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Misogynistic Bill C-484 Goes Ahead

This just in:


And from Canadian Cynic, a list of the Liberals who helped it along. Vote them out next go 'round, please, everybody who believes in human rights. They shouldn't be legislators. Remember, these people do not believe in women's rights. Their mission in politics is to do their Gawd's will - you know, the Gawd who hates women. And, as we now know, "Liberal" doesn't mean anything, anymore. Because other "Liberals" pretend that this is a no-go-zone. You know why? Because abortion is a women's rights issue - so it doesn't matter as much as, oh, say anything affecting men.

Think of it this way, they share the same moral values as the Taliban:


From RedJenny's blog (Hahahahaha! And here I wasn't going to bother linking to this piece because I actually thought, "A women's court? In this day and age?" Hahahahahaha!):




There is so much to dislike about our country right now I no longer know where to begin. So I think I'll start with Bill C-484 because it speaks to exactly what women feared in a New Conservative Government under the leadership of Stephen Harper.

The unborn. It's funny how the Misogynists can get away with speaking through the unborn in Canada in 2008. Good Gawd in Heaven, the assault here on Earth against women's rights as people never ends, does it. And I guess if you care at all about your rights, life is just one long Feminist campaign. That's because, when Conservatives are in power, women's rights are at risk and that's all there is to it.

I dunno, maybe we should bribe the bastards.

Ah well, onward and upward and back to fighting for your rights against the unborn all over again. I'm up for it.

Just say no to the Taliban in Canada!

Oh, and lest I forget the NDP (women-haters are in every party, Dear Reader):


We need a spray: "XX-Haters B-Gone!"

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