwing Fanatics - okay? You're only contributing to the Menace of Rightwing Fanaticism, herein known on SooeySays as Libertarian Fabulism.

Torture Vs. Terrorists


U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins told CTV television yesterday that it was "offensive" his country was on any such torture list and it should be removed.

Haha! Which? Your country? Or the torture list?

But yeah, we know how you feel because we felt that way about being put on your list of countries that harbour terrorists, Mr. Republican American Ambassador. Unless we weren't. I can't remember. At the very least, I remember we were THREATENED with being put on the list if we didn't adopt certain security measures you were URGING our government to implement so that now we have a Public Security Minister named STOCKWELL DAY.


But what are you going to do? It's all part of the War on Terror, isn't it. Just don't forget who started this whole "catching Evil-Doers" game. Hint: It wasn't us.

January 17, 2008

More'n Ezra

Here is an update to: PracticeVsPreach


Dust My Broom had republished the letter, but then removed it, fearing liability. I've read it via Google cache; it contains general criticisms about how Levant ran the magazine which look to me to be within the reasonable cut-and-thrust of fair comment. Of course, this response is not surprising: Saudi businessmen, Russian oligarchs, and right-libertarians are united in their fondness for using aggressive libel threats to squash critical scrutiny.

Still, I hope the complaint against Mr. Levant is thrown out by the CHRC as not having any merit whatsoever in a free and democratic society. Besides, what kind of Divinity can't stand up to a little mockery by the infidels? I mean, c'mon - without human frailty, what the hell is the point of Religion? Gawd, I hate it that Imaginationland can still dictate the laws of Society for ALL of us - instead of just the fruitcakes who choose to believe in it.

Juno Has An Abortion

I haven't seen Juno yet because I don't go to see movies like that in the theatre.

I wait for them to come out on dvd and then I go to the little independent video store in my neighbourhood and rent them.

Oh, and when I say "movies like that", I just mean movies that you may as well watch on tv as opposed to in a theatre. I don't mean movies that are like fairy tales because they aren't true to life. If I meant that I would be saying that I only see Eastern European movies about death and dying in the theatre.

Because we're all dying, Dear Reader - which is why Eastern European movies don't do so well at the box office and Hollywood movies do.

Anyway, I've read enough about Juno to know that it's a movie my daughters will enjoy, while I will feel compelled to say to them at the end of it (and all the way through it, no doubt), "Of course, you know this is only a movie, right, and that in real life she would get AIDS and die for having unprotected sex?" To which they will reply, "Mawwwwwm, we knowwwww".

Still, I don't exactly agree with the Feminist take du jour on Juno, either. Personally, I think it's great that it's a good and entertaining movie with a teenaged girl heroine. I also think it's pretty true to life that a sixteen year old girl like that from that sort of background WOULD have the baby as opposed to an abortion.

Lots of teenaged girls think abortion is bad and they don't make the choice to have one when they get pregnant by their teenaged boyfriends for a variety of teenaged girl reasons - most of them to do with keeping the teenaged boyfriend on the hook for the rest of his life (look out parents of sons - seriously - look out).

They choose to have the baby, and can make that choice, confident that the stigma of teenaged pregnancy is pretty much gone altogether from our society - thanks to Feminism and the progressive politics of the Left.

And that's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. I don't want any girl or woman to have to have an abortion when she doesn't want one, when she would rather bring the pregnancy to term and have a baby. Sure, teenaged girls don't think beyond that point, but what are you going to do?

So it goes. Democratic society provides the choice. You make the decision.

What's an absolute fairytale ending to Juno, as far as real life facts bear out, is that a teenaged mother, these days, would give her baby up for adoption.

That, Dear Reader, is exactly what DOESN'T happen in our society. NOT that there's anything wrong with that, either, but - teenaged girls don't give babies up for adoption. They keep them. They don't have abortions, they do have babies, they don't give them up for adoption, they keep them.

Those are the facts, ma'am, the way it is, and who am I to judge whether it's right or wrong. It just is.

Juno, on the other hand, is a movie, just like Knocked Up is a movie. And I certainly understand in both movies why abortion wasn't the choice made by the female characters - and strike another one for women that Knocked Up was a huge hit with a female lead who wasn't a wife/girlfriend left to say to the male lead working at the CIA, "What's happening to you?" every day when he comes home from work. The character in Knocked Up is a fleshed out female d'une certaine age who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and yup - it's believable that she wants to have the baby and nixes the idea of having an abortion straight off. Women like her go to sperm banks in real life, ferchrissakes. Getting pregnant the old fashioned way, why it's practically divine intervention.

What's not believable in Knocked Up is that she has any desire to hook up with the father of the baby - especially THAT father of the baby. But hey, it's a movie.

So, is abortion being left out in the cold in the movies? Well, yes. But abortion's a hard sell and movies are all about sales. Meanwhile, the fact that women in different situations - in real life - are better able to have and keep their babies as opposed to necessarily having abortions or giving their babies up for adoption (and I wish that's exactly what more teenaged mothers would do, so maybe Juno will inspire a few girls to make that choice) is the good news that is being represented in the movies - finally.

Movies with female leads presented in somewhat realistic situations albeit with unlikely fairytale endings? Okay. I can live with that - for a change.

Meanwhile, in real life? It's all about the Right to control our own reproduction, as far as I'm concerned. Choice. That's what Feminists have fought so hard for and will continue to fight so hard for - Choice - for ALL women. Not just white, middle-class girls and women in the movies. Because no girl or woman, in this country, who does NOT want to terminate a pregnancy should be denied the choice to bring her pregnancy to term, either - just as no woman should be denied the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

That's the real life bottom line.

Movies are just movies. Cripes, in real life, the wife/girlfriend of the CIA agent is more likely another CIA agent who knows EXACTLY what is wrong with him because she's just as stressed out as he is that all they do is fuck with other countries while their own becomes a swirling vortex of hell.

Cat, Bag, Cat Out Of Bag

So, now that we know the Americans don't think we're doing it right in Afghanistan, what is the New Conservative Government of Canada going to do about it? That's the question our government needs to be asking itself. Why it's pretending to citizens, instead, that the Americans DO think we're doing it right in Afghanistan - when they clearly DON'T - and, in fact, will be sending 2,200 marines to Afghanistan to do it the American way with the International Security Assistance Force as opposed to the U.S. troops already in eastern Afghanistan - is the question Canadians need to be asking themselves.

In the meantime, why is our government mocking Stephane Dion's suggestion that diplomatic efforts be made in Pakistan in an effort to do SOMETHING about the fact that much of the Taliban violence affecting our troops, Canadian troops, is coming from the endless supply of warriors/terrorists/soldiers/insurgents from that very suspect ally of the United States in the War on Terror?

Maybe instead of waging a War of Propaganda on its own citizens, the New Conservative Government of Canada could do its job and protect Canadian troops and Canadian citizens, both, by asking more questions of its relationship with the government of the United States of America.

Just a thought.

January 16, 2008

Cutting to the Chase


A ministerial directive on Dec. 10 ordered the CNSC to reopen the site. The agency refused, insisting a backup safety system be installed to prevent the risk of a meltdown during an earthquake or other disaster.

Gary Lunn strikes me as a dangerous person to be anywhere near power - of any kind.

Why Does Everything Suddenly Sound Like An Excuse for Privatization?


But often doctors are overworked, and the quickest way to deal with patients is to give them the drugs they're seeking.

I really can't stand it when the excuse given by doctors for over-prescribing medication is that patients ask for it. You're doctors. If we could write our own prescriptions - believe me - we would. But we have a very expensive healthcare system that entrusts you with this responsibility.


I remember this was the excuse given by doctors for the over-prescribing of antibiotics for children, too. "But parents won't listen to us when we say the infection is viral, not bacterial, and that antibiotics won't work, anyway. So to get rid of them and go on to the next patient, we give them a prescription for antibiotics."


I mean, seriously. Whatever happened to "Do No Harm"? And stop blaming overwork, underpay, universal publicly funded healthcare - everybody but the doctors who are over-prescribing medication - FOR THE OVER-PRESCRIBING OF MEDICATION!!!!!!!!

Best Quote for 2008

Sorry, eh - but I think I've found the quote already that will best sum up 2008:


"Nothing's new, everything's still terrible and there's a lot more bad news to come," said Joe Saluzzi at Themis Trading in Chatham, New Jersey.

Traders - ya gotta luv 'em. So much more fun than psychics.

Speaking of CanWest

You've got to hope this guy doesn't have to pay for his New Conservative Party membership, at least:


Aside from evincing an unbecoming spinelessness, the Liberal leader was also misleading the Canadian public. Far from "welcoming" a Canadian military that put daisies in its rifles, President Karzai made it clear that this would make his country a more dangerous place.

Uh... yeah. And when the puppet tells us to dance we at the National Post ask "How spastically?"

Hillary on Tyra

Here's Hillary Clinton talking to Tyra Banks about Bill Clinton's infidelity:

"I really had to dig down deep and think hard about what was right for me, what was right for my family," she said of Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky. "I never doubted Bill's love for me ever, and I never doubted my faith and my commitment to our daughter and our extended family. The momentary feelings--you know, you are mad, you are really upset, you are disappointed--all of that goes through your mind... I have found you really shouldn't make decisions in the heat of those moments."

Good on her again. What's up with this politician nobody could stand two minutes ago suddenly seeming like the best thing since we went back to being able to buy the bread unsliced?

But What About the Malfunctioning Back-Up System?

Interesting. This morning I almost linked to a CanWest story about the firing today of Linda Keen, but I honestly thought it too biased - almost as if it was written by Gary Lunn, so I'll go with a Globe article instead. It does remind one, though, of the New Conservative Government of Canada's love of privatization (nuclear industry privatization plans are well underway, not just afoot) and CanWest's love of same - if you're into boycotts of corporate government/media, Dear Reader.

The Globe article is a too careful overly cautious write-up of the latest salvo - the firing of Ms. Keen - but it's the nuclear industry we're talking about here and AECL isn't a body to be fooled around with - although apparently nuclear energy is these days - especially if you have a convenient shortage of isotopes for cancer patients at the ready to exploit.

There's not much more to say about this case that hasn't been said, except that the AECL and the New Conservative Government of Canada are now very clearly colluding in the silencing of the one person who seems to have been doing her job in protecting the safety of Canadians. That the New Conservatives should be hounded out of office by Canadians is evident, but unless the media steps up its reporting on the dangerous partisan games going on here, it's not likely to happen, is it. The AECL? Well, let's just say "scary" and leave it at that. I don't want plutonium mailed to my apartment.

You will notice, even in this article, though, that Stephen Harper and his Minister of the Moment, Gary Lunn, sidestep the actual failing here of the AECL and our government - a failing which could have had much more catastrophic consequences than the healthcare crisis precipitated by the shutdown of the plant - which is to regulate the nuclear industry to ensure the safety of Canadians.

You'd think, at a time when nuclear energy is back on the agenda due to the global warming "crisis" precipitated by the burning of fossil fuels and the resultant greenhouse gas emissions, Canadians would be wondering about the politics of it all. We've got ourselves a corporate government and a corporate media and a lot of money to be made in nuclear energy. I say we start paying closer attention - especially to what's next up - privatization of the nuclear industry.

Because, good luck, my fellow Canadians, getting answers when things go wrong once it's all been privatized.

Here's the article:


January 15, 2008

The Plot Thickens

Whoo-ee! Looks like the Accuser of Ezra Levant to the Alberta (Canadian, too?) Human Rights Commission in the case of the Danish cartoons mocking Mohammed (and really, they could have been funny, at least, for all this trouble) that were published in the now bankrupt Western Standard is also - The Accused!


Gawd. Men, eh? Why, if it weren't for men, there'd hardly be a need for a Canadian Human Rights Commission at all, the way I see it. (But I'm a woman, so I would see it that way, wouldn't I.)

Now THAT's a guy who needs a good fining, Syed Badi-uddin Soharwardy. NOT that I approve of Human Rights Commissions regulating speech - hey! - but that complaint is about discriminatory behaviour (not to mention, abuse and harassment) - not just offensive speech and bad cartoons depicting imaginary prophets as terrorists.

Ooh. Two birds, Alberta (Canadian, too?) Human Rights Commission. Throw out the complaint against Ezra Levant (trust me, he cannot be a martyr to free speech because I will have to move if he is) and proceed with the complaint against Syed Badi-uddin Soharwardy.

C'mon - people leave whole countries to escape guys like that. Slap him into Canada '08 with a big ol' fine, please.

Okay, Feminist Haters

If it makes you feel any better, the pressure of the Sisterhood is nothing like the ease of the Old Boys Network.

Ironies Abounding

While the Freedom of Speech vs Canadian Human Rights Commission argument plays out on the Internet I'd just like to point out that I believe it is Fascist to want a society in which a woman is forced to bring an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Without the legal right to abortion services, we do not have Democracy, we have Totalitarianism.

So stick that in your pipes and smoke it, you Fascists who want State control over female reproduction but the Freedom of Speech to systematically malign a visible minority.

By the way, has anybody thought to use the defence of believing your own propaganda in the Freedom of Speech vs CHRC case of the hour? NOT that the CHRC should be regulating speech - but since it is (well, after the fact, anyway) why not go with the Hysterical defence? Afterall, we're in a War on Terror going on 7 years now and how hysterical a reaction is that to 9/11?

Yellow alerts, Ashcroft breaking into song and covering statues, re-writing the Constitution, Axes of Evils, Evil-doers everywhere, racial profiling of air travellers, insurance rates skyrocketing, government operatives ratting out spies, the list goes on and on.

We're at War because "they want to take away our Freedoms". I mean, that's straight out of the mouth of the President of the United States of America, ferChrissakes.

I'd certainly say you have a right to be quaking in your boots over the Muslim Menace - if you believe what you read in the papers.

And since y'all write it, I assume you do.

January 14, 2008

Gay Blade Bugs

I came across this on CanadianCynic's blog:


So, IS Bugs Bunny gay?

Well, I'd like to think I had a chance with him, so... no. Daffy Duck, though - no question. He'd blow Bugs in a heartbeat, too.

Two Wrongs

Still don't make a right. Although apparently they make a legal argument over at SmallDeadAnimals. The comments are particularly hilarious in that racist old Scottish gramma vein "There were coloured people at Church this morning, do you believe it?! Why, it's getting so's I hardly know if I'm in Canada or Biafra!":


Make that three wrongs, since there's absolutely nothing wrong with publishing cartoons making fun of religion. In fact, I think it should be mandatory, don't you? Of course you do. You're reading SooeySays.

It's NOT the Gender this Time, Stupids!

This story was in the Star today:


They were assigned The Art of War to read. "War music" was playing. "We had to wear war paraphernalia ... bandannas, costumes and props," Boutilier said in an interview. And they were expected to participate in a judo class.

Okay. I admit it, I'm a woman, so I probably can't speak for ALL men when I say this, but - MEN HATE THAT SHIT, TOO!!!!!

Gawd. This isn't a man/woman thing, people. This is a typical case of an absolute asshole being the boss and everybody else having to suck it up until, finally, a couple of employees find their spines and complain about it.

Geez Louise.

By the way, there is no such thing as team building. Bell. People work for money because they have to and are only pretending to bond with their workplace until they can move on to a better paying job with better benefits and hopefully an absence of asshole bosses like the accused.

Wasn't That A Party!


Last August's Montebello summit cost at least $13.6 million, according to documents obtained by Canwest News Service, and that doesn't include the RCMP's costs, which will likely be the biggest bill of all.

While various government departments and police forces are still tabulating their expenses, the Department of Foreign Affairs -- the lead agency for the meeting between leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico -- has spent about $3 million and counting, according to receipts.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership summit lived up to its name, at least cost-wise.

I blame protestors. If it weren't for them, all our civil rights etc could just be given away without the need for a Conference at all.

Update: Oh, look - the Americans don't like Harper's $1 billion vote bribe to one industry towns, either. Gee, maybe we won't even need the Opposition to vote for the upcoming budget because it's not ready for an election, yet, again:


The government says the money would mostly be spent on job retraining and community infrastructure projects. But the coalition, which represents American lumber producers, says it suspects money earmarked for workers will be used to reduce liabilities of Canadian lumber companies. It says that would violate the 2006 Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement.

Like Ra-a-ain On Your Weddinggg Day


"It's a beautiful building, a beautiful facility, so obviously it attracts a lot of diplomats and high-end business people who are coming to make deals involved in Afghanistan's reconstruction."

There IS Peace in the Middle East

Oh give it up, you Idiot:


RAMALLAH, West Bank - Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier told his Palestinian hosts Sunday that he intends to tell Israel that "any new settlements were contrary to the peace process."

Get over yourself. There IS peace in the Middle East. Israel is doing fine and expanding its territory daily while the Palestinians live in the most crowded place on Earth, trapped behind a wall, with nowhere to go but to their great reward in Heaven.

If there even IS a heaven...

January 13, 2008

Muslims By Any Other Name

I've never used the expression "moderate Muslims" in a sentence. It has no logical meaning and so I just consider it a not at all subtle form of propaganda. The fact that I hear it so often alarms me, too, because as a very impressionable consumer of news, myself, I worry about the effect its constant usage by Rightwing Pundits has on their readers.

It's not just racist, in my view, it's inciteful - because so often it is used to accuse a visible minority of Canadians of not doing anything to stop other members of their community from supposedly being active enemies of Western civilization.

It's all become so transparently political and deliberately stigmatizing - any discussion involving the word Muslim in this country - that my radar goes up every time I hear it. At this point, I no longer have the time or energy required to sift down through the blind partisanship of the Pundit to ascertain whether or not there is even a point to the article beyond mindless war mongering and fear and loathing of all things Islamic.

So, although it came as no surprise to me to learn that "Muslims Against Sharia" is no such thing, I do have to admit to feeling more tired than usual by the education. It's been a long War on Terror, hasn't it:


The Bull Talker


Bush spoke directly to Iraqi people about democratic reform in their country.

"You have made your choice for democracy and have stood firm," Bush said. "The terrorists and extremists cannot prevail."

He made an equally direct appeal to the Palestinians, saying "The dignity and sovereignty that is your right is within your grasp."

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have grown following the confrontation last Sunday in which Iranian speedboats swarmed a U.S. warship during a tense 20-minute standoff.

Yeah. That would be tense. Because, as we all know, "warship" means "freedom" in American.

Breast Implants - Real or Fake Sexuality?

Since breast implants take away from a woman's sexuality, I think, why do women who've had them put in claim otherwise?

Or do they?

In any case, I've read that the more successful surgery in terms of patient satisfaction is actually breast REDUCTION.

It's ironical is what life is for women, a sort of winning by losing ironicalism.

Say, speaking of what a man's world it is, what kind of woman wants a man who is more attracted to fake breasts than real ones and why don't we have a name for her?

Update: "Boobbaiter"?

Where Is Canada's Government in Afghanistan?

This article is very revealing about what is actually going on in Afghanistan - still - and it strikes me that while Canadian soldiers are being killed by roadside bombs and vehicle rollovers and friendly fire, the New Conservative Government of Canada should be doing more - or something, anything - on the diplomatic front to put pressure on Hamid Karzai (who is, afterall, a Bush Inc. appointee to the top job in Afghanistan) to do something, himself, about bringing freedom to Afghanistan:


MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Dozens of Afghan journalists and activists on Saturday sought the release of a journalist detained by security officials for allegedly making blasphemous comments.

It is exactly because of situations like this that New Conservatives need to have their feet held to the fire regarding the very unCanadian propaganda campaign they've been busily and wastefully waging here on the domestic front (with our money, of course) to trump up support for the War in Afghanistan.

Because as far as I can tell, the New Conservative Government of Canada is all about the War here at home and not concerning itself at all about the War in Afghanistan - most particularly in areas where it should be making a diplomatic effort to bring actual freedom to real individuals.

Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh should be the focal point of our government's efforts in Afghanistan right now and it is very telling to me that he isn't. If Prime Minister Stephen Harper has much of a plan beyond upping the original Mission in Afghanistan to a War in Afghanistan, it doesn't seem very apparent. As a taxpayer, I'd like to know why he isn't putting maximum pressure on Hamid Karzai (one more time: who is, afterall, a Bush Inc. appointee to the top job in Afghanistan) to free this journalist.

Furthermore, if all the journalists who are jailed for offending extremist sensibilities are then exiled instead of freed unconditionally, then I'm not sure what our point is in thinking we've done anything to improve conditions in Afghanistan at all. And at this point, I think we should all expect some improvement for Afghans attempting to exercise freedom of speech. Otherwise, it's pretty clear that we're just taking power away from one group to give it to another without any assurance that group number two is any better than group number one.

Maybe instead of ribbons and stickers here at home, the New Conservative Government of Canada should do its job in Afghanistan. Otherwise, it would appear to me that the War in Afghanistan is just a pointless and tragic waste of life.

January 12, 2008

Update on Practice Vs Preach



The Mitford Sisters, Hitler, and Mark Steyn

Walk into a bar with Ken Whyte.

Just kidding.

But I guess Neo-Con writers and editors in Canada can only fail upwards, eh?

I'll explain.

I came across this article TheLeft!TheLeft! by Mark Steyn in Macleans magazine, a national newspaper that for some reason is retrying the failed National Post experiment of telling Canadians, over and over and over, how much Canada sucks because it isn't an ideologically driven Rightwing paradise like Bush Inc.'s post 9/11 America. (The editor of Macleans is Ken Whyte, a Conrad Black disciple and apparent brainchild of such back to the future magazine covers as: "Why Are We Dressing Our Daughters Like Skanks?" which featured under that clever caption a 12 (10? 8?) year old girl dressed like, well, a 12 (10? 8?) year old girl or "skank" as Ken Whyte would call her, I guess.)

But back to now.

The article is a review of a new book: "The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters" - or so it would seem, until suddenly, it's not:

What was Trudeau's excuse when he cheered "Viva Castro!"? And what was the Canadian media's excuse when they cooed over Fidel's appearance at Pierre's funeral? They seemed to regard his presence as the sole head of state to think the Father Of Our Country's passing worth an airline flight as some kind of validation of Trudeaupian Canada, rather than a belated confirmation of its irrelevance.

Whoa! But, of course, anyone who has ever read a book review by Mark Steyn must prepare for a dramatic detour to his constant and unwavering opinion, shared by Macleans editor, Ken Whyte, that Canada sucks because it isn't an ideologically driven Rightwing paradise like Bush Inc.'s post 9/11 America. Oh, and that thanks to the Left, Canadians are voting their way to Fascism.

Okay. Well. Except for the part about blaming the Left for Canadians voting their way to Facsism, I couldn't agree more. But I didn't vote for Stephen Harper and his New Conservatives and neither did anybody on the Left that I know of (well, maybe Bob Rae did, but what the hell - it's hard losing and politics gets pretty personal for politicians). So don't blame me for the state of the nation, guy who lives in New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" bumper sticker state. (Personally, I'd feel a lot better, if I was a New Hampshiremanperson, if there were more choices, but there you go - I'm not a Libertarian, either.)

So yeah - blame Bob Rae, not the Left.

Still, despite being somewhat put-off by Mark Steyn's review, I'd like to read the book about the Mitford sisters - not just because I like books about rich society people, but because it's always fun to read about what traitorous fascists of indifferent morality rich Americans usually are.

People like George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott, for instance:


George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

Ironically, in that article I found ANOTHER book I'd like to read. It's by John Loftus and I don't have the title but here is Mr. Loftus talking about Prescott Bush and his upcoming book on Bush Sr. Sr.'s pre, during and post WWII business activities - which, really, should reassure Mark Steyn that the way in which rich Americans do business hasn't changed much at all. In fact, it's almost like instead of voting themselves into Fascism, like we in Canada are doing, Americans don't have to because they never really left it. Or something like that. Anyway, John Loftus explains it better'n I can:

"You can't blame Bush for what his grandfather did any more than you can blame Jack Kennedy for what his father did - bought Nazi stocks - but what is important is the cover-up, how it could have gone on so successfully for half a century, and does that have implications for us today?" he said.

"This was the mechanism by which Hitler was funded to come to power, this was the mechanism by which the Third Reich's defence industry was re-armed, this was the mechanism by which Nazi profits were repatriated back to the American owners, this was the mechanism by which investigations into the financial laundering of the Third Reich were blunted," said Loftus, who is vice-chairman of the Holocaust Museum in St Petersburg.

Now, in fairness, Mark Steyn, as a sort of an Official Pundit for the American establishment currently in power - which is what I would call FascistLite, not Fascist - probably won't review that book because it would be a conflict of interest, and even though I don't always get where Mark Steyn is coming from (and I guess when you put all your eggs in one basket and then that basket ends up doing seven years in an American pentitentiary, you might not get where you're coming from, either) I can understand why he wouldn't want to take on yet ANOTHER 30s era rich society and politics yarn.

In any case, back to the grand finale of Mark Steyn's book review of the Mitford opus which he sums up in this final paragraph:

A Western nation voluntarily embracing sharia? Sounds silly. But so does Unity Mitford. Liberal democracy is squaresville and predictable, small-scale and unheroic, deeply unglamorous compared to the alternatives. And kind of boring. Until it's gone.

Omigawd. I almost forgot about that complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If you're new to SooeySays, four law students have made a complaint to the CHRC in regards to an article by Mark Steyn which was published in Macleans (and just because Macleans is owned by Rogers don't hate Mark Steyn for those phone calls you get from telemarketers trying to sell you a cell phone - every time you sit down for dinner) because they say it unfairly maligns Muslims.

Anyway, I guess Mark Steyn et al (he's got the entire Canadian Right, and a few Americans, lined up with him against the law students and the CHRC - they seem to be going with the "define unfairly" line of defence) forget to give credit where credit is due because there was a big hullabaloo about sharia law a while back right here in good ol' Liberal Ontario.

It was quite ironical, too, because when Premier McGuinty pretty much said, "No", to sharia law having any kind of legal legitimacy in regards to marriage "mediation", Jewish and Christian groups suddenly showed up asking, "What about OUR sharia law?!" (or whatever Jews and Christians call sharia law) and McGuinty was all like, "Yours goes, too" - probably because, like most Ontarians, he had no idea ANY of this was going on right under our noses for years and years and years in our very own Jewish and Christian circles.

Seriously - who knew? I had no idea. Thank Gawd for newcomers asking permission to practice law outside the law. But then, I didn't have much of an idea about the CHRC doing that since 1972 or thereabouts, either, until some guy who used to work for it started making complaints about white supremacists he found on white supremacist sites, and the mainstream media, particularly the National Post, started hailing him as some kind of legal genius justice crusader.

Ironically, again, it turns out that while the complaint maker has the resources of the CHRC at his disposal, the accused must cover his own costs, unless he can't, in which case he goes before the CHRC without legal representation. So, even if you agree with the intent, it's pretty hard to agree with anything else about the CHRC.

But back to the topic.

In summation, I guess I'd say that Patriarchy and Fascism and Religion are like the three sisters that always do things together, hand in hand, like.

Oh, and speaking of sisters, there's a new book out about the Mitford sisters being review by Mark Steyn in Macleans...

January 11, 2008

Why Not Be More Like Iran?

It just occurred to me - Canada is always so accommodating to the United States and yet we're always getting the royal shaft anyway, what with how we'll all need passports soon just to cross border shop, so I thought: why not be more like Iran? Or Venezeula? Or North Korea?

To hell with reasonable. Let's go crazy - and get some respect.

Breast Vs Prostate

Am I crazy? Or are Feminists being blamed by the Right for waging a successful campaign to make breast cancer a public concern as opposed to the private shame it used to be, because the Right thinks that somehow this activist success story has resulted in discrimination against men with prostate cancer such that access to cheap and easy detection methods are being denied them by our totally non-Feminist and male-dominated governments?

Camille Paglia and Rightwing Nuts By Any Other Name

You know, I could say I'm a Pundit for angry white Christian men on the Right. But they wouldn't believe me, would they? So why would anyone pretend that Camille Paglia is anything other than a self-promoting twat with a lot of anti-Feminist opinions?

Gee, could it be because the people who pretend that are like thinkers on the Right?

Geez Louise, people. It's not neuro-surgery - it's Camille Paglia.

It's the Gender, Stupid!

Ah screw it. I don't give a rat's ass how not good enough or too damn good or whatever it is about Hillary Clinton that has every Tom, Dick and Harry who isn't a raving loon on the Right thinking up reasons why Democrats shouldn't vote for her NOT just because she's a woman.

Damn it. I'm getting the sense that there will ALWAYS be a reason coming from these guys why it can't be THIS woman or THAT woman. It's always something, as Gilda Radner said - and it's always gonna be something. Now is when you vote for the proverbial dog BECAUSE she's a woman, you passive aggressive bastards.

I dunno but it suddenly dawned on me, too, in these Feminist backlash times in Liberal/Democrat whirld that if Hillary Clinton was the strongest REPUBLICAN contender - she'd be a shoo-in. You know it, girlfriend. It'd be tales of Maggie Thatcher and her beloved Ronnie Reagan and old home week at the Prom when men were men and there was no reason why a woman couldn't be elected President as long as she wasn't a Feminist Bitch on the Left.

Well, how about it, men on the Left? Because there will always be a reason NOT to vote for a political candidate but when you're the guys with the strongest Presidential contender in either Party and she's a WOMAN and a FEMINIST, there is only one reason NOT to vote for her and that's because you don't really want HER in the White House.

Face it. It'll be forever until there is a female contender for President again (unless the Republicans come up with one - and she won't be a Feminist) and you know it.

So suck it up and hold your chauvinistic, excuse-making noses - because it's now or not in our lifetime.

January 10, 2008

Now THIS Is Feminism!

Shamelessly lifted from Broadsides StopTheInsanity who lifted from BitchPh.D


Omigawd! That is so true. Here Feminists have been twisting themselves inside out arguing defensively about the lone female politician acting female as if all her male competition acting male isn't like watching "Planet of the Really Stoopid Apes". Geez Louise. No wonder men always win at this game.

At the Doctor's Office

This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment at one of Ottawa's hospitals. When I walked into the waiting room, there was a nun sitting waiting for another nun (as it turned out). I knew she was a nun because she was dressed like a nun and wearing whatever Catholics call a hijab.

Now, I'm always aware that I pay a certain deference to nuns because they're nuns. I'm aware of paying the same deference to priests. And I'm not Catholic, I'm just subject to the rules that have been pounded into ALL our heads here in the western world - that we pay deference to priests and nuns - for no reason other than that they are dressed like priests and nuns.

As I sat and pondered this irritating reality (of course, she was also an older lady, and like most of us, I pay deference to older ladies, too - even if they are wearing powder blue pants and white crocheted sweaters - especially if, actually) two Muslim women arrived for an appointment. One was the mother, one was the daughter. Both were wearing head coverings - the daughter more ostentatiously than the mother in the sense that the mother's head covering was a scarf and the daughter's head covering was a black sequinned hijab that looked like something out of Arabian Nights at the Disco.

Anyway, they bustled about and just as they were getting settled, the mother was called in for her appointment. She was middle-aged, so what struck me as odd, was that the daughter went with her. Of course, it was only odd to me, perhaps (I wouldn't dream of taking ANYONE in with me to a doctor's appointment) but I'm aware, too, that when you see a Muslim woman out and about, you usually don't see her alone.

I realized that when I saw them go in together to the doctor's office because I remember reading an article by an Iranian woman living here in Canada who couldn't understand how Canadian women (and by Canadian women, she meant women like me) could stand being so alone all the time. She was used to having other women around her at all times and she just couldn't conceive of how women like me managed - particularly at home alone with children.

She had a point, of course. It was very lonely and isolating, I found, being at home alone with my kids. But I'm very waspy, too, so I couldn't have done it any other way. (I'm a bit extreme in my "I can do it myself"ishness.)

In any case, my point is that when I see women in hijabs my reaction is to be curious about the "other" and I eavesdrop and spy a bit but that's all it is, really. Whereas my reaction to nuns is something else entirely. Certainly it's none of it any of my business, I don't think, but we can't help our reflexive reactions, can we. They just are, and the older I get, the more important I think it is important to acknowledge them - privately.

You know, check on our prejudices every once in a while so we know where they are, I guess. And also so we don't forget that they are, indeed, there.

What I don't understand, at all, is how it came to be okay to do it publicly, as commentary in the mainstream media. And every time I see Muslim women out and about in Canadian society now, I think what I'm feeling is shame that Canada actually is what it is - the kind of country where the head coverings of recent immigrants are discussed in the mainstream media as if it is our business to discuss it publicly and not some unfortunate prejudice we should acknowledge to ourselves - privately.

Afterall, the only reason we're discussing hijabs in public is because the women wearing them are recent immigrants. Otherwise, we'd be having the discussion about nuns and what they've been wearing since forever. And we're not, are we. We wouldn't dream of it, would we.

No, we most certainly would not.

The Troops Should Support Us, Too

Hey, man - what gives? It's almost like the more Canadian taxpayers spend on the Mission in Afghanistan, the more American companies reap the benefits. I mean, c'mon. WTF?


He said the FMS process does an end run around providing any work to Canadian-based companies since the equipment tends to come from inventory stocks of U.S. units or from production lines set up for a U.S. military contract.

"It's a catch-22 because in cases like Afghanistan, you have to provide the proper equipment to the troops quickly, but then your own industry is often left out of the process," Mr. Edgar said.

Timothy Page, president of the Ottawa-based Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, said his organization did not have analytical information on the extent that the FMS process was used or its effect on domestic defence firms.

"As an organization, we are encouraging the government to think strategically on how it is trying to re-equip the Canadian military in a way that provides the kit required in an expedited fashion and with a maximum economic benefit for the country," Mr. Page said.

Meanwhile, OF COURSE we need to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2009. Cripes, to get any return on our investment at all, we should be putting Canadian settlements there:


It is already too late for Canada to withdraw from combat in southern Afghanistan when the mission expires in 2009, military analysts said yesterday.

Some of us might even say it was too late to pull out as soon as we invaded.

Aid Packages/Vote Bribes and One Industry Towns


The aid package is new spending and will require passage by Parliament, Harper said.

Oh well, it was stupid anyway. Everybody knows government spending doesn't create jobs, riiiiight New Conservatives?

Braiiiiiins and the White House

Say, I just realized why I don't believe sex/race based brain studies have any validity - I'm not sexist or racist. Meanwhile, I don't think it's even remotely sexist or racist to want either Obama or Hillary to win the Big Prize based on his race and her sex. In fact, if I could, I'd forgo the democratic process altogether and make Hillary President and Obama Vice President right now. Screw Americans and their freedom. She should win because she has tried harder than any man ever in the history of politics to get where she is today. And, because she's a woman (which is why she tries so hard), we can trust her to work even harder when she's President to do a good job.

In the meantime, Obama could earn his political stripes as Vice President.

There. Captain Sooey has spoken. Number one? Make it so.

January 09, 2008

Ruby Dhalla's Purse - Safe

Little Indian kids? Not so much.

Geez Louise, Stupid Lady - when you're a visiting Dignitary from Canada and you hear back that the two little Indian kids who just stole your purse were beaten black and blue, or even at all, by the Punjab police, it's customary to offer them a treat. Perhaps a miniature Canadian flag leftover from the Sponsorship Scandal. Or an apple.

Way to shorten Canadian to the C-word, Ruby Dhalla.


Hating Hillary

Colour me Feminist but the more the Right attacks Hillary Clinton the better I think she looks. I think those Misogynists just might get her elected the first Lady President of the United States. (Although, I bet we owe Nancy Reagan a lot more'n we think we do.)

Anyway, I hope they don't let up any because I enjoy the unseemliness of it all. Why I'm half expecting one of them to throw an iceball at her head, you know, just the sort of thing one of those bad boys in grade six who wanted you to like him would do.

Yup. You can take the girl out of Northern Ontario, but you can't do anything about the dent in her head due to an iceball.

Obama - Neo-Black (Enough)

Here's Christopher Hitchens on what's pathetic and embarrassing. Read it all - because if anybody knows what it's like to be pathetic and embarrassing, it's Christopher Hitchens:


To put it squarely and bluntly, is it because he is or is it because he isn't? To phrase it another way, is it because of what he says or what he doesn't say? Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is the current beneficiary of a tsunami of drool. He sometimes claims credit on behalf of all Americans regardless of race, color, creed, blah blah blah, though his recent speeches appear also to claim a victory for blackness while his supporters - most especially the white ones - sob happily that at last we can have an African-American chief executive. Off to the side, snarling with barely concealed rage, are the Clinton machine-minders, who, having failed to ignite the same kind of identity excitement with an aging and resentful female, are perhaps wishing that they had made more of her errant husband having already been "our first black president."

So, okay. Bitchens. To put it squarely and bluntly, it's because he's Neo-Black. Now back into the closet with you to shout racist epithets and stick pins into cork dolls dressed up in Mommy's old perfumed hankies.

Get a hobby, Dude!

Practice Vs Preach

This is ironical.

A while back, this article appeared in Fast Forward Weekly:


A while later, a former employee of the magazine (I assume the Western Standard?) wrote a letter in response to the article.

According to DustMyBroom this was Ezra Levant's reaction:

Apparently Ezra contacted the rag to get an apology and retraction for the article and the published letter, didn't get it and is now suing Fast Forward Weekly for the Lowering the standard article and letter writer Terlesky for a combined total of $100,000 for libel.

But that's not what I'm on about now because before I read blog entries, I read the comments to them, and this one caught my eagle eye because the commenter pretends that suing for libel is different than making a mean speech complaint to the CHRC:

There is a world of difference between this and the CIC vs Steyn/Macleans situation. Justified or not, Ezra has chosen to take his complaint to a genuine court of law, with rules of evidence, and neutral procedures, and (almost certainly) an unbiased judge, where the burden of proof is squarely on him. HE must prove to the court that he has been wronged. And HE must pay his own legal bills. And if he fails to prove his case, he will almost certainly be liable for the defendant's costs. None of those conditions apply in the Star Chamber of the HRC, which is why the CIC took their temper tantrum there and not to a real court. (They did that in the past and got punted, so they learned that lesson.) I don't know if Ezra has a case, and frankly I don't much care. But at least he's going through legitimate channels to seek redress.

In fact, there is practically no difference at all in Canada between suing someone for libel and making a mean speech complaint to the CHRC. Accusing someone of libel, what is so famously known as libel chill, is pretty much all one need do in Canada these days to come out on top. Ditto making a mean speech complaint to the CHRC.

So the comment above is really quite false.

Frankly (pun intended) it is quite disingenuous for Ezra Levant et al (Mark Steyn and ALL you Neo-Con clowns, come on down) to pretend that the Muslim 4 are doing business any differently in making a complaint to the CHRC re an article of Steyn's that appeared in Macleans magazine than is Ezra Levant in suing for libel.

Libel chill is a pretty big threat to freedom of speech in this country and always has been - witness Conrad Black's use of it over the years - and the accused are wise to fold like a house of cards to avoid losing the farm.

Go ahead - ask a lawyer. Or ask Ezra Levant. Because, of course, he is a lawyer and knows all of this fully well -which is no doubt why he is suing for libel.

Only in Canada.

January 08, 2008

David Frum on the Daily Show

At first I couldn't believe anyone would take advice from David Frum, but it turns out he's giving it to Rudy Giuliani.

Which explains a lot, actually...

I think he was flogging a book, too, but whatever it's called, Jon Stewart said it so fast (before the hook came out and yanked David Frum off the stage for being such a petulant dweeb on a humour show) that I didn't catch it.

Who's Crying Now?


And here is Bill takin' it over while the little lady gets her purse:

He has also suggested that much of Hillary Clinton's trouble is the result of sex.

Haha! Just kidding! He said "sexism", not "sex".

Say, is it me? Or is John McCain, who also won New Hampshire, getting weirder looking by the primary? Seriously, he'll be giving us nightmares by Super Tuesday if this keeps up.

Don't Fuck With Me, Asshole

Canadian Nuclear Safety Regulator Linda Keen responds to Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn's letter in which he threatened to fire her for doing her job:


Heheh - And I bet he thought he could make HER cry with HIS letter.

White Woman/Black Man - The Forbidden Ticket

It's terrible isn't it? Democrats having to choose between a white woman and a black man? I mean, really. Why can't at least one of them be a Republican?

Oh yeah...

Anyway, I saw this piece by Gloria Steinem: Besides,HeWasInDiapersWhenIWasAPlayboyBunny over at Broadsides: Don'tLookAtMe,I'mHideous and, well, she's right - isn't she (Gloria Steinem, I mean - Antonia looks better'n ever, of course).

But maybe women in the New World will always be second class citizens. Maybe there is some sort of common genetic flaw in the people who came over here that won't allow us, generations later, to overcome sexism. And maybe everbody who has come here since is equally flawed. Maybe it's not so much a matter of running deep as running deep AND broad, so to speak, our inability to conceive of a Woman in the White House (or on Parliament Hill - that's right - Kim Campbell doesn't count - double Xs squared to infinity) in fortress North America.

Anyway, it's too bad there's this gender/race subplot going on in the Democrats' race to the White House because Obama's the right man at the right time for Democrats and Republicans alike, I think, and if he's smart, he'll stay the course and keep his hands on the table where everybody can see them.

But it sure seems like a waste of diversity that the white woman and the black man have to square off at the same time after all these years of Good Ol' Boys.

(In Canada it'd be like... uh... hm... Okay, let's do the black man side... uh... hm... Oh, nevermind. Maybe next millennium.)

Not that any of it matters anyway, since that uncanny ability of the people who decide who's going to represent their party in an election campaign will be quite able to look past gender AND colour straight on through to John Edwards.

And that's where the Republicans have the jump start on the Democrats, if you ask me. They don't even have to bother looking past gender and colour. They're right there at the White Man leader already.

That'll Learn Her

To do her job:

The Harper government is poised to fire Linda Keen, Canada's top nuclear watchdog, amid renewed accusations that public health and confidence in nuclear safety have been jeopardized by her uncompromising handling of the Chalk River medical isotope scare.


Despite intense political pressure at the time, including a personal attack by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Ms. Keen insisted the 50-year-old reactor, Canada's oldest, remain shut down until work was completed on a backup safety system to prevent the remote risk of a core meltdown during an earthquake or other disaster.

That put the government in the position of having to enact legislation overruling the nuclear regulator in the name of nuclear medicine, embodied by Canada's world-leading global molecular imaging and radiotherapeutics market, led by Ottawa's MDS Nordion.

Gee, it's weird how politicians can change your perspective on almost anything, eh? I mean, I would have thought Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. was to blame for allowing the facility to operate without a properly functioning back-up system.

I guess that's why I'm not one of the big boys calling all the shots. I just don't know how to blame the right people.

Support the Troops - No Matter the Mission

So, Israel finally pulls the plug on all life support for the Palestinians in Gaza. Nothing is allowed in, nobody is allowed out.

President Obama decides to invade Israel, telling the American people it is a moral imperative that the United States take action against its former ally in the Middle East, that doing so may, in fact, bring peace to the region by freeing the Palestinians from the grip of the Israeli government and finally allowing for a fairly negotiated two state settlement for both Palestinians and Israelis.

The segment of the American population that is always ready to go to war for Uncle Sam because it doesn't really have any other options employment-wise starts lining up to do a tour of duty.

Israel is invaded, the government scatters, infrastructure is destroyed, and the UN then calls for Canadian troops to move in and keep the peace. But there's no peace to keep, really, because the Likud is waging a guerilla war from the Golan Heights to reclaim Israel for itself and anybody else who wants to fight with it against the foreign invaders.

Pretty soon, the mission to keep the peace must be upped to a mission to rout out and kill the Likud and its supporters, who are planting roadside bombs everywhere with help from Iraq. Or Iran. Or maybe with no help from an outside country at all.

Meanwhile, on the Canadian homefront, Prime Minister Stephane Dion and his New Liberal government are telling Canadians to wear blue and white on Fridays, Support the Troops bumper stickers are mandatory requirements on all city vehicles, and every dissenting argument against the Mission in Israel must be prefaced by "Don't get me wrong, I support the troops".

January 07, 2008

Piling On

Here is a blogger currently enjoying a pile on in the Blogosphere due to this entry:


This is my favourite paragraph because he thinks he's being flattering and not triple XXX offensive to women who like to think of themselves as people and not figments of some Bloggerman's teeny tiny imagination:

Women have played the most important part in our civilization, having raised the children of billions of human beings throughout our planetary history. In each and every culture, the mother is a symbolic and archetypal image of supreme importance. The reverence for which we have of mothers is unsurpassed, and not merely because of our own, but because we understand the importance they play in the lives of our children will determine the importance of our society as a future. I have a strong respect for women, perhaps not shown in my previous articles, because I know that they are able to do what I cannot as a man. I do not say that their biological abilities are alone what distinguishes their uniqueness, but that I admire the love they represent, and the irrepressible image that is the sanctity of the mother which births innocence into a cynical world. It is in motherhood I find the inspiration for our planet, for the hope of a new life, the potential of that creation is utterly compelling. For this reason, I hope that women cherish the gift and the power they have to literally change the world this way.

Dude, I dare you - tell that story at the next Barren Spinsters Anonymous meeting.

Weighty Kid Issues

Okay. This is off topic for me but I've been spending a bit of time at Broadsides She'sBaaaaaaack and I just want to toss in my two cents about overweight kids now growing into overweighter adults later.

Remember all those toothpick sized kids in your youth who grew into XXXtra Large adults? Well, maybe all the overweight kids we're obsessing about now will grow into svelte adults later.


I'm watching Steve Paikin interview a crotchety Jean Chretien on The Agenda and I have to say, one of them clearly didn't read Mr. Chretien's book. And I don't think it's Steve Paikin.

I Come To Bury Mark Steyn

Not to praise him. No wait. I mean, to praise him, not to bury him. No. That's not right. Bury him with praise. Yes! That's it! Bury him with praise:


Best Republican Campaign Ad Ever

For the Democrats:


I love the ending because it makes you think, okay, somebody's just fucking around doing a really good Rudy Giuliani impression. But a poster on my forum says, nope, it's on his website.

I dunno. Maybe he was on crystal meth when he approved it?

Hillary Breaks Down Just Like A Little Girl

So John Edwards pokes her with a pointy stick.


I dunno about you, Dear Reader, but bringin' on real tears at a Q and A might be what puts Hillary Clinton back on top. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I figure this little snark by boyishly handsome in a weasly shitheel kind of way, John Edwards, might just cost him the women's vote:

"I think what we need in a commander in chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are a tough business, but being President of the United States is also a very tough business. And the President of the United States is faced with very, very difficult challenges every single day, difficult judgments every single day."

And I dunno, Pretty Boy. George W. Bush did the job. It can't be THAT hard.

P.S. I think it was "strength and resolve" that got you (and the rest of us) into this mess, too, so maybe find two new words to go with commander-in-chief. Try intelligent and humane next time. Or leave it to Obama to come up with something and copy him.

Asking the Right Question

Maybe in order to better understand where the Presidential hopefuls are coming from (and I'm referring to both Democrat and Republican candidates - but mostly the Democrat ones) the media could demand a definitive answer to the following question:

Q: Which came first? Politics? Or Religion?

No hints, no winks, nothing. Because there is no right answer, of course. I just think it'd be fun to watch them try and guess it.

January 06, 2008

Rex Murphy Says


CBC commentator Rex Murphy said Maclean's should not have to defend itself for starting debate and stirring thought.

It's not. This isn't about starting debate and stirring thought. It's about Mark Steyn writing and Macleans publishing what is arguably inciteful rhetoric against a specific visible minority that has decided to complain about it to the CHRC.

"Is every touchy, or agenda-driven sensibility now free to call upon the offices of the state and ... embroil them in 'justifying' their right to write and broadcast as they see fit?" he asked on CBC's flagship news program, The National.

If it offends the specific visible minority sufficiently, I guess. And who's touchy and who's got an agenda-driven sensibility here, anyway? I'd say it's Mark Steyn and Macleans, but I'm not surprised Rex Murphy has decided it's "The Muslim Menace".

Steyn said the CIC and law students acting on its behalf aimed to shut down debate by making it more trouble than it's worth for editors to run pieces on controversial topics. But he added, "In using quasi-judicial coercion to squash debate, they make one of the central points of my argument -- that a proportion of Islam is inimical to Western traditions of freedom -- more eloquently than I ever could."

Again, I'd say the opposite. That statements like the above by Mark Steyn make the law students' case more eloquently than otherwise (mostly since they don't make the glaring mistake of blathering on about the case publicly and endlessly). They aren't doing anything Richard Warman (not a Muslim) hasn't done - successfully - several times over. And they're using a Canadian institution that has been in place since 1972. Steyn is saying it's because they're Muslim that the law students are offended. I dunno about you, but I think that's pretty much what they're complaining about to the CHRC.

Personally, I think it's a disgrace/typical of Ken Whyte that Macleans publishes Mark Steyn's "Muslim Menace" stunt journalism. It's like publishing Philip Rushton's theories - over and over and over - as far as I'm concerned.

But, that's why I don't subscribe to Macleans. I don't need or want the CHRC to tell me that if I change my mind, I can only have its version of it. Like most Canadians I'm sick enough of Bush Inc/Harper Co censorship to put up with the CHRC piling it on, too.

But I'm not a specific visible minority feeling targeted by a writer published in a national newsmagazine, either.

Weird Hybrids

Is it me? Or does Obama look like Condoleeza Rice and Ross Perot had a baby?

Taserware Parties


Haha! I bet you thought there'd be hot pictures, eh? No such luck. Just an article about a bunch of dumbassed American women arming themselves with Tasers because everybody in the United States is afraid of everybody else in the United States.

Here is Sooey's sad prediction for 2008: Some kid somewhere in Suburbia, USA is going to get take Mommy's Taser and kill another kid with it.

And yet, Taser Parties will continue to be all the rage. There will probably be a surge in lawsuits, though, when the parents of kids killed by Tasers found laying about the house by other kids start suing for damages.

And unholy shit but look at this:

Taser has been surging on Wall Street two years after the Securities and Exchange Commission concluded its investigation into the company's safety claims and business practices. Its stock more than doubled in 2007 from a low of $7.44 to a high in 2007 of $19.36 a share.

But that's Capitalism, I guess.

Tote That Barge

Oh, look - it's FreedomFest 2008:


Let's see... So far, out of 47 speakers at FreedomFest, not one is black, only 3 are women, and one is Dinesh D'Souza. Which means that, although 44 out of 47 speakers at FreedomFest 2008 are men, only 43 out of 47 speakers at FreedomFest 2008 are white men.


Ethics On Line One For Dr. Phil


"My meeting with Britney and some of her family members this morning in her room at Cedars leaves me convinced more than ever that she is in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention. She was released moments before my arrival and was packing when I entered the room. We visited for about an hour before I walked with her to her car. I am very concerned for her."

Gee, I hope she watches ET so she'll know for sure that you're concerned for her and weren't just telling HER that.

Not Equal Better? Or Not Equal Worse?

RedJenny is one of my favourite bloggers because she's clearly not afraid that some men might think she's a feminist (I want men to like me so I won't be the first woman killed and eaten if there's an apocalypse, so, although I'm a feminist, too, I'm very afraid because I know I would make for a delicious snack. Also, I read rightwing pundits and from what I can tell, there are a lot of them and they are all feminist-hating morons):


But it was this comment that got me wondering how it is that someone can say it's been proven that women are equal to men in almost every way except physiologically:

I don't understand the feminist inclination toward false self-deprecation. Disagreeing with feminists does not by logic extend the view that women aren't intelligent enough, or any other deficiency. I think it's been proven over the course of a millenia that women are equal to men if almost every way except physiologically [thank goodness for that]. And anyone who does imply that women don't have the requisite intellect is pretty much not worth the paper they're printed on.

By Raphael Alexander, at 12:28 PM

Because, believe it or not, until I read this comment I had actually assumed, as I'd been programmed to by society that "not equal to men physiologically" meant, naturally, that women are inferior to men physiologically.

And then I realized - wait a minute - who lives longer? Men? Or women? So, in fact, it's been proven, really, that WOMEN are superior to men - physiologically.

Thanks, Raphael Alexander. I'll never think of "not equal to" in the same way ever again!

Musharref Channels Warren


"For standing up outside the car, I think it was she to blame alone. Nobody else. Responsibility is hers," Mr. Musharraf said in the interview taped yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, as quoted on SooeySays:


For Sale - Used Carbon

The more I read...


...The more it dawns on me that it's the cure for global warming that is the hoax.

In each case, the move toward environmentalism is largely accomplished by purchasing "carbon offsets," which in theory allow a buyer to balance greenhouse-gas emissions by sending money to a seller that invests it in a business that does the environment some good.

Uh hunh. And since when has business ever done the environment some good?

But for such a transaction to be truly "carbon neutral," the seller would have to use the offset money to create an environmental benefit that would not otherwise have happened.

Like... create another rain forest?

I mean, not to be a DebbieDowner or anything, but I don't see how anything other than the worldwide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will do anything to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

But apparently, we've got this, now - so I guess the motivation for worldwide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions amongst the business set is pretty low:

The carbon-offset market was non-existent just a few years ago, but it is big business now, with researchers estimating the activity in North America was worth more than $100 million last year.

Seriously, wouldn't it be nice if the rich would just pay each other to do nothing? I'd be willing to call it even. How about you?

January 05, 2008

Rioting If Obama Loses

Here is Jonah Goldberg being quoted via GlenGreenwald:


I think it's worth imagining a certain scenario. Imagine the Democrats do rally around Obama. Imagine the media invests as heavily in him as I think we all know they will if he's the nominee -- and then imagine he loses. I seriously think certain segments of American political life will become completely unhinged. I can imagine the fear of this social unraveling actually aiding Obama enormously in 2008.

Meanwhile, Glen Greenwald follows up with some tongue-in-cheek musing as to WHO those certain segments will be.

Personally, if Obama loses to any one of the Republican candidates in the next Presidential election? - I can't think of anybody of sound mind who WON'T become unhinged. I'd be seriously disappointed in ALL of us if there isn't rioting across the entire world - IF Obama loses to a Republican candidate in the next Presidential election.

This isn't playtime. If any one of those Republican fuckers becomes President of the United States - I call for worldwide rioting in the streets and a refusal to recognize the winner. Complete and total all out anarchy is on order if a Republican wins the next Presidential election. Nothing less will do.

You heard it here on first on SooeySays.

Politically Incorrect Saturday

Yes. So. Seeing as it's already politically incorrect Saturday on SooeySays, how come we never hear from immigrant nannies and cleaning ladies about how they were doctors and PhDs back home and can't find work in their chosen fields in Canada? How come it's always taxis drivers and pizza delivery guys the media goes to for these stories about unfulfilled ambitions?

And how come only male immigrants can be taxi drivers and pizza delivery guys, anyways?

You know, immigrant women must really roll their eyes a lot when they read Canadian newspapers.

She Must Wonder

Why she bothers paying taxes:


Because the whole point is supposed to be that Canadians shouldn't have to decide between food or shelter. That's why we get to call ourselves part of the Developed World - isn't it?

I know, I know: "The poor will always be with us".

Yup. As long as we have bad government, it's true: "The poor will always be with us".

Obama and Hil(l)ary

I have a new position on Obama and Hil(l)ary, too, re the black and woman thing. (Obama/black, Hil(l)ary/woman.) It's kind of racist, so read no further if you're a progressive Progressive and not, well, a kind of racist Progressive, I guess.

Oh, and I'm white so it's not like I have ths inside scoop on being black so I'm allowed to say how it is based on appearances.

My point is, Obama just doesn't seem black (when you compare him to rappers and gangsters) so I can't see how it will hold him back or get him shot or anything. Unless it's the not seeming black part that ends up getting black politicians assassinated (and really, there's just been the one - hasn't there? - I mean, Gawd, I'm sure there have been more white politicians assassinated by far in the United States, so this whole "oh no - he'll be assassinated because he's black" hue and cry is a bit over the top - don't you think?).

So yeah, I figure he'll get the black vote minus the rappers and gangsters, and lots of white votes from both Democrats and Republicans who know, intellectually, that he's black but don't care because he seems enough like Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice to trust with the keys to the Oval Office.

Oh - or just don't care that he's black because they aren't racist.

With regards to Hil(l)ary, well, who really thinks of Hil(l)ary as a woman? C'mon. Nooooobody. She's a politician. Not a woman.

I mean, really, if there's a black woman in this whole thing, it's gotta be Rudy Giuliani. Seriously. That guy's got more baggage than Liz Taylor on a cruise around the world. He's even got a bit part (you don't see him, you just hear him referenced) in "Charlie Wilson's War" playing a McCarthy-like character after our hero - Charlie Wilson (who seems himself to have been a bit of a modern day Rudy Giuliani - at least where parties (not Parties) are concerned).

So really, I think we can all put to rest this scare mongering about the Democrat candidate having to be John Edwards (heheh - that was me back there in C'monRudy!!) because Americans won't vote for a black or female candidate for President.

In fact, I think they could both stand to fake it a little more so people don't forget they actually are black and female and can vote for them with a clear conscience, "Look how not racist or sexist I am - I even voted for Obama/Hil(l)ary."

For instance, maybe every once in a while Obama could say, "Wtf? It's because I'm black, isn't it!" and Hil(l)ary could say, "Oh!Oh! Would you ask a MAN that question?!"

Just to remind Democrats of how important the race/sex card really is.

And they should do it to John Edwards. You know, squeeze him in to the middle with their black femaleness on either end so he eventually snaps, "C'mon people! I'm white! I'm a man! C'mon!" - finally putting out there what everybody who's anybody seems to think everybody who isn't anybody is thinking anyway.

Gawd liberals are terrible snobs, aren't they?

The Province of Afghanistan

I have a new position on Afghanistan. I don't think we should withdraw our troops - ever. It is my opinion now that there will never be a time when we can safely leave Afghanistan to the Afghans, so we should just stay the course and continue to send troops there as long as Canada is around to do it.

It is the only way our efforts to date will not be in vain.

Look, I'm not being facetious here. I'm being quite serious. We helped invade Afghanistan, we upped the original mission of Peacekeeping, not that there was a peace to keep, to aggressively seeking out the Taliban and we've learned that whenever we pull back, the Taliban just fills in the spot where we were.

Let's face it, Afghanistan is ours for the taking now. We've invested a lot of lives, money, and time in it and I don't think we should risk losing our investment - ever.

Because that's exactly what will happen when we pull out. Afghanistan will fall back to its old ways and it'll be like we were never there. Either that, or the next guys to move in and do what we've been doing will be the ones to reap all the benefit from our efforts because they'll be the ones who'll say, "You know what? We should just keep on keepin' on until everybody else in the world forgets that Afghanistan used to be a sovereign country. We've invested too many lives, and too much money and time to risk losing our investment by pulling out - ever."

So there. It's my new position on Afghanistan and I'm not kidding. To the Left, I say, sure, you wouldn't have invaded at all and I agree with you on that front. But you weren't smart enough to be the government and we did invade. Now, having done that, it would be wrong to pretend that we don't have a responsibility now and forever to see this thing through. And since we've learned from experience that Afghanistan just goes back to being Afghanistan the minute you turn your back on it, I think it is in their best interests and ours if we just bite the bullet, so to speak, and consider Afghanistan that place where we invest lives, money and time - as long as we have lives, money and time to invest.

Taxes be damned - this is a moral imperative.

And let's face it - we always will have lives, money and time to invest in Afghanistan. What is it they say every time a soldier dies in Afghanistan? Something like we lose more people to traffic accidents on the TransCanada every minute? Or is it something about an angel getting its wings...

Over time, maybe we could even turn Afghanistan into an eco-tourism resort. You know, train the locals to work in the service industry, etc, so we can take vacations there to escape our damp cold or humid heat - season depending. It could be like a giant spa/detox: "Yeah. My boss is sending me to Afghanistan to dry out". That sort of thing.

Seriously. I mean we're there. We keep getting reports that we're making progress. I think we should just relax into it and consider Afghanistan to be this huge worth it investment for all Canadians. Oh, and Afghans, too, of course. Because who wouldn't rather be making Canadian wages working in the service industry than trying to eke out an existence in the desert?

I mean - c'mon. Win/Win, I say. We just need a government with the balls to take this one on for Canadians - longterm. Like, forever.

Who's up for it?

January 04, 2008

C'mon Rudy!!

I guess you know you're really crapping your pants about the possible outcome of the next American presidential election when you're hoping Rudy Giuliani is on the Republican ticket.

And you're nervous about it not being John Edwards on the Democrat ticket just because you're afraid of the anti-woman, anti-black vote electing Rudy Giuliani as President of the United States.

I feel sick.

January 03, 2008

Getting Hillary Clinton

The thing that gets me about Hillary Clinton is that I'm never sure whose vote she's courting. Is it the Democrat vote? Or the Republican vote?

And is it Hillary or Hilary?

Meanwhile, and call me Charlie Brown, but I just don't trust Bill Clinton not to embarass her when she's President by hooking up with one of her interns. It would be so easy for the Republicans to pull that one all over again. You know, just place a woman who is not his wife in front of him anytime anywhere the two of them can slip off to some place public and have sex so it's caught live on Fox News while Hil(l)ary stands right beside them not being sworn in because she needs both hands up by her eyes to block her peripheral vision.

The Luck of Brains

I am so lucky I was born into a middleclass family in Canada and not a poor family in Africa. Because that's just luck, isn't it. I mean, no matter what your IQ, you're going to have an easier rise up the ladder in middleclass Canada than you are in poor Africa.

I don't think the ladder in Africa even has rungs.

So whether or not you get to show off your brains, if you have any, is largely a matter of luck, isn't it.

Well? Isn't it?

Anyway, there's an argument that goes on in the Blogosphere every now and again, some people might call it a self-serving argument, although certainly not the white people having it, about brain size and IQ and sex and race and how apples and oranges are both fruits but oranges have bigger seeds, if you catch my drift.

Personally, I've never had my IQ tested, although I am white, because when I was a kid, I almost second guessed myself into special ed. Only a snap test in which I didn't have time to change the correct answer to the wrong one saved me from spending the year in the opportunity class. (Which wouldn't have been so bad, really, since that's where the nicest kids were - one of whom was a friend with webbed hands and feet and flat facial features who certainly had nothing wrong with her brain that I could tell - but, like I say, I've never had my IQ tested, and those were in the days when looking weird was enough to land you in the opportunity class, anyway - mostly for your own safety. The really stupid bullies were always in regular classes, as I'm sure most fair to midling-aged people will remember.)

Also, and I have no idea if this is relevant or not, but I have a pixie face and corresponding little head. It's the main reason why I can't be a model or a movie star. Because to be a model or movie star you need a big head. Vanna White says so and she should know. Apparently, her head is half her body - that's why she looks so good on television, while Pat Sajak looks like such a mutant freak beside her. Funny, but a mutant freak just the same. According to Vanna, he'd never make it as a model or movie star.

So, given the little pixie nature of my uppermost region, there's simply no way my brain could be very big. There just isn't. My co-worker, a Turnip, has a head ten times as big as mine and, like I say, I could argue him inside out but I'd still have the smaller head - now wouldn't I. He only has the one argument, too: "Woman mommy, man smrt".

Nope. I just can't risk having my IQ tested. Even though the test would probably be right up my alley. I even figured out the key to genius. Yup. Wanna know what it is? It's confidence. The confidence of knowing you are right is the first sign and main indicator of genius. It said so right on the back of a book I bought for my ex so he could check whether or not he should really be in Mensa instead of wasting his brain being married to me. That's because our kids are all three super brainiacs and my brother's kids are all four super brainiacs and my ex just cannot accept that the super brainiac genes are coming from my family and not his.

Hilariously - they aren't. He just hasn't figured out, yet, that my brother only has super brainiac kids because he married a super brainiac (too). It's a common flaw with super brainiacs, I've noticed. They're easily tripped up by things like just not knowing that your wife's sister-in-law is the super brainiac and not her brother, and will spend years trying to prove what everybody else already knows they are but, well, it's all just too easy for the lesser brains to have fun with them - isn't it.

Say, have you ever noticed, too, that it's always white people having the race vs brain size debate? And that the scientists who study the race vs brain size conundrum are always white, too? I mean, really. How white is that? That white people actually spend their lives trying to prove how smart they are or aren't relative to non-white people by studying brain size and IQ scores just so other white people can argue either in favour of or against the studies -which all white people know are funded by white supremacist outfits of one kind or another. Meanwhile, we all know how smart white supremacists are, don't we. Not. At. All. Unless they are, in which case, though, we wouldn't catch them out so easily being white supremacists, would we.

Besides, how many studies does it take to figure out that one man's IQ test is another man's toilet paper? Right? C'mon. I know people who can barely speak English who can speak French - and I can't speak French. Yet. Although I plan to grow my brain by doing the New York Times Book of Crosswords this winter.

You can do that, you know. Learn. And grow your brain. That's what happens when you take little kids and put them in a stimulating environment with lots of educational toys and Sharon, Lois and Bram. You feed them lots of good food, make sure they get lots of sleep, and lo and behold - your brain grows big and strong like it never was when you were trying to learn Chaucerian English.

Chaucerian English is boring.

Of course, that may be because I tried to learn Chaucerian English without studying it because I was busy having fun at the pub. Gawd. When I think of how smart I'd still not be if I hadn't spent my 20s in a bar, it kills me, it really does. That's another reason why I can't get my IQ tested. Because I'd lament the results on account of I'd know I could have done way better if I hadn't gone out for drinks on my 18th birthday and come back in when I was 28.

So yeah, I need one of those special elixirs that are never in my junk mail inbox to grow my brain back to its original size.

At least.

Then maybe I'll have my IQ tested.

January 02, 2008

Sooeycide Blogger

I just realized something. If Mark Steyn loses this Goliath and David against the Muslim 4, he'll be a martyr to free speech.

Please, Christian God, if you really are up there, let Mark Steyn not lose when this case goes before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Or seriously, I might have to blow up my blog. And not in defence of free speech, either. I just can't live in a world where Mark Steyn is a martyr.

I just can't.

David Warren Solves Benazir Bhutto's Murder - She Did It!


She tutored her supporters to blame President Musharraf for any harm that might come to her, so that when Al Qaeda pulled off the murder, they scored twice. In addition to killing a hated symbol of Westernization, they set the mobs not against themselves, but against Musharraf.

So... Win/Win?

Or... Lose/Lose?

But really, you had me at "The Queen is dead, long live the King".

I Hate the Troops

Heheh - just kidding.

Shocking, though, eh? It's like hearing someone say the total opposite of what you're supposed to say. Like, instead of "Hi, I hope you're well?" it's "Bye, and go fuck yourself!"

Good thing we don't live in opposite world.

January 01, 2008

Speaking of Upped Antes

This is interesting. To date, I've only read Mark Steyn's version of this little autour de farce (I support his right to be an idiot) so here you go - the other side:


Anyway, I agree that law IS cool - which is why CHRTs aren't.

Abortion - A Tough Sell

Have you heard? Have you heard?

A Pro-Lifer built a platform on his car so he could better harass women going into an abortion clinic on account of the clinic had built a 7 foot fence so he couldn't harass them directly anymore and some woman's boyfriend lost his temper and shook the guy's platform so he fell and hit his head on the pavement.

That's the good news. The bad news is - he's okay.

Anyway, I was thinking of how the Pro-Choice side of this debate really doesn't do much in the way of advertising to counter the advertising of the Pro-Life side (you know what I mean, all that in-your-face pleading on buses, billboards, newspapers to CHOOSE LIFE!!) so I was thinking why not up the ante from Pro-Choice to Pro-Abortion and have a counter campaign of ads like, "Choose Abortion!!" or "Make the Right Choice - ABORTION!" or "Don't Delay, Abort Today!!!!!" and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc?

Because our side is always stuck playing the whole abortion choice down, you know, patiently explaining to people who aren't even listening that no woman wakes up in the morning and says "I think I'll get pregnant today so I can have an abortion a couple of months from now" so I thought maybe we should pick it up a bit and get out there and really advertise abortion - billboards, buses, newspaper - the works.

What?! Gay Bishops?! Where?!


Some African churches are threatening to boycott the conference - particularly if US Bishop Robinson receives an invitation.

Bigots. I mean, really. What is the point of boycotting bigotted church ministers here by directing your offering to the mission fund if it's going to be spent somewhere else by someone else just as bigotted? It almost makes you think churches everywhere are just hypocritical and antiquated.

But I was just looking at the photo (scroll down) of the three bishops holding the staff or wand (or whatever bishops call it) that accompanies the article and I'm trying to figure out how we missed the fact that those outfits are like something Liberace would wear - IN DRAG!! I mean, how programmed are people to think holy thoughts in church such that congregations don't just laugh out loud and uproariously when bishops pontificate from their pulpits - IN THOSE OUTFITS!!!

I mean, c'mon. Who are they trying to impress? God?

Phff. Maybe if He's gayer'n a French horn.

New Year's Eve

I had a wonderful New Year's Eve so I won't bore you with it, Dear Reader, and I'll just tell you what happened when I got back to my apartment where I'd left a meatloaf (made with leftover stuffing and one egg) warming in the oven.

It was my last meatloaf of 2007, something I rarely make anyways as I'm always just that one meat dinner away from vegetarianism and meatloaf is just too glaringly carnivorous a dish to pretend one is anywhere near not eating meat anymore, and I was planning a midnight slice of it to delight and amaze my constantly delighted and amazed companion.

BUT, when I turned it out of the loaf pan, it's underside was the most sickenly colour of grey, like it had sat moldering in the oven for all of 2007 instead of just a couple of hours (I'd turned off the stove when we went out so it'd be cooked but warm when we returned). Then I looked at the pan and it was missing its grey coating.

So, putting two and two together, I deduced that the pan's coating had relocated to the meatloaf I had just cooked in it and that, really, since I soak and wash pans by hand anyway (as I do all dishes, not owning a dishwasher), why was I buying ones that had coatings on them that could come off on to my food.

I mean, this was an obvious case of seeing the pan's coating actually on the food, but what about all those other coatings that just leach into it unseen?

Anyway, it's back to basics for me, which is fine because when I'm not worrying about the pan's coating leaching into the food, I'm worried about a kid using a metal utensil on it. So yeah, I'll be reducing my worries for 2008 one coated pan at a time.

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