Tuesday May 24 , 2016

For the Record, Then

So I guess the upshot of all this is that Opposition to the unconscionably restrictive bill regarding our right to physician assisted death, the bill being pretty much the opposite of that intended, is a waste of the majority Liberal government’s time.

Or so the reasoning seems to be for the Prime Minister’s bizarre behaviour in the House last week.

Oh, and that Mulcair hates him. That, too.

Really, whoever would have guessed that Liberals would be worse winners than Conservatives?


It’s the Process, Stupid

As you know I’m on Twitter, where all the other arguers are, too, and it’s maddening a lot of the time, although I’m getting better at not taking a difference of opinion personally.

I know, but some of us take longer than others do in sorting out whose shit is whose.

I’m struck, though, by the aggression with which so many Tweeters are attacking the NDP for playing politics with Justin Trudeau’s bad behaviour last week in the House, going so far as to blame them for preventing passage of the bill on assisted dying.

Except that the bill on assisted dying that’s on the table now strikes me as almost the opposite of what Rob Oliphant’s committee had intended.

It’s not helpful to people in want of physician assisted dying. It’s unhelpful.

And if it does pass, I hope it’s struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada again.

Because enough already of God informing our laws. Governing politicians, at least, must stop diluting reason with religion.

Anyway, it’s one of the reasons why I don’t think Justin Trudeau’s bad behaviour in the House last week had anything to do with legislation and everything to do with the mutual hatred between him and Thomas Mulcair.

And yes, Mulcair has to go. But in defence of New Democrats, some 70% of them voted in favour of him going, too. But no, he’s not to blame for Justin Trudeau’s bad behaviour in the House last week.

But, you know, to each his/her own partisanship, I guess. The Liberals so far have been a breath of fresh air. Mostly just fresh air, though, and I find myself increasingly unimpressed with their zeal to “get things done”.

No, that’s not how government is meant to work. Government is process and process takes time and passing legislation to meet arbitrary deadlines is, well, crazy. I even question now my own support for uprooting Syrians from refugee camps with no plan for them once they arrived here. I’m embarrassed that I fell for “sunny ways” from a man who ruled out forming a coalition with another party because he doesn’t like its leader. And that was when he was in third place and more Canadians than not just wanted the Conservatives out.

Out damn spot.

I get it that Liberals have long been frustrated by the NDP, especially under Mulcair, although under Layton, too. I grew up with that frustration being regularly expressed. And I had a lot of it during the last campaign, too, because like a lot of Canadians I just wanted the Conservatives out.

And there was something about Justin Trudeau that was refreshing and it was his accessibility but it was also his rising above the underhanded attacks that came his way from Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair, the latter being so condescendingly dismissive of him, intellectually, that it almost felt like just desserts when he was handed his hat on election day.

Interesting that both he and Stephen Harper seem to have a hard time getting the hint.

But speaking of hints, there were plenty with regard to Justin Trudeau, weren’t there, the boy dictator admiration for how the Communist Party gets things done in China, the awkward position he put two sexual assault complainants in when he arbitrarily fired the two MPs they had alleged were responsible, the dismissive classification of armed tanks we sell to Saudi Arabia’s murderous royal mafia as “jeeps”, even the master stroke of booting Liberal senators from the fold and relabeling them as Independents.

And yes, I was happy for his insistence that only pro-choice candidates were welcome as new candidates, that the cabinet have 50/50 male/female representation, that Canadian diplomacy be restored along with that critical image of ourselves as outward-looking and welcoming.

So no regrets, really, because the NDP doesn’t know itself anymore and the Conservative Party is the definition of hypocrisy, and thoroughly loathsome, but I had hopes for better from the Liberals, who, lest we forget, have a lot of redeeming to do.

It doesn’t matter, it’s just my opinion, and all I really want out of government these days is a guaranteed annual income for everybody, but yeah, it’s not like we weren’t warned that somebody might think he’s above process.

So maybe somebody could remind PMJT that process is all we have, before he embarrasses himself again.



Sorry, Eh – *Updated

If it were up to me, I’d like a country to have no law for physician assisted dying, no law for the termination of an unwanted pregnancy, no law for prostitution.

I know, some people call it sex work. I don’t.

So I hope the deadline passes for the physician assisted dying bill, which is too watered down to be what we need, and we are left with no law at all.

No law is better than bad law.

But back to Justin Trudeau, The Great Apologizer.

Is it just me or is he now making apologizing for his behaviour all about how he’s so much better than everybody else at apologizing.

I mean, everybody and her Uncle Tom is ganging up on Ruth Ellen Brosseau as if she’s somehow to blame for Justin Trudeau storming across the floor of the House to, literally, push his colleagues around because they were, what? getting on his nerves?, and elbowing her in the breast.

Sure, an accident, but I don’t know if you’ve ever been elbowed in the breast because it hurts like hell.

Meanwhile, the fallout of his actions continues to be on her, with every Tom, Dick and Mary lining up to accuse her of “taking a dive” etc. It’s vicious shit, too, this lashing out in defence of Justin Trudeau, who, for all we know, is not as well balanced as his public relations would have us believe.

You know, lots of things were believed of Stephen Harper that turned out to be manifestly untrue. Too.

Anyway, it’s all pretty disappointing, the reaction, and my own guess is that the incident is more significant than is being acknowledged, but I don’t know any more than anybody else, just that he’s at a stressful time of life, hormone-wise, and maybe he should see a doctor.

No one ever thinks the husband might need help because unlike the wife he doesn’t ask for it.

*Regardless of all the above, Peter Kent actually IS a piece of shit, so, no take back there, may he R.I.P.


Oh Yes – The Bill

Just realized this morning that in not passing the bill on assisted dying, doctors can just go ahead and do the right thing as per abortion.

We could be that country, the one that doesn’t legislate this sort of personal life decision that really isn’t the business of anyone else.

So yeah, why should I care if the Supreme Court of Canada deadline is missed. The bill they plan to pass isn’t the bill that was drafted in committee anyway. It’s a watered down bit of pretend good politics.

Leave us alone to live and die as we please, thanks.


JT Drools

It’s weird because at first I didn’t think #Elbowgate was even a thing, really. But then I was on Twitter and people were defending Trudeau as if he hadn’t done anything at all, accusing Ruth Ellen Brosseau of feigning pain after being elbowed in the chest, and ignoring completely the manhandling of Gordon Brown, about whom no one cares, but that’s not my point here.

And as I was reading I realized, no, they’re wrong. It’s fucked up. Nobody should be defending this behaviour. He’s a forty-five year old boxer yogi who thinks he can use physical force to get his own way.


Also, who the fuck cares if Christy Clark is left waiting, which was apparently the reason for his impatience with democracy. Let her wait. Cripes, the longer she’s kept waiting the better. Give B.C. a break from her disgusting corruption while she checks for loose change under the cushions of Parliament Hill.

So now I agree with a lot of other people, I guess, and think an apology isn’t enough.

I think he should be told to take an anger management course.

Enough already. What he did wasn’t cool. Stop defending it, people.



House Rools

There was a telling moment a while back, before his glory days in power, when Justin Trudeau said he couldn’t form a coalition with the NDP because – Tom Mulcair.

And it seems that Tom Mulcair may have shouted “I hate you!” during yesterday’s bizarre incident in the House.

Full disclosure, my favourite MP is Ruth Ellen Brosseau because Meghan Leslie is gone, but also because she was just doing a solid for the party by putting her name on the ballot and I admire how she rose to the occasion of the win by actually doing the job. And better than most, too.

I would have tried to do that but people are such whiny bitches I think I’d probably have delegated the caring about constituents crap to staff and just showboated in the House and then not run again.

I don’t need much money to survive anymore. I’m well into my “needless” years.

And she’s been very loyal to Mulcair, which I would not have been once his usefulness in the House was over – and he was the best Opposition leader in years – because that’s politics. Nobody’s good at everything.

And Mulcair’s weird, not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless you’re in politics and weird in the wrong way. I had high hopes but then I was in the Sault over the summer and caught Trudeau opening a campaign office and I kind of knew what was going to happen. I went into denial a bit but as the campaign wore on and interminably on it was pretty obvious that Trudeau was following his own road map and would win.

He’s a winner.

And frankly, it was a huge relief when he did win because it really was all about getting those Conservative fuckfaced cockburgers out of power. For me, for a lot of people. And yes, the Liberals are the usual disappointment, but they’re not actively out to destroy life on Earth, as Stephen Harper seemed to be, so I’m okay with the usual disappointment.

We all are. Or most of us, anyway. And the people running the country now seem to be a well-intentioned bunch of Canadians who want to “make it right” as Mike Holmes would say.

I’m a faithful reader of his column but I have to block out that he’s a Conservative. Every. Gordfosaken. Week.

Anyway, nobody’s mentioned it so aren’t you glad I’m still here blogging (that’s an inside joke to one of my favourite hater readers) but there’s something very unhealthy going on between Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair that strikes me as a problem.

If you ask me (and nobody still ever does, my favourite hater reader will be relieved to know) one or the other of these men has to go.


Because this is not good for anyone.


You Say “Tomato”, I Say, “Red?”

You say, “Green, actually.”

So I went to an interesting seminar today featuring a couple who’ve been married for some time,  starting out as a man and a woman, and ending up as two men.

And while they appear to be in a same sex marriage, they aren’t, really.

Like I say, it was interesting, because almost at the beginning of the seminar I suddenly clued in and grasped the concept of “what is” vs “what we only think is”.

It was a really bad drawing of a cloud filled in with lots of dots that did it, and I had the sort of mind expanding experience one doesn’t expect at a brown bagger, And later in the evening, when we had a visitor, I was trying to explain what I’d learned but he wasn’t having any of it. He was stuck on Biology 101 and not budging.

That’s when I had my second revelation and realized it wasn’t the right time for him, that he wasn’t ready to grasp the concept, and I let it peter out (so to speak).

I mean, he wasn’t anti-other-people, he just had that closed ended view of rights, the concern that by ensuring through legislation that a specific group of people aren’t discriminated against, rights for everybody are somehow endangered.

But, as Barbie says, math is hard, so rather than argue I let him go on pretending that he wasn’t just playing politics with all our lives.

He’s a Conservative.

Anyway, when we got back to work from our brown bagger my young colleague, a student, said, “I was just on CBC’s website reading the comments about the new transgender legislation and I have to tell you – don’t read the comments on CBC’s website about the new transgender legislation, Sooey.”

But I did and it was as you’d expect and I won’t again because I believe now that they aren’t harmless, particularly to the people making them, and that the right thing to do is to celebrate the legislation as intended and wait for other people to catch up. Or not. Their choice. Bearing in mind that life is short.

In the meantime, I feel better for my recent enlightenment on the subject of gender, which included an updated lesson in biology, and so I stand by an entry or a comment (I can’t remember which now) I made a while back about wanting a world where a person can live as whoever they want without feeling the need for surgery, even, an entry or a comment that was tossed aside like so much nothing by a commenter here.

And, you know, I thought I should tolerate it, but now I think I shouldn’t.

So I won’t.



Gone Rogue

I dunno, now that everybody’s on board the Liberal train, I’m getting off it.

Fuck this wealthy “Sunny Ways” cult dispensing messages of positivity like candy.

Look around, you platitudinous Pollyannas.


Gho Messy

That apology Ghomeshi’s defence team crafted for him to deliver to Kathryn Borel, a trade they offered up to avoid putting her through a criminal trial, was stupidly skimpy, I thought.

I’m not a real $1M defence lawyer but I would have had him go with genuine. I don’t know about you but I could practically see the knife twisting. Too clever by half and no good reason for it because he was free and clear.

But I guess they didn’t think ahead to Kathryn Borel, on behalf of his many victims and women everywhere who are sick and tired of sexual assault shit show trials, delivering the justice unattainable within a courthouse, outside on its steps.

It’s not coming a long way if women in power are just going to ape men in power and drag sexual assault victims through the mud and then go on the national news and be interviewed as if they’re not just the same old same old except in lipstick and high heels.

Anyway, I’d give Kathryn Borel the Order of Canada but of course I would, wouldn’t I.

Maybe Sophie can put it on her new hire’s to do list.


Sophie, Sophie, Sophie

Holy Gorshan we’re a mean and stingy country, eh?


So, yes, I support more staff for Ms. Sophie of Gregoire Trudeau. And I want them paid properly, too. None of this bits and pieces bullshit if they’re going to be researchers and speechwriters.

Oh heck, I take that back. Pay them in government bonds and pie. It’s the only way they’ll learn.

But just so we’re clear, I think the whole “wife of” thing is a sexist illusion and we shouldn’t be catering to it at all. It’s just that we do so it isn’t fair to expect Sophie to pretend it isn’t a crap load of work that she’s expected to do.

By the way, the Trudeaus are middle-aged, not young. Younger than we’re used to but she’s 41 and he’s 44. And I suppose Sophie could go work at E-Talk while Grandma Margaret watches the kids but why not let someone else have that job.

At least the money for nannies and speechwriters goes right back into our economy. And if you live in Ottawa like I do, right back into the local economy, too.

On the other hand, the inspirational speeches, the from the heart fundraising, the earnest charity promoting, it’s all just a lot of feel good public relations for the philanthropic set who don’t pay their fair share in taxes, isn’t it.

And if they paid their fair share in taxes we wouldn’t need their good works.

Baloney as far as the eye can see but the media laps it up like cats to milk, plunked down in from of them with time, date, location by everybody’s communications and/or public relations staff.

Around and around and around we go.

Or Sophie could break tradition and go back to E-Talk.

Better yet, lie on the couch all day reading and tell anybody who says boo about it to go fuck himself.

But that’s just me.