Hell – Here I Come

Ah, veterans. After allowing yourselves to be used as political props by your beloved Conservative Party of Canada for years, I guess you finally decided enough was enough, eh?

Or have you? I mean, I want to trust that you’ve had enough, but I gotta admit, I don’t. Not really. I mean, not to put too fine a point on it but what if Stephen Harper tells Julian Fantino to cut you all a cheque for say, $100,000? Each?

Would you go back to being co-opted by the CPC as if veterans don’t come in all political shapes and sizes, even colours, like Green?

I’m sure more than one veteran has voted for the Marijuana Party, too, now that I really stop and think about it.

By the way, five generations my family’s been paying taxes in Canada – before, during, and after the Great Wars. And now that we recognize post traumatic stress disorder as a fact of war, I don’t have to tell you, I’m sure – either we don’t have war or we don’t vote for tax cuts, because there’s no way we can have both.

I’m not saying youth today aren’t cut out for war any more than they’re cut out for going five minutes without texting, but, oh wait, yes I am.

Post traumatic stress disorder nation here we come!

Anyway, on behalf of your sister and brother Canadian citizens who have been defrauded and lied to and stolen from and bullied and harassed and slandered – not to mention embarrassed – by your beloved Conservative Party of Canada – welcome.

Welcome to the Canadian Club of the Damned.

Citizens and taxpayers, united at last in damnation.

You’re screwed, veterans. But we all are, so stop taking it so bloody personally and make yourselves comfortable – but not too comfortable.

Blank placards are by the door, markers are on the table.

Look, I know soldiering’s your thing, but math’s your problem. Jim Flaherty can’t have our tax dollars and spend them on public services, too. Either he lays claim to pretending he balanced the budget for the election of 2015, even while his party wastes grabillions advertising his government’s non-existent job creation program (really? governments can create jobs, Conservatives?) and, of course, the tarsands (because if ever a business had to be subsidized in the grabillions it’s the tarsands development business) or he has to admit it was all a ruse.

Jim Flaherty spent his tears on Rob Ford. He doesn’t have any left over for you.

Stephen Harper can spin this, and he will, if he even bothers to weigh in now that he has secured his position in Israel for the coming Rapture, as veteran over-reach into the over-taxed wallets and purses of your brother and sister citizens.

And he’s right. You’re too expensive now – and you’re not about to get any cheaper, are you – just older and more in need and, and, and.

Look, I used to be able to afford you, but I’m part-time, minimum wage retail, barely worth taxing now. Kathleen Wynne is giving me a raise from $10 to $11 an hour (and business can threaten all it wants to that it’ll cut hours but retail already only offers part-time work so fewer hours in one place will just make it easier to do fewer hours some place else) but that just means I’ll be able to afford reduced fruit, not just reduced vegetables.

But don’t worry (and that’s been the amazing part of all this for me – I actually worry less now that I’m working poor than I did when I was middle class – it must be the clinging part) you’ll discover soon enough that it really doesn’t matter how little you have because you can always survive on less.

Really, I may not trust you, but you can trust me, crazy as it sounds, you can trust me – it gets better.

Seriously, after a while, you’ll be so busy surviving you’ll forget that you ever had a government, that sent you to war, where you got post traumatic stress disorder, and so on and so forth and more of the same etc etc.

Oh, and get on the internet. We have protests. Join us.



  1. Thanks. When will they ever learn, eh?

  2. Who is “they”?

    What is the cubed root of 27?

    Are two lovers on a hillside romantically inclined?