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Pull the Troops

Excuse me for asking, but, why isn't our government threatening to pull the troops from Afghanistan - NOW - if the government of Afghanistan doesn't free Pervez Kambaksh? I mean, so much for all that macho rhetoric when there's something we can actually do that doesn't involve sending more troops for longer to prop up a government that doesn't seem a whole lot different than the Taliban we're supposedly fighting - EH?:


I mean, I realize how much you dislike journalists, Mr. Prime Minister and all you New Conservatives, but it pretty much disproves your claim that all the soldier deaths in Afghanistan have not been in vain - which they so clearly have been - when the government we're helping keep in power is just as bad as the extremists we're trying to prevent from seizing it.

At a bare minimum, maybe the "Good guys/Bad guys" talk could at least go the way of the Dodo Bird and we should just assume everybody who isn't us is Bad and proceed accordingly.

And always remember, no wait, never forget - your first allegiance is to the Canadians who are funding all of this peace/war making. And don't forget either that old saw - the truth shall make you free. I can't speak for all Canadians, but I'd sure appreciate it if you'd can the b.s. and deliver the straight goods on what our real point is in staying the course in Afghanistan - since it can't possibly be to prop up the current government.

Trust us - we can handle the truth. It might mean you get turfed at the first available opportunity, but so be it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Oh say, Dear Reader, I was just thinking - maybe when Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are each finished defending their right of Free Speech to the Kangaroo Courts here (formerly known as Canadian Human Rights Commissions) they can start up a campaign to do the same for Journalists in Afghanistan. You know, so their hyper bigtime absolute uncompromising support for the War on Terror won't be totally in vain, either, and they'll finally have a REAL raison d'etre.

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